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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Mom Hacks 101; the Art of the Fashion Repeat.

As a busy mom, time is at a premium for me. While I don't consider myself a mommy blogger, I am a mommy and a blogger. I've been lucky enough to be a stay at home mom for my kids and fortunate that I've been able to find blogging as an outlet to maintain my sanity, thou some might argue that calling myself sane or any mom for that matter is debatable. There's this concept that women can have it all but I'm here to tell you that you can't. There is no such thing as having it all. Everything comes at a cost. If you have an amazing career, chances are you have a nanny raising your children. If you stay at home with your kids, you probably won't have money to afford that Chanel or even cleaning help. I've long given up on having a tidy house. And that's OK. The first lesson as a mom is to learn is that it's okay to be perfectly imperfect and you just gotta do whatever it takes to make it through the day.

I recently wore this look to New York Fashion Week. I never plan out my outfits in advance (it stresses me out - plus I'm local so it's not like I have to pack) so when I woke up in the morning I decided to repeat. And not just repeat and re-accessorize, a full head to toe repeat. I've spoken to other moms who have confessed to me that they too wear outfits for several days in a row. Like I said, you do what you gotta do. I did visit the Bauble Bar showroom earlier that day thanks to @sequinloveaffair who took me as her plus one. They gifted me these adorable furry earrings - so at least there was one new element to this look from the last time I wore it when I went to meet Sophia Webster.

From head to toe:
  • Sunglasses: Moschino