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Friday, September 18, 2020

What Mid-Size (or Almost Any Size) Gals Need From H&M Right Now

With the change of seasons I often feel a little anxiety about what I'm going to wear. Thanks to age and quarantine I've added a few more pounds to my frame. Every time I put on weight I try to take things in stride and challenge myself with finding new pieces to add to the mix and build off of what I already own in my closet. As I moved into the mid-size & plus-size space I had a harder time finding affordable pieces that looked luxe. While most of H&M's pieces run XXS-XXL (and I typically take a large), they do have more and more plus pieces which runs up to a 4XL. Just know that stuff sells out fast (and no guarantee of restock) so if you see something you like—grab it! 

This post is not sponsored by H&M but they did gift me several of these pieces—thanks guys! And I'll try to link up what I can with affiliate links, which basically means I get a few pennies when you click on and purchase from my links. 

First let's start with my "shacket." I'm still not clear on exactly what a shacket is but it translates to a shirt-jacket. And frankly I like saying the word. Shacket, shacket, shacket. I actually spotted this one in a photo display in their store window over the summer and I think I may have screamed a little. I stalked the site until it finally dropped online. It was love at first sight and I knew it was going to be my go-to jacket for fall/winter. Don't get me wrong, it's not for everyone. Going to back what we discussed in my last post, it may not be something traditionally "flattering" but that shouldn't matter if it's something you love. It may not work for you because it is a lot of material and can overwhelm you, but there was something so chic about it so I just had to try. Note that most of their shackets size up to XXL with a only a couple shorter versions in the larger sized. Mixed it up with my Miu Miu velvet platform booties that I scored for almost 90% off at the end of season last year. 

From top to bottom:

Hat: Zara, sale rack $5.99

Sunglasses: Mulberry & Grand c/o

Shacket: H&M (sold out but check back for restock and they have other patterns available) c/o

Belt bag: H&M c/o

Dress: H&M sale rack $4 (I grab their basic tee dresses by the handful)

Boots: Miu Miu, $148 (RV $990), The Outnet

Nails: Popsockets Mani-Phoni (press-on nails have a matching Popsocket for your phone!) c/o

For my next look, it was all about this dress. As a dress girl, I usually focus my shopping on dresses (and coats) in shapes that will work for my curves. Because I'm short-waisted, I would have preferred a higher waistline but this one was workable. I know that my friend Greivy has this dress in blue and she belted hers. I also love a voluminous sleeve to cover the little extra I'm carrying on my upper arms. And if you were looking for a Bottega dupe, this quilted vegan bag from House of Want for under 100 bucks may be just what you need.

Hat: Zara, sale rack $5.99 (hey, I'm a repeater)

Sunglasses: Valentino, Sunglass Hut c/o

Necklace: Sequin NYC, c/o

Dress: H&M c/o

Bag: House of Want c/o

Sandals: Nicholas Kirkwood, sample sale (90% off—a few years old already)

Shop these styles (and some inexpensive versions too) here:

They also sent over a few looks for the kids for back to school. I decided to try to do more coordinating than matching to showcase their own personal style. 

A few of my secrets to shopping H&M:

1. Create an account and heart your favorites. I check my hearts daily to see if any of my out of stock faves were restocked. Not to mention your favorites may come back in another color. 

2. When shopping online, you can stack 2 codes. 

3. If you have very thin teen or tween girls, be sure to check out women's not kids. Ella can fit the XXS & XS women's (especially their younger Divided line) perfectly yet the size 12 girls may fall right off of her.     

4. In-store sale racks at the end of season will often have tons for $3, $4 or $5, so always be sure to take a peek when you pop by the store. 

Is H&M one of your go-to stores? What's on your fall wishlist?




Monday, August 31, 2020

The Problems With Plus

My latest Instagram caption was running waaaay too long so I decided it's time we talk about plus and mid-size fashion—and size-inclusivity. If you're looking for body positivity this might not be the place for you. It's something I struggle with. I work off of a fake it till you make it attitude with most things in life, so while some days I'm feeling it, there are plenty days that I'm not. So if you're easily triggered you might want to stop here.

In high school I was a size 4 and my younger sister (who's 2 years younger) was a size 14. People called her fat or told her she had a pretty face and all that BS. But what she had (that I lacked) was confidence. Boys flocked to her. Meanwhile I hid in my room with my girlfriends and we giggled because were too afraid to speak to boys. They actually called us "the gigglies".

