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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Couture for a Cause NY 2015 - Why I Went and What I Wore.

Last night I attended Couture for a Cause NY, a Jewish non-profit co-founded by the Insta-famous Esther Silber-Berg. This year's event benefited Sharsheret, a national non-profit organization supporting breast cancer. Sharsheret (which is Hebrew for chain, "symbolizing the connections we make among women, families, and communities facing breast cancer and ovarian cancer.") was founded by Rochelle Shoretz, who happens to be my SIL's sister. Rochelle (or Rochie as we knew her) passed this past spring after fighting cancer for 14 years, since she was just 28 years old.

In honor of Rochie and breast cancer awareness month I shared this photo of her pretty pink Blahniks that I inherited. In addition to her many talents she had a killer sense of style.

In order to attend this event, it meant a hour long drive to Long Island. As long as I in the area I checked out the new Century 21 that just opened in Green Acres Mall. It's a big beautiful store but the merchandise wasn't any different than things I've seen at their other locations.

The event featured raffles, an award ceremony and a fashion show. One of the honorees was Project Runway winner, Christian Siriano. The show featured several of his designs (as well as Pink Label and Zoe Ltd.) which stole the show IMO. I didn't have the best of seats so I'm not gonna waste your time with crappy runway shots.

Pictured below are Ellen Kleinhaus and Elana Silber of Sharsheret and Sara Tenenbaum (Rochelle's sister) in the center.

After the show you know I had to snag a pic with Christian. I was alone when I found him so I had to ask strangers to shoot me with my camera but nobody seemed to know how to use it. It was on automatic so all they had to do was press the stupid button. He was a really good sport as he posed with me at least 3 times until someone finally figured it out.

But let's get down to business. I know you want to hear all about my bargainista look.

Head to toe:
  • Earrings: Dannijo, sample sale, $25 (retail $345)
  • Lipstick: Isabel Toledo for MAC in Victoriana, free with Nordstrom notes
  • Dress: Tamara Mellon leather halter dress, sample sale, $100 (retail $1,495!)
  • Shirt: H&M, $6
  • Jacket: Elizabeth and James Garcia fur, sample sale, $100 (retail $1,195 - thought it was more for some reason)
  • Bracelet: Dannijo, sample sale, $25 (retail $395)
  • Bag: Charlotte Olympia lips, sample sale, $115 (retail $545)
  • Shoes: Charlotte Olympia Agent Provocateur Bellatrix, sample sale, $150 (retail $895)

So basically my $5000 look was a little over $500. Not bad. The only thing I paid retail for was the H&M top LOL.

I just wanted to add that my hair of late has been a happy accident. My regular Sultra curling wand broke (I guess I dropped it one too many times LOL) so I used my backup Sultra and I'm so glad I did. This one is cone shaped and it gives you that wavy (less curly) cool-girl hair.

I never even considered anything but blonde but after seeing this picture it's something to think about. Between the lighting and the backdrop it took on a red hue that looks pretty good.

Because I forgot to wear anything pink, my friend Jen of Jen K Designs lent me her gorgeous rose gold bracelet and ring. Yes, they're real and they are fabulous :)

For more information about Sharsheret head to their website, www.sharsheret.org


Monday, October 26, 2015

Simply Stylist NY 2015

This past Sunday I went to my first real fashion and beauty conference, Simply Stylist NY at the W Hotel. Months ago they offered a early bird rate and of course, I missed it by one day and they would not extend it for me. Then a week ago they offered free tickets on Instagram and Facebook and I missed it again. Luckily I got an email thru Shopstyle Collective for a free "Social Butterfly" ticket for the last few hours of the conference and I signed up! Blogger friend, Lakeisha of The Fashion Sherlock actually signed me up too just in case I missed the email :)

As always, I waited until 5 minutes before I was out the door to get dressed. I wanted to wear something new but I also wanted to get noticed. I haven't worn my Peter Pilotto for Target dress in about a year so I figured I could revisit it. My dress did not disappoint - the vibrant colors and mix of patterns always packs a punch.

From head to toe:

  • Earrings: Dannijo, Rent the Runway sample sale, $30
  • Lipstick: MAC Miley Cyrus Viva Glam, Nordstrom (free after notes)
  • Dress: Peter Pilotto for Target, $25 (50% off)
  • Belt: BE&D leather studded Garbo belt, thrifted $10 (retail $495!)
  • Cuff bracelet: Dannijo Valentina, sample sale, $50 (retail $595)
  • Bangles: Chanel (2), 75% off at Neiman Marcus, & the spiked bangle was $.01 from the Rack
  • Pouch: Jimmy Choo, sample sale, $25
  • Shoes: Tamara Mellon Bad Girl Sandals, sample sale, $55 (retail $750!)

