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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I'm so fancy...

Iggy Azalea's 'Fancy' lyrics have been running through my head since I scored this adorable Rebecca Minkoff Tokyo pouch for just $15 bucks (retail $95!) this morning at Nordstrom Rack. Normally I would have been thrilled with just this find...but there was so much more :)

I'm so fancy. You already know. I'm in the fast lane. From L.A. to Tokyo.

So if y'all remember my wishlist, you should remember this beauty!

Balenciaga Velo in Anthracite, retail $1835

FINALLY! I've lusted after a BBag since I saw SJP with one in her Sex and the City days. For years I've regretted not buying one way back (pre-kids when I had money, a job and a cheap NYC apartment). And now I have this lovely - and all of her smooshy, fringy goodness. Did I mention the price? I used my $200 in Nordstrom Notes so it was just $324.27 after tax! I was literally dancing in the isles when I found it. I'm still in shock.

I found these two for my friend "S" - she's been asking for a MAC for a while and this mini MAC is perfect for her. The Tory is great because she wanted something small for going out. It should fit her ID, a couple credit cards and her giant phone. Probably won't fit her massive hey ring but maybe she shouldn't carry around 50+ keys when she's out on the town.

Tory Burch $34.97 & Rebecca Minkoff $49.97

I probably don't need this next bag but it's hard to pass up Marc Jacobs for $50 KWIM?

Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy Nylon - Natasha bag

OK so it's actually $55.97 - so sue me :)

It's actually still on Nordstrom.com for $198. Do I need it? Probably not. But I'm not letting it go to "S" just yet. 

Nordstrom was kind enough to give me a bonus gift hiding in my black Marc Jacobs bag. 

If you've ever been lucky enough to score a refurbished anything from the Rack, I'm sure you've noticed their silver Sharpie writing on the inside. This time they left me the cap LOL.

Good news - I do have a couple extras that I'm going to let my friends fight over :) 

I picked up this Rebecca Minkoff Skylar Mini crossbody bag at TJ Maxx and I probably would have kept it had I not found my new Balenciaga. It has a few light marks, nothing serious. I believe it has the dustbag.You want it? $70 local pickup, $85 priority shipped in the US.

SOLD Rebecca Minkoff Skylar Mini crossbody bag, retail $225

I still have the purple box - I can't believe nobody wants it. Last call before I return $100 local pickup, $115 priority shipped in the US.

Rebecca Minkoff large watersnake crossbody box bag, retail $350

I found this other mint Marc by Marc Jacobs today. I was going to return it because it has a few light marks but I figured I would offer it here first. You can see it here on the Nordstrom's website. $100 local pickup, $115 priority shipped in the US.

SOLD Minty Mini Natasha Marc by Marc Jacobs, retail $298!

Last but not least, I have this Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Wingman phone wallet, retail $148. Get this one for $36 local pick up, $45 priority shipped in the US.




Thrifting hasn't been too exciting of late but that's ok because the Rack has more than made up for it :) Last week I popped in on my old favorite thrift shop and I remembered why I stopped going. All I found was this Vera Bradley makeup case for $1.99. 

Although I should say that my current favorite thrift shop isn't so hot either. Most exciting find was this $6 upcycle Mickey Mouse dress that my DD loves :)

Gotta get some sleep - I have to be up early in the morning for my next adventure! Watch my Twitter and Instagram tomorrow to see what I'm up to...


ETA - all of my finds today were refurbished items from Nordstrom Rack. Please note that these do NOT have regular SKUs (they come up assorted) so I can't give you a SKU so you can track them in your own Rack. Think of these as one of a kinds and I got lucky. Lucky for you, I'm happy to share my extras with my friends :)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Rainy Saturday night shopping @ASOS.com

I'm not much of an online shopper but for some time I've heard about ASOS and I've noticed some pretty amazing sales. Generally I prefer the thrill of the hunt and physically searching for my finds but I finally took the plunge and made my first order tonight. I haven't a clue what their sizing is like but with free shipping and free returns it seemed like a no-brainer :)

As I was scrolling through this dress caught my eye and I just couldn't resist. The Blah Blah Blah cracked me up and I need a few new casual looks. I'm really good at dressy - I can put together a party or event look in a moments notice. I happen to love my shoe and accessory collection right now and my fancy new dresses are pretty awesome. Sadly my day to day wardrobe is seriously lacking and this seems like a fun casual look. I may need to put this away for Fall but I'm sure I'll get to wear it a couple times before I do because it's still so darn cold around here.