That said, she gave up on clothing at an early age. Back then there was nothing cute or age appropriate for a young girl to wear if she was a bigger size. It was all matronly, frumpy, and not much fun. And forget shoes. She wears a 12WW which is next to impossible for anything other than sneakers. I did find her a style of Fit Flop size 11 slides that worked for her wider flat feet and high instep and she's been re-buying them ever since. She even wears them in the winter. Luckily I'm only a 9.5 (and not wide) or I don't know what I would do. To this day she hates to shop (even though plus has come a long way) and we just don't share my love affair with fashion. And frankly, I don't blame her.

I was a teenager in late 80's & 90s so even I found myself in oversized fits and a lot of Gap clothing from the men's sale rack. Grunge was a thing. But growing up in a Jewish religious/orthodox household I was also more covered up for modesty (tzniut) and the message I received was that our bodies had to be hidden (fat or skinny) and coupled with being naturally thin and being told I was too skinny—it was years before I was comfortable in my own skin.

So when I found myself in the mid-size/plus space a couple years ago I initially panicked remembering my sister's childhood shopping trauma. At first I would squeeze into 12 and 14 straight size pieces but it was a challenge finding the right shapes for my figure.

I finally starting playing around with plus brands and ran into a few fit issues: 

1. Why so do many plus styles have narrow fitted upper arms? When I gained weight, I gained there too. And when you're over 40, weight loves to stick there.

2. Not all plus people have huge boobs. I'm a D but most plus pieces are cut for even larger. What about gals who are smaller?

3. 99% of plus wrap dresses are mock wraps. But I prefer true wrap dresses to fit my proportionally smaller waist and bust. And half the time brands don't disclose if it's a true wrap or not so I'm left guessing. I love Tanya Taylor but I've learned the hard way that the hips are too narrow, top is too big—all because she only does mock wraps. If they did a true wrap version I'd be wearing them daily.

4. Not all plus women have the same shape. I'm still a pear. Well, more hourglass these days. But I'm finding most plus styles are for apple shapes. All these shapes need to be represented in a plus collection. Last year when Eloquii offered free alterations at a few of their stores I grabbed my trusty Ikea bag, filled it with every Eloquii piece I owned, and ran to the NYC store.

5. Most plus seems to be cut for taller women. I'm an average 5'5" (but short-waisted) and I have a hard time drowning in designs that seem to be made for a 6 foot woman. What are even shorter, petite-plus women supposed to wear? There is a HUGE gap in the market there.

6. Not every garment needs pockets and/or lining. I know some people like them but I don't. I'd rather wear my own slip or shape wear. And I don't like when pockets fall on the widest point on my hips. I'm already self-conscious about that spot. I don't want to add any bulk there.

Which brings me to this Torrid dress. It's a freakin unicorn. Unlike so many plus wrap dresses, this one has a true wrap so I can fit my bust and waistline to perfection. And I was able to cut out the inner slip (it's a great slip and I can wear it with other stuff but I always prefer lighter weight fabrics to skim the body) and wear with a nude bra and nude shaper shorts. I love the upper arm coverage and the subtle peek of shoulder. 

There isn't a lot of sizing left but it initially came in 10-30 (I'm wearing the 12). If you're lucky you can score one for just $22.79 right now (was $75.50). I was nervous to order it because on the website they didn't have a lot of reviews and there were zero pics on a model or reviewer, but I'm guessing it didn't blow out for those reasons alone. I was surprised I couldn't find any Insta pics of this dress on anyone because it's so good. It was tie dye-ish in the summer of tie-dye and it's so light and airy—it really is the perfect summer dress. I also think it will transition into early fall if I switch up the bag.

You can shop my unicorn dress, and the rest of my look here:

Sunglasses: Lafont Paris, c/o

Necklace: Sequin NYC, c/o

Dress: Torrid, was $75.50, now $22.79

Bag: Staud, sample sale score, $35? It was last day markdowns...

Shoes: Daybreaks, c/o

(Note: some links are affiliate links and some aren't. Meaning I make a couple pennies if you click on some. And the others I share anyway because I hate those people who won't link up just because they won't make any money on it.)

