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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Best. Day. Ever. Sergio Rossi $25 Sample Sale Shoes!

You know how I complained the other day that things were not going my way after my disappointment with Rebecca Taylor and (especially) Charlotte Olympia? Well, Sergio Rossi just made my week...maybe even my year.

Last night I heard a rumor that shoes were slashed to $25-300 at the Rossi sale. All I heard was $25 and knew I needed to get my butt back to the City. This of course happened after I left yesterday and because I had other obligations, there was no way I could have gone last night anyway. Normally I would wake up at the crack of dawn for a sale like this and get on line at least an hour before opening. Unfortunately this semester, Thursdays are the only early morning my professor husband teaches (rest are evenings). Ugh. That means I can't leave my house before 8am when my kids get on their bus....which is exactly when I needed to already be there. Luckily I have lots of superfans (and superfriends!) and my new best friend A was first in line (I've taught him well LOL). After grabbing a couple pairs of shoes for himself, he grabbed one of each $25 style in my size, beating out all the stupid resellers who hoarded shoes. THANK YOU!

Because I have a larger foot there was more of a selection in my size so I was lucky on many counts.

Here is a pic of all of my new shoes - I'm sure you'll be seeing them on me soon! I was also going to hit the last day of the Marchesa sale today but after Sergio Rossi that plan went out the window. As it was I had to call my amazing sister who drove in from NJ to pick me up on 18th street. I probably could have ditched the shoe boxes, put them in dustbags and lugged them home in my IKEA totes but a ride home was so much better! So blessed with amazing friends and family who helped make today so perfect.

Sarah Jessica Parker is having a sample sale tomorrow and I'm considering going just in case SJP shows up. I know I need another pair of shoes like a hole in the head but I would love a pair signed by her. As a 20-something, fashion obsessed, single girl who lived in Manhattan during the Sex and the City days, Carrie Bradshaw holds a special place in my heart. Feel free to come and join - be sure to say hello if you see me! On her Instagram she shared that bags start at $30, shoes start at $80 and they will also have the trench coat from her collection. Cash only so hit the ATM before you go!

*ETA - SJP just posted on Insta that she won't be attending her sale because she's filming her new HBO show so I decided to skip. If you go please share what you find!

SJP Collection
Friday, 11/20 - doors open at noon
Hilton New York
152 West 26th Street, conference room 3

Tomorrow is also the last day of the Tabitha Simmons shoe sale so if I go into the City, I'll probably pop in at the end. I'll also peek in at Rebecca Taylor where they started with a 30% discount today - maybe tomorrow will be better.

Tabitha Simmons
Friday, 11/20, 9am-5pm
601 West 26th Street, Suite 1445

I'm also linking some of the shoes I saw inside the Rossi sale so you can drool a little. (Photography and even phones were not allowed inside the sale.) There were tons of crazy drool-worthy, blinged-out numbers for $300 or less but I was cheap and limited myself to the $25 shoes. And to think I used to be happy with my Sergio Rossis that I scored at Century for less than $100 LOL. Most of these retailed for $1000+! I did pick up a few extras for family and friends and if there are any leftovers I'll add them to the blog sale :)

I also wanted to share that this is my 200th post! So exciting! I know I still owe you a blog sale (soon, I promise!) but I also think it's about time for a giveaway....

Stay tuned! Exciting things are happening :)



  1. Yep, you're right. I'm totally drooling!

  2. You win some you lose some. You scored huge! That's a real big win!!!

  3. When I saw this pic and read that caption, I HOLLERED, you hear me, HOLLERED!!!!! I am anxiously awaiting your blog sale....nail biting and all. I was away during the rebecca minkoff sale and I could kick myself. I keep telling myself I need to start buying hanukkah and xmas gifts (my husband is Jewish, Im Catholic) but I truly just wanna shop your closet lol

    1. Hahahaha. I'm staying home today because SJP won't be at her sale so maybe I'll make some headway on the blog sale. The good news is that A Sequin Love Affair and I are talking about putting a closet sale together in NYC so you may get to shop my closet after all :)

  4. Holy moly! Those are super high heels! So pretty!

  5. Looks like you got a great deal - very pretty!

  6. Congratulations on your 200th post! Very exciting.... and AMAZING shoes!!! Can't believe they were only $25, wish I could've made it to that sale!

    1. Thank you Kristen. I am so obsessed with my new shoes. Seriously my best shoe deal ever...well, other than my penny stuff :)

  7. So many amazing shoes! A girl can never have too many!

    1. Thank you and I totally agree! Someone needs to tell my husband that thou LOL...

  8. Yep you won the sale. Sad I missed SJP because of the crappy thing in my life called work. :(

    1. I totally did LOL. But I'm glad I skipped SJP today because I did oh so much better at the Rack. You have no idea...

  9. Gorgeous shoes! I'm glad you did so well at Sergio Rossi. I can't wait to see the modeling photos.


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