Y'all know how much I love free stuff so I had a ball at all the sponsors' booths.  I started at Dove where they let you mail a friend one of their Dry Sprays (I mailed it to myself LOL) and spin a wheel for prizes. Shira of A Sequin Love Affair won a $50 Spa Finder giftcard and I won a "fashion accessory." I was excited until I saw my choices later. I ended taking some not very exciting earrings but it was the best of the bunch. I wish I at least won a Kate Spade notebook or the $5 Starbucks card. Oh well. I actually love their spray deodorants so I snagged a bunch more on the way out :)

I quickly accessed the room and grabbed a KeVita drink and it was soooo good. The guy asked me if I was a blogger than gave me a card for a free case to be delivered to my house. I told him that Shira was even bigger (in the Blogosphere) than me and she needed a case too LOL. See, the power of the dress!

Our next, and pretty much final stop was Lily Qian's booth - we spent almost two hours in line to get one of her illustrations! And good thing we got on line when we did because I got the last one! All the poor girls who waited on line behind me got turned away empty handed. As it is mine was a little rushed but it's still a beautiful illustration.

Poor Lakeisha and Dinara (of Practically Haute - check out her sample sale reports!) who were right behind me and wasted two hours of their lives LOL.

I just needed to share Lakeisha's OOTD - check out her gorgeous fur vest. I picked up its' twin at the Elizabeth and James sample sale and it will be in my next blog sale! I love the ombre but it looks way cuter on her. 

Here are the few other booths - I had time to snap a few pics while waiting on line LOL.

Shopstyle's booth had drinks, snacks and free EOS lipgloss. Grabbed some for my girls (and me too!)

Here are the Dove earrings (I told you...), my Shopstyle EOS and Ortholite insoles. As an old lady with foot issues I have so many variations of these jammed in my shoes.

And that was that! I was so flattered when several of you (readers) came over and introduced yourselves. If any of you ever see me - please come say hello. I love knowing that someone out there is listening and you guys appreciate my work (and bargains!)

As I was walking to the subway I couldn't resist taking a pic of the MetLife building. NYC at night comes alive and I really do miss it. On a good day it takes me about 15 minutes from my doorstep to the subway at 178th (where I shoot downtown on the A train). So while I'm not that far away, it's not quite the same here in suburbia.

As always, thanks for reading! Comments below are always welcome :)


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mother-Daughter Red Hot Rockstuds

When my daughter saw my recent influx of Valentino Rockstuds she got very jealous. I don't think they make Rockstuds for kids, nor would I spend that kind of money on a growing feet so I had to track down the best (i.e. inexpensive) alternative. I found these on eBay for $10 and figured it was worth a shot. We patiently waited over 2 weeks for them to arrive from China (I refused to pay a premium for a US seller) and my daughter was pleased as punch to share them with you.

My averagel kids shoe budget is $10 max (most of them are a penny LOL) but I typically prefer a more durable shoe. These have the look but not much else. After trying them on once they already have creases in the patent. And they are obviously made of plastic.

It's a velcro closure so even a small child can put them on themselves. Note how sloppy the stitching and the glue is. That being said, she says they are comfortable and she already has matching authentic Valentino Rockstud sunglasses from Century 21 ($15!) to match. 

My advice when ordering your own inspired Rockstuds for your girls is to go to eBay for the best prices (trust me I looked) and choose a seller who promises to ship them in the shortest period of time. I got mine from the seller, wugaonian. Honestly, they are all the same plastic shoe. For sizing, measure the insole of your girl's shoes to get the best fit. Ella wears a US 1 but took a size 34 in these. They do have a few variations (I saw a sandal, a lace version, a rounded toe...) but my dearest daughter insisted on something with a pointed toe. Just like Momma.

I'm linking a few pairs of red Rockstuds (real ones for you!) should you NEED them at retail :)



Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Yaaaaaaaaas! Another Nordstrom Rack opens in NJ!!!

Earlier today I went to the VIP preview of the new Rack in Wayne, NJ. I could not believe how massive this location is. It's two floors and seriously bigger than any of the NY/NJ Racks that I've been too. I got there 10 minutes after they opened (stupid traffic) and the whole store was already crowded. I still managed to fill a few bags :)

I wore my new Elizabeth and James $50 dress from the sample sale the other day with my Noir Rockstuds from the Rack. I wasn't too sure about this dress because I tend to buy boxier (and less flattering) pieces when I put on a few pounds but I got just as many compliments from strangers on the dress as the shoes so I'm feeling much better about my purchase. I actually wore it with my new Gap denim jacket ($8 from the recent Gap glitch) and new penny Stuart Weitzman boots in the morning, but by the end of the day it warmed up and I had to strip down.