Also including some favorite size inclusive and/or plus styles that have caught my eye:

I'm finding that some plus brands are more size-inclusive than others. I personally look for sites like 11 Honoré and Torrid that start at size 10/12 and go up to 30 (sometimes higher). Don't get me wrong, I love Eloquii but I wish they regularly included 10-12 too. Their last special collection with R29 started at a 12 and I snapped up a bunch.

Sites like ASOS and H&M are not traditionally plus but now have lots of plus options too. ASOS is awesome because it has petite, plus and tall sizing for women. My pink NYFW dress was featured (with me in it) on InStyle.com and on their Instagram feed—and still gets random likes on my feed (seen here). It now comes in green in curve sizing too. Universal Standard goes next level with inclusivity with sizes 00-40.

Overall, I consider myself lucky. I have so many more options than my sister had. I also acknowledge that I have a different experience than so many in the plus community (like my sister) because I didn't grow up plus. We're not even gonna get into who's marginalized and not marginalized today, that's a whole other post. It can still be challenging, but when I find clothing that fits (it seems I can no longer use the word flattering because evidently that's triggering for some) and makes me happy, it makes it all worth it. And don't get me wrong, clothing that's traditionally "unflattering" is ok too if that's your choice. Fashion rules went out the window ages ago. Fat girls can wear crop tops and bike shorts too. Do what makes you happy.

I'm almost a little embarrassed to say that I used to refer to clothing as skinny Michelle clothing (which was my idealized version of self) and fat Michelle clothing (makeshift clothing to get by until I could fit my skinny clothing again). I also used to use a term called punishment clothing (ugh) which was when I would get a few pieces in a larger size to wear until I lost the few pounds I gained. So while the concept was good (it's so important to always have clothing that fits and makes you feel good about yourself to motivate you to get yourself out of bed in the morning) the term was terrible. I shouldn't punish myself for gaining a few pounds. What we all need is a little more forgiveness around here.

I had a fellow mid-size/plus influencer friend recently tell me that she had cut back on posting because of all the hate she was getting for promoting a "unhealthy lifestyle" just for sharing her killer style and basically just existing. She's not even that big—she's tall and stunning. And that made me so mad. I'm guessing she had an influx of these losers because of a few recent viral-ish videos and posts. Which is why I told her she had to keep up the momentum and and keep representing. All that extra attention (even if negative) means her voice has power and you can't let anyone take your power or your voice. EVER.

Why do we exclusively judge and define people by weight alone? How can we ever make peace with our bodies and feel good about ourselves if that's the only conversation? How about we start normalizing all bodies, shapes, colors, sexuality, races and religions. It's 2020 people. Different is okay.

So there ya go. I'm putting all my truths out there. I think I've been silent for so long over here because I wasn't ready for this conversation. I have so many started half posts that I just couldn't finish. Until now.


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

First Fashion Haul of 2020

Happy 2020! Decided to kick of the year with a new post with all my epic sale finds of late. Last week TJ Maxx and Marshalls kicked off their yellow sticker clearance sale and I killed it. I also grabbed a few goodies at the Altuzarra NYC sample sale, which I almost skipped. So glad I didn't listen to my friend who told me not to bother...

This is not a drill people. You need to RUN to your local TJ Maxx and Marshalls stores because it's yellow sticker clearance time! Check out my close-up video that I shared on Insta here. This only happens 2x year and now is the time to hunt for all your favorite designer duds on the cheap. If you've missed the first round, don't fret. They usually follow it up a couple weeks in with a second round of markdowns so it's still worth a peek.

I always get a ton of questions about the yellow sticker sale so let's break it down. It happens at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods but always go to your local TJ Maxx Runway locations first for the good stuff. You can search for Runway locations on their website on their store locator. Runway stores have mini designer sections (as opposed to a stray piece or two) so you have a better chance of scoring.

My Longchamp Le Pliage logo tote is currently full price for $245 at Bloomies but I scored mine for $49! Did I mention I also scored a 2k Chloe bag for under $200? I got lucky because I got there before these were yellow ticketed (it's all in the timing!) but the lady ahead of me walked away with 2 Gucci totes for about $200 each. They weren't my style so no FOMO here. And before you ask where this was, don't bother, another lady after me who was clearly a reseller cleared them out minutes later.

Note, this is from just one store:

- Chloe mini quilted Drew, RV $1,950, paid $199 (This went viral on Insta LOL)
- Chloe Anna bag, RV $1,850, paid $399
- Longchamp Le Pliage logo small tote, RV $249, paid $49
- Kendrascott Val hoops, RV $75, paid $12

You always have to check the retail value because it's usually lower on the tag. For example, the Kendra Scott hoops are marked value $36, but the original tag with the $75 price is still attached. And my Chloe Drew is marked $1,590 but if you Google it you'll see the RV was higher too.