Did I mention it was marked down to $15.05 and I got the last one? Score!

ASOS Body-Conscious Dress Blah Blah Blah print $15.05

If any of you have purchased ASOS I would love to hear what you think of their fit. I love that most items have a "view runway" button so you can see it worn by a model in motion - helps you get a better idea of the fit and that it's not just tacked in for a still shot. Plus most of the ASOS dresses seem to have an open back so you really need to see them walking that runway to view it from both sides.

ASOS had so many adorable midi dresses, which are my latest obsession. They also had tons of maternity and plus-size if you're in the market.

I LOVE this dress but they sold out of white in my size. They only had a green left in a 6 (and a black in size 4). White lace is a huge trend this season - and in white it's so me. Too bad :(

ASOS Midi Dress In Lace With Wrap Back $32.92

And I know it's too late in the season (plus it's not that cheap or in my size...) but I'm totally crushing on this leather dress. If a 6 or 8 pops up and it gets a markdown, it's MINE.

ASOS Chevron Leather Midi Dress $197.55

There are some coupon codes out right now if you're interested in placing an order:

WEEKEND20 Take $20 off any order of $80+ (ends 4/27)
EXPRESSUSA  Free 2 day shipping for orders of $140+ (I settled for slower free shipping)

USWELCOMETREAT $10 off $100+ for first time shoppers

You can also sign up to be a VIP for just $19 (usually $39) and you'll get unlimited free 2 day shipping for the year. (I'm going to wait to see if I'm impressed with my dress...)

In addition to their mega clearance section they are also offering 25% off tops and accessories right now.

LMK if you find anything!


Good news - I noticed on tweet that it looks like shopping at Nordstrom Rack online will be returning on Monday! I'll be watching :)

Have we got something exciting for you! Monday is a big day!

Also - Rita's Italian Ice posted on Facebook (the best low fat custard!) the other day:
P.S. - Our 30th Birthday Celebration starts Monday...stay tuned for more info! 

Fingers crossed for free custard! If not I'll just wait for my free Carvel on Thursday :)

I have a feeling it's going to be a great week! I have a couple things lined up and I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and share! Don't forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for daily updates. Stay tuned...

ETA - plenty of great stuff left in my blog sale - check it out! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Clear the Rack & other sales, Target & thrifted finds...and Happy Passover!

Before I begin my recap let's start with Clear the Racks! From April 17-19 Nordstrom Rack will be taking an additional 25% off all clearance!

My only score (and I'm on the fence about it) is a Rebecca Minkoff large watersnake crossbody box bag that retailed for $350 - I got it 70% off PLUS the additional 25% off. I'm not in love so I may pass it along to a friend, we'll see...

The $750 Elizabeth and James honeycomb bracelet I've been stalking finally got a markdown and with the extra 25% off it's down to $200. I made the mistake of not trying on before now. I finally did and it's NOT comfortable AT ALL and I've been watching it for over a year. Stupid bracelet.

And yes, I plan on going back tomorrow :)


As always, I've had my hands full these past couple of weeks. I was busy with Passover prep and while I was cleaning I finally found two missing items (yay!) I also completed my second round of T25. I did wimp out of my fashion challenge - I'll try again in a couple weeks. It's just too hard to dress for Spring when it's cold and still snowing. Can you believe it snowed in April???