So let me give you a quick tutorial on how to shop a Rack opening. First you head to the accessories. I asked if they had any designer bags (didn't) so I headed to the sunglasses to look for Prada Baroques. They had a decent selection of Prada, Burberry, and Valentino but the closest things they had to Baroques was the white and black pair in the front, second from on the right. Not worth $100 for those IMO, so I grabbed another crazy pair of Pradas and Valentinos and moved on.

Quick pit stop at clearance accessories. Grabbed a couple $20-25 Kendra Scott pieces.

Spotted this super cute #nordygirl Rebecca Minkoff pouch for $35 - if it was cheaper or not baby pink (gets dirty easily) it would have been mine.

I also usually check cosmetics - at the Brooklyn opening they had Laura Mercier lipglosses for $6 so I grabbed a few. Wayne had the standard assortment of Stila, Urban Decay, NYX, etc.

I did run upstairs to shoes but they didn't have any high end designer pieces so I skimmed men's (grabbed a Burberry jacket for $200) and headed back to women's clothing. I noticed a couple racks marked $19.97 - one for Sam Edelman and one for BCBG. Both worth a look!

Next stop women's clearance. They actually had a pretty large section in the back of ladies pieces. Clearance dresses were in the dress section (found a $5 Tahari dress for my sister).

Not much in the way of designer - which is why I shop the Rack. They had a little DVF and Burberry for women in the front of the store. I complained to anyone who would listen that they needed more designer at that location LOL.  They do have a home and kids section (upstairs) at this location but they didn't have a single boys item on clearance, just one rack for girls and another for babies. Right now I need some dress shirts for my son and I was counting on buying some there.

Grand opening is on Thursday, October 22nd at 8am. They usually have treats and raffles for giftcards in the morning and I was informed they will get another shipment and restock for the opening.

I'll be sure to share my finds on Instagram and in future blog posts :)

If you go, good luck and happy shopping!


Bundle up at the Elizabeth and James Sample Sale!

For some time I've been hunting for cheap furs and leather jackets. I couldn't make the last Elizabeth and James sample sale for the VIP preview so I decided to wait until this one. It was worth the wait.

My advice is to head straight to the back to the sample area. It did get pretty wiped out last night but I'm sharing pics from when I left at the end. Sizing for samples seemed to be size 0-6.

Here is sample pricing but I always grab first then check prices later so I don't miss anything good in the initial frenzy.

Start with the furs and outerwear! They retail for $500-2000 so they're a steal for $100. I grabbed a bunch for me - stay tuned for when I share my finds!

Sample leathers were also $100. They still had this leather shirt and fringed skirt available.

I peeked at the $50 sample dresses but like they skirts they were all super tiny. I ran into the model I met at the Choo sample sale and even she couldn't zip up the skirts. The only dress I ended up getting was a boxier design that someone passed along in the dressing room.

The sweaters and ponchos for $30 were a steal.

Love this fringed one! I looked too bulky in it and it kept shedding so I left it.

They had a ton of pencil skirts and they were so cute but all size 0/2. Couldn't zip any of them up.

Love this one!

Love the idea of the tutu but it's just not my style.

They had pants too but I didn't really look because I don't really wear them.

Pricing on stock wasn't too bad. It ranged from $25 for tees and tanks and topped out at $300 for furs and leathers.

I was actually lucky enough to find this fringed Tatum leather jacket in the sample area for $100. It retailed for $995 :) They had plenty available in the stock area for $300.

I'm guessing this qualifies for "assorted feather" for $150. They had a sample in cream but it was pretty dirty.

Leather skirts were $250. This cute brown a-line retailed for $895.

Cute Ponchos for $150.

Wish they had these pastel leather jackets in the sample area.

Leather pants were $250.

Tops varied from $25-70.

They had a wall of jeans from their Textile line. See pricing below.

They also had a few accessories at the register. I was hoping for bags and sunglasses but there were none to be found.

I'm linking several of the items I spotted last night. Even their stock prices are significantly lower than most of the prices online. Even if you're not sample size there are are still plenty of good deals available.

I would suggest you hurry in for the best deals. They said all the samples were put out last night but you never know. They typically have markdowns in the last couple days so keep your eyes peeled.

Elizabeth and James Sample Sale
260 Fifth Avenue (Btwn 28/29th St.)
October 20-25
Tue-Thu 10am–8pm; Fri-Sat 10am-7pm; Sun 10am-3pm. Cash and credit cards accepted.

Happy Shopping!

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