At Altuzarra sample sale I scored:

Ghianda Pearly Suede Top-Handle bag $200
Runway boots from Fall '19 $50
Black & white booties $35

Most bags were from 2017/2018 but I saw some 2019 too. Meghan Markle has been seen with a similar bag to mine in blue. I wanted the black suede because all my other black bags are leather and the pearl detail is on trend at the moment. And the great thing about having giant feet is that I can buy the models' runway shoes on the cheap.

Feel free to share the retail values of these things if you can find them. So less than $300 for over 4k in merch. Not bad if I say so myself—even if I may have had a bit of a disagreement with the designer's mom. A few people have asked about that story so here goes...

I was between events so I ran to the sale and then texted my girl Greivy to join. As I waited I saw a woman trying things on for her husband and she seemed a little unsure of herself. She had some great pieces and she just couldn't decide. She was cute and tiny and looked great in pretty much everything. She had on this cropped bustier/one armed checked blazer that was amazing. She kept pulling at it and felt it was a little big. I chimed in that they were cut for 6-foot tall runway models and she was petite so it might need a quick adjustment. She tried it on with a skirt so I suggested a high waisted pant or a button down blouse under...or maybe layer it over a chunky sweater dress....and that's when an older women screamed out, "absolutely not. I'm the designer's mother and that's not how it was meant to be worn." So I just looked at her (probably with a FACE) and said "there's no singular vision for fashion. Can't it be open to interpretation?" Seriously, how many people wear things exactly how they see them on the runway? She kinda studdered something back (honestly I'm not even sure what she said) but looked at me like I was the idiot. As a stylist I'm always looking for a fresh perspective. Not to mention. isn't the customer always right? And I would have rocked that piece over a ribbed sweater dress if it was my size.

Truth be told they aren't the nicest in that showroom. But the prices make it worth the abuse. The zipper on my $50 runway boots is broken so I asked for a small discount and they looked at me like I had two heads. I get it, it's already super cheap but another worker had suggested it and told me to ask at the front. Guess not. They also told me they don't give dust bags for bag purchases, but they did have them with some of the $50 last season shoes. So bottom line, not the friendliest experience but tons of great deals to be had. And you also don't have to go first day because they do restock, but better stuff does go first.

You can shop my look and my finds (not as cheap, sorry) here:

Other sales of note on my radar include:

The Zara sale is seriously heating up. Now is when I start grabbing cute pieces for NYFW.

I've been finding some fun pieces for 80% off Moda Operandi and they keep adding and slashing prices so you might want to check that sale out too.

And I did find a couple pieces at the ASOS sale too. Love that they have sizes small to plus!

Century 21 has 85% off but don't get me started on how good it used to be LOL. They did have an extra 20% off red tickets this past weekend and I suspect that may come back. I almost went to the downtown store on Friday but I got on the train uptown by mistake and it was getting late so I skipped. Eh, there's always another sale or another deal...

Now tell me your best shopping deal from last week! And feel free to ask all your sale questions below!

Happy shopping!



Sunday, February 3, 2019

Real Jeans for Real Women, Featuring Democracy "Ab"Solution Jeans

Sponsored by Democracy Clothing

Not all jeans are created equal. You can either spend hours in a fitting room in tears with stacks and stack of jeans that don't fit, or just pick up a pair of Democracy's "Ab"Solution jeans and change your life. Their signature no gap waistband, slimming mesh panels, and sculpting stretch fabric, allows for a perfect fit. Every time.

Confession. I haven't worn jeans in a while. In my head I didn't think I could wear them over a size 6. But even when I was smaller, I always had a hard time finding denim to fit my curves. And I never had that mythical thigh gap—even at size 2. I always had a smaller waist and curvier everything else. So the answer was to tailor my jeans—or just give up and wear a dress.

But with jeans, like any other piece of clothing, you need to know your body and know how to find cuts that will fit and flatter. Right now I look for a narrow tailored leg to elongate, a high waist to cover my mommy belly, and lots and lots of stretch. What I really love about Democracy's "Ab"Solution denim is their fit. Democracy jeans are fitted with a no-gap elastic through the waist and a power mesh panel—to keep your jeans in place, and flatten and smooth just where you need it. And their power sculpting stretch fabric is magic. So comfortable and perfect for all day wear!