So here was my 4 day fashion challenge. I didn't intentionally try to get my outfits around $100 but that's just how I roll :)

Day 1
H&M faux leather jacket, thrifted $12
Black layering top, $10
Target skirt $8
Aquatalia boots, thrifted $4
Rebecca Minkoff MAC, Nordstrom Rack refurb $65
Gerard Yosca bracelet, sample sale, $5
I wish I loved my Chanel as much as I love my MACs!

Day 2
This is my not very exciting ensemble worn over a black knit thrifted ($8) dress:
H&M trench coat, $8 thrifted
Roberto Cavalli sunglasses, Century 21 75% off, $18
Marc Jacobs bag $90, Nordstrom Rack refurb
Target leopard booties $9
I have a closet of designer rain boots, yet I almost always reach for these :)

Day 3
Phillip Lim for Target dress $12 (Target clearance)
thrifted leather belt $3
Crocs Sexi Flip $15 (sale crocs.com)
Gerard Yosca cuff bracelet $10, sample sale
Argentino Vivo earrings $25, Nordstrom Rack
Gucci Soho bag, FREE (gift from my awesome brother - retails for $1950!) Thanks Shlo!
My belt shifted - it looked better when it was higher up.

Day 4
Roberto Cavalli sunglasses, Century 21 75% off, $18
H&M faux leather jacket, thrifted $12
Rebecca Minkoff MAC, Nordstrom Rack refurb $65
Leather studded bracelet, Target $5
Gerard Yosca earrings, sample sale, $15
Jessica Simpson watercolor dress, Nordstrom Rack, $25
Marc Jacobs flats, Nordstrom Rack, $10 (were $400!)
After a couple hours I switched into my Sexi flips - stupid Marc Jacobs tore my feet up.

Honestly I had every intention of continuing but I decided to Thrift on day 5 so I dressed down in a taupe knit dress and flips but when I got home I passed out before taking pics and posting some of my Passover outfits which I didn't even get to wear. Spring seems to be postponed around here. We spent the first days of Passover with my parents and half of my siblings - and I barely made it out of the house because it was so cold (and all I had were sandals LOL. Wishful thinking...)


I did manage to squeeze in a couple trips to Target and my thrift stores :) Here are a few of my favorite finds:

My son had a huge Skylander phase - it's over so he told me to return these. They were 50% off - $25 each.

I've always wanted a SodaStream so I got excited when I found this unit marked down to $17.98 from $59.99. It really not so exciting - it's a glorified seltzer maker. At least I didn't pay retail :)

70% off, baby!

$17.98 and $2.08 each
Crystal Light should have been $5.99 each but I snapped a pic and they honored the $2.08 price at the register. I cleared the shelf LOL.

Target honored their pricing error :)

Also - I have a whole bunch of Peter Pilotto pieces that I plan on returning. No important pieces - just random ones mostly in smaller sizes. LMK if there is something you are ISO and I'll be happy to sell it to you for non ebay prices.

I love vintage finds - plus my thrift store marks them super cheap. Scored this fun 80s dress (note the giant shoulder pads, batwing sleeves and drop waist) for just $2.99!

Not sure where I'll wear it but I couldn't leave this Kate Spade silk dress for $15.

Kate Spade silk dress $15

Random cuteness for my girls - all $4 each!

Grabbed this Vera Bradley tote for $1.99 for my DD - it's going to be her beach bag :)

Her entire outfit cost under $10 LOL


If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you may have seen my shopping pics from the Off 5th Saks designer event or H&M last week. They had some pretty eye candy at Saks but nothing was worth buying. H&M on the other hand is still having 50% off markdowns and I filled up 4 bags of stuff with prices as low as $2! My 92 year old grandmother recently lost a bunch of weight and was refusing to go out because she had nothing to wear. I grabbed tons of size 2 and 4s only to find out that even at 85 lbs she needs a size 6 in H&M. I spent an hour returning all of it today :( I did find some $5 dresses for my sister and my husband and son got a few pieces for $3 each.

Slightly overpriced Blahniks and Pradas...
Love these Brian Atwoods! Sadly too small and too much :(

They had several pairs of these Louboutins. I wish I went to the pre-sale - wonder what I missed...

50% off clearance at H&M - still going on!