I'm wearing a size 12 in all three styles. The Indigo "Ab"solution Jeggings and Black Highrise Ankle "Ab"solution Jeans fit perfectly but for some reason the "Flex"ellent Notch Hem Jeans don't have as much stretch and I probably could have sized up for more of a relaxed boyfriend jeans look. But all I know is that every single pair of Democracy jeans pulled up and zipped close. Every. Single. One. It made for one painless dressing room experience. They also feature sweetheart yoke stitching and strategically placed back pockets to give the appearance of a booty lift. #yesplease

I love an good dark Indigo denim and these are probably my favorite of the bunch. These "Ab"solution Jeggings have a 30" inseam. For reference, I'm 5'5" and typically look for 30 inches or less in an inseam. I've paired it with a Democracy Clothing tee as well. Just add heels and a tailored coat for a little casual street chic.

What's so special about these black out Democracy jeans is that they are fade resistant. These are the Modern "Ab"solution high rise ankle length jeans with a 28" inseam. I added lots of leopard for a while lotta fun. It's the perfect formula for casual street style.

These "Flex"ellent high rise slim straight leg notch frayed hem jeans are screaming for a cute bootie. These run a little shorter with a 27" inseam. I've paired it with Democracy's asymmetrical cut-out top and a teddy coat—perfect for freezing NYC weather.

Decided to try something new with the notch hem but as you can see, I look taller and narrower in the other cuts. The style is a slim cut but for some reason it looks like a more relaxed fit on me.

What do you look for in your denim? For me it's all about comfort and fit and these Democracy Jeans fit the bill to perfection. I strongly recommend trying a pair of "Ab"Solution denim for yourself and see the difference. Honestly these are game changers.

Thank you to Democracy Clothing for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.




Monday, January 21, 2019

Rainbow Brightest

Decided to kick-off 2019 with a little rainbow style. After my InStyle Magazine feature in my rainbow dress I've decided to embrace a whole lotta color. I took the minis to NYC for our annual outing to American Girl for New Year's Day and luckily we were blessed with a mild 50-degree day—otherwise there is no way we could have shot our street style. Compared to the single digits we've been having recently, we considered ourselves lucky. And yes, my pics were taken by my super talented 11-year-old daughter, Ella.

From head to toe:

Sunglasses: Shein, $4
Earrings: Sarara Couture, c/o (RV $145)
Sweater: 525 America, purchased with a gifted gift card (RV $98)
Jacket: Missguided, $52, c/o
Skirt: Tory Burch, Rent the Runway (RV $398)
Bracelets: Hermes, sample sale, $300 (RV $600) and A.V. Max NYC, sample sale, c/o
Nails: Impress Manicure x Alice and Olivia, c/o (RV $7.99)
Bag: Bill Blass, c/o (RV $488)
Shoes: Modern Vice, sample sale, $50 (RV $398)

Exciting news! Both Modern Vice and Bill Blass are having sample sales this week. You too will have the chance so score my amazing Becky bag and Bolt boots for super cheap prices—see below for full sale deets. Even more exciting, I will be going live on Instagram and posting an IGTV from the VIP preview (this Thursday) for Bill Blass. If you don't live in NYC you will have the chance to watch and shop the sale from home—watch my IG stories for updates!

My girls are twinning in their Habitual Kid looks and Nina Kids boots. At this point they style themselves so Ella decided to show her personality with my Marc Jacobs headband (several seasons old) and a mini Rebecca Minkoff Love bag. I did get her some smaller straps at the sample sale that she mixes and matches with her bags—just like her mama. Ava's belt bag is a $13 score from Shein. My girls often raid my closet for accessories. I'm gonna be in serious trouble when they start fitting my shoes.

As for shopping this week, it's the tail end of department store discounts and the NYC Manolo Blahnik store just had another markdown. Century 21 has started markdowns but it's just not like the good ole days. Personally I'm sitting out for now but if things change I'll be sure to share. Wondering if anyone has seen any yellow sticker markdowns at TJ Maxx or Marshalls—I feel like it's that time of year...

Current sample sales of note are Bill Blass and Modern Vice. Bill Blass will have bags, shoes and ready to wear for up to 90% off. Modern Vice has boots from $49-249. They have an online sale as well but in my experience you can negotiate better deals in person, especially if you are buying a couple pairs. I'll probably be heading back there this week for round two.

Modern Vice
January 14-25 (but they may extend...)
M-F, 11-7
247 W 38th St, 3rd Fl

Bill Blass
January 25-26
F 11-6, Sat 11-4
236 5th Avenue, 2nd Fl
(FYI—I believe both Chicmi and Shopdrop are offering VIP access for the 24th if you are on their lists.)

What sales are on your radar for this week? Be sure to comment your best recent deals below!

Happy shopping!




Tuesday, December 4, 2018

CRAZY Nordstrom Rack Finds & December 2018 NYC Sample Sale Roundup

So it's been a while since I've really scored at Nordstrom Rack and I can't even tell you how mad I was when I heard my local Rack put out a ton of designer refurbs out on Saturday. The Rack takes returned shoes from their full line stores and fixes them up and sells them for about 70% off. Often they look brand new and if you're not picky you can grab some steals. Here is my latest haul—the Louboutins were $200 & $215 each, the YSLs were $275, The Rockstuds were $300, and the Guccis were both about $240. I actually didn't take the Monolo Blahniks and the Valentino sneakers. I didn't take the Rockrunners because they were $250 and I already got a pair for $99 at the yellow sticker TJ Maxx clearance a few years back. I also left the Hangisis because they were a little damaged (stained and scratched) and a little large—plus they were still $276. For me, for that price I would have needed perfect or a half size smaller or even $50 less. Maybe next time...

Linking up everything in my cart below so you can see what they are all currently selling for :)

And in-case you missed it all over my Insta and Facebook—check out my feature in the December 2018 InStyle magazine. As I wrote on my Insta; Never in my wildest dreams did I think at age 44 and a size 12/14 I would be featured in InStyle right next to Kendall Jenner and Alexis Bledel in my rainbow style. So crazy!

And FYI my Impress press-on nails are from the Alice + Olivia x Impress collab. Right now they have 25% off across their website and you can grab some here. These are not your mom's press on nails. They now have shorter nail lengths should you prefer not to have talons on your hands and they are so easy to use. I literally put mine on in less than 5 minutes on the subway or the bus on the way to events—perfect for busy mamas who don't have time to sit for a mani.

I should also mention, that the Show Me Your Mumu rainbow dress and Anya Hindmarch bag that I was featured in were both Rent the Runway rentals :)

As for Rent the Runway—I've really been enjoying my Unlimited membership. They've been sponsoring me for a few months now and I love having access to current high end pieces that I probably wouldn't get my hands on otherwise. It's a great way to try new designers and it's not just about renting a one off special occasion dress. They have coats, jeans, tops, bottoms, dresses, gowns, jumpsuits etc. That's not to say the system is not without flaws. If I rent something in the wrong size it can take forever to finally get your size. And sometimes the pieces shrink from dry cleaning. I rented this DVF dress 2x—the first time a 12 and it was ok but I wanted to try the 14 for length. And then the 14 was somehow smaller than the 12. Ugh. But I find if you pick up and return from the RTR store on 15th street it's a much faster turnaround and you can maximize your 4-at-a-time rentals.

Use code LEHOARDERPERK40 to take 40% off your first month of unlimited and get it for less than $100. Totally worth trying if you have a special occasion - with the discount it's basically the same price as a single rental—and then you get the whole month free!

For this look both the Heurueh coat and DVF dress were from Rent the Runway. And yes, I went pink again. I'll be sharing about that soon...

And now for this month's amazing sample sale roundup. Check back because I'll be sure to update to add feedback and add any really good sales that pop up. As always, check Chicmi or Shopdrop for updates but these are my picks for the month. I select my choices based on sales I've shopped in the past or have heard good things...and as always they have to be super designer or super cheap. Preferably both :)

A.V. Max has been a long time favorite for gifts and fun finds of my own. Pretty much everything is under $20 and they always have killer deals on earrings. Note their new address and be sure to say hi to Amy for me! I'll be stopping by at least once to this sale :) Read a past sale review here

A.V. Max
December 3-17
M 10-4, T 10-7, W-F 10-4
144 W. 37th Street, 3rd Fl

This is where I stock up on all my winter accessories on the cheap. I used to find them at Century for less (back when 90% off was really 90% off...) but now I pay a few bucks more at the sample sale.