This week was my son's and younger daughter's birthday. My kids are now 5, 7 and 9. I can't believe I've been a mom for almost a decade now. Both of their birthdays were on Passover/Spring break so I'll have to start planning their parties for next month. My son was happy with just an ice cream cake and his thrifted gift - I found him a FAO Schwarz Muppet Whatnot for $4 (retail $100). My husband just set him up with his own Instagram account so among other random things, he took a pic of his new Whatnot. Considering my (little boy genius) son has been surfing the net since he was 2, and had his own Facebook since he was 5, I'm actually shocked it took him this long to ask about Instagram LOL.

You can't have a birthday without Carvel.

Pic of DS's Whatnot from his Instagram account.

On the other hand my newly 5 year old got slighted as we have not really done anything for her as her birthday fell on Passover - and frankly Passover cake isn't all that tasty. Poor kid. I'm not sure I even gave her a gift :( Maybe tomorrow I'll let her pick something from my gift closet.

ETA - just remembered we gave her Meatloaf. American Girl had it on sale for $10 and she really wanted it (she kept showing me him in the catalog lol). I'd forgotten because we gave it to her last week LOL.


Last but not least, I wanted to share a quick pic of my DD sporting one of those sock-bun thingies. I know I'm the last person to jump on this trend but it's so cute on kids.

She told me the teachers loved it LOL.

So happy Passover for all of you celebrating - and happy Easter for the rest of you :) Either way, enjoy spending some time with your family this weekend. Bonus points if you can sneak away to hit the Rack and find some goodies with the additional 25% off!

XOXO Shoppinggal

Friday, April 4, 2014

Exciting news!

So I finally did it. You'll notice the URL no longer has blogspot in the name. I decided to take it to the next level and I purchased lehoarder.com! I also started on Instagram - I'm lehoarder there too :)

For some reason I've been in a funk this week - I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the crappy weather. I've been stuck with a case of the blahs and I'm trying to break free. This week my friend Daphne sent me a picture of herself in a bright blue pea coat and a cute mini - and she inspired me. I hate to say I've fallen back into my uniform of knit dresses. I need to bust out of my fashion rut. Despite the weather, I've decided to celebrate Spring with a 7 day fashion challenge - and I invite all my readers to join in the fun.

D having fun with her wardrobe :)

Starting Monday, April 7th thru the 13th, I'll be posting my daily outfit on Instagram and Facebook. I may cheat a little and post just the outfit but I promise to post a picture of me wearing at least one outfit next week. I love clothing and it's time I got a little creative again. I figure I need to start putting together some ensembles for Passover anyway :)


I did do a little shopping this week and I've been posting some pictures on Instagram but here is a rundown in case you haven't seen them.

I scored these Gucci loafers at the thrift store - I was going to sell them on Ebay but my 13 year old nephew saw them and swiped them LOL. He's so excited for his first pair of designer shoes :)

$10 thrifted Guccis

Got some cheap kicks at Nordstrom Rack for my girls. I couldn't resist the ruffles on the Cons and the matching Twinkle Toes were exactly their sizes.

$13 & $15 sneakers

All the Peter Pilotto for Target collection has finally gone to 70% off. I've been stalking my Targets looking for returns. Dress was around $20 and the skirt was around $10.

Lucky me!

I has already purchased this tote at 50% off but I kept the receipt so I could re-buy it if I found it for 70% off - and I did!

70% off baby!

I've also picked some other Target goodies this week including:

$7.48 gold-plated earrings. Ones on the left went to my SIL A and I actually returned the ones on the right - they looked cheap on.

70% off Calphalon

$11.98 and $5.68

I just wanted to thank All Things Target for another shout-out and sharing my pics. If you're a Target bargain hunter like myself you NEED to check out her Facebook page and her blog! She shares all her amazing finds - as well as her readers finds :)

Looking forward to my 7-day fashion challenge next week! Please join in by getting creative and posting your Spring outfits on my ShoppinggalNYC Facebook page. Have a great weekend!

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