December 4-14, 9-5 (Closed on Sat and Sun)
270 West 38th Street, Suite 902

I've been living in my Rent the Runway* DVF dresses and now I need to take a few home with me at sample sale prices. Their cuts are so much better than they were even 5 years ago and even at a size 12/14 they fit and flatter me to perfection. Check out my recent DVF dresses here, here, herehere and here.

December 4-9
T 10-8, W-Th 10-7, F-S 10-8, Sun 10-5
150 Green Street

Elizabeth Gillett is back again—I'm guessing because her sample sale last month fell smack in the middle of the snowstorm. I lived in her pieces all summer long. Grab some super cute caftans and wraps for your next beach vacay! 

Elizabeth Gillett
December 5-7, 12-14, 19-21, all 10-6
260 West 36th Street, Suite #802

I always mean to check this one out and always forget. I'm really going this time LOL.

December 5-6, 10-4
180 Madison Avenue, Floor 19
ETA: I went 12/5 and undies area was pretty much cleaned out but the loungewear room (the second room) had a bunch of cute stuff. Grabbed a few robes and caftans for $10-20. I googled one caftan and it retailed for $275 :)

More cheap undies... #yesplease

Wacoal, b.tempt'd & CW-X
December 5-7, W-Th 10-6, F 10-2
136 Madison Avenue, 14th Fl
ETA: I went 12/5 and unless you're a size 34 bra you are pretty much out of luck. Lots of cup sizes but not band sizes :(

Last sale I grabbed some fun tights that I still haven't worn. But I will LOL. Note that some items are cash only.

December 5-6, 10-4
33 7th Ave, Suite 1702

My favorite fancy girls dress sale. Check out my minis rocking their Halabaloo dresses herehere, here and here! Be sure to tell Halla I sent you!

Halabaloo & Dolls and Divas
December 7-11
F 9:30-6, Sat 11-4, M-T 9:30-6:30
423 West 43rd Street, Ground Fl

Start preparing for the madness. I didn't get to much the past couple sales but in the past I've scored $1,000+ dresses for $99. Go with your girl-gang and be prepared to fight LOL. 

Alice + Olivia
December 11-16
T 8-8, W 9-8, Th 10-8, F 9-8, Sat 10-7, Sun 10-5
260 Fifth Avenue

Cheap tights and socks are always a good idea. I went once in the past and scored $1 tights. 

Hosiery Sample Sale 
Dec 11-21, (M-F only) 10-5:30
35 West 35th Street, Room 703

If you're a sample size 7 I hear this sale is paradise. LMK what you find!

Butter, Something Bleu & Golo
December 12-14
W-Th 9-6, F 9-2
130 West 57th Street, Suite 1E

Last sale was a bust and watch out for resellers but with prices of up to 90% off it may be worth a peek :) Check out my epic steal of a bag from a past sale here

December 13-14, 8:30-7
233 Broadway, 14th Floor

With prices starting at just $5—I plan on taking a peek. I haven't been before but if you have please let me know what you think!

Rachel Roy
December 13-14, Th 10-6, F 9-6
58 West 40th Street, Mezzanine Level

Fancy lady stuff for up to 70% off - don't forget to check out the runway shoes! And as long as you're at The Curated - be sure to check out the 11 Honore pop up too :)

Christian Siriano
December 14-17
F-Sat 11-7, Sun 12-5, M 11-7
The Curated, 5 West 54th Street

One of my favorite shoe and accessory sales is back! Hoping we will see the return of the $25 box!

Frances Valentine
December 17-18, 8-6
80 West 40th Street, 8th Fl

I have friends who swear by this sale. Especially when they do markdowns in the end...

French Connection
December 17-19, 10-7
512 Seventh Avenue, 25th Fl

A few sales ago it was epic. Recently not so much. But always worth a peek just in case :)

Marc Jacobs
December 18-23
T 11-8, W-Th 10-7, F-Sat 10-8, Sun 10-5
150 Greene Street

If you're sample sized this one is worth checking out. They've also had $25 bargain boxes and cheap runway shoes in the past...

Prabal Gurung
December 18, 8-7
247 West 37th Street, Suite 1501

Time to stock up on k-beauty and tons of gifts!

Tocca, Artis, Stila, Dr.Jart+
December 18-23
T 9-8, W-Th 10-7, F-Sat 10-8, Sun 10-5
260 Fifth Avenue

And that's my roundup! As always, if you see me out and about, be sure to say hello! I'm always happy to give you a few tips and help you edit your finds :)

Happy Shopping!



Monday, November 12, 2018

November 2018 NYC Sample Sale Picks & Jimmy Choo Haul!

I usually just add my New York City sample sale picks to the end of my blog posts but I decided to share a dedicated post that I'll be updating throughout the month. My formula for a great sample sale is super-designer and/or super-cheap. Half off last season's old bags is not a legit sample sale. I look for one of a kind runway samples, shoes worn once down the runway by a giant footed model (my size too!) or crazy cheap bins. The best sales are often in a designer's showroomonce the sale gets taken over by a sample sale company the prices tend to get inflated.

In case you missed all my latest IGTV videos, I've been sharing a peek inside my favorite sales as well as videos of my sale hauls. I've recently shared Jimmy Choo, Balenciaga, Rebecca Minkoff, Paul Andrew... Head to my Instagram and click on the little button of a TV on the left that reads IGTV to watch. Here is a pic of most of my Jimmy Choo sample sale haul (only one pair of $50 shoes are missing). This time I almost got kicked out of the sale AGAIN but I still managed to walk away with some amazing pretty current finds! Head to my IGTV to hear the full story and watch the full reveal and prices :)

As of now these are the sales that are on my radar for the month of November:

This sale is my go-to for kids inexpensive boutique-y hair accessories and baby gifts. 

The Best Kids Sample Sale
11/12-16, 10-5
34 W. 33rd Street, Floors 3, 5, 9, 12

Not the cheapest of sales but I'm a Eugenia Kim fan so I usually just pop by to take a peekbe sure to check at the end for markdowns. 

Eugenia Kim
11/13-16, 10-7
347 W 36th Street, Suite 505

I've personally never been but I've heard a few gals raving about this one. 
*ETA 11/14 I heard this one may not worth be the trip. 

T 10-7, W-Th 10-6, F 10-4
210 11th Avenue, Suite 500

I stumbled upon this sale last season and her kimonos became my summer staples. Check out my last sales scores here and here. Cute + inexpensive = #yesplease 

Elizabeth Gillett
11/14-16, 10-5
260 West 36th Street, Suite #802

Cheap undies and bras sounds like a no-brainer!

Samantha Chang
11/14-16, W 11-8, Th 11-7, F 11-6
171 Madison Avenue, Suite 307

I'm not exactly sample size right now but if you are be sure to check out their sample rack!

11/15-16, 10-7
251 West 39th Street, 8th Fl

What a sample sale should belots of cheap beauty stuff. Think holiday gifts!

Peter Thomas Roth & June Jacobs
11/5-15, 11-7:30
460 Park Avenue, 22nd Fl

The pop pom earrings that everyone raves about. Some cheap things (I've picked up stuff under $10 before) but the better stuff is gonna cost you $$$.

11/15-17, Th-F 10-8, Sat 12-5
191 7th Avenue, Suite 2R

My go-to for modest dressier dresses and gowns. Get there early to have fun with their one of a kind samples. You can see me wearing a never produced $75 sample dress here. And see a previous sale review here

Teri Jon
11/18-19, 9:30-5
241 West 37th Street, 2nd Fl

I always grab a bunch of Derek Lam sunnies from this sale! FYI it's usually cash only. Check out a past review here

Modo Eyewear
11/27-29, 11-7
594 Broadway, Suite 801

I've actually never went to this one but I've always wanted to. I've heard the sample rack is the way to gootherwise prices are not so budget friendly. But her dresses are oh-so pretty...

Lela Rose
11/28-30, W 8-8, Th 9-7, F 9-3
260 West 36th Street, 2nd Fl

As for other updates, I'll be sharing a giveaway for a Gucci bag with Ebay Fashion on my Insta. Be sure to enter to win! Also, look for me in the December Issue of InStyle Magazine and I've also been selected by 11 Honore as a favorite plus sized influencer to follow. I had a few people comment that I'm not plus sized but what you should know is that 11 Honore starts their sizing at size 10. Right now I'm anywhere from a 10-14 depending on the designer. So many high end designers stop cutting at a size 8 which is insane because the average size of an American woman is probably closer to a 16. So I'm honored to be featured by a company that gives women designer options in sizes often overlooked.

Happy Shopping! Which sales are on your radar for November? Comment below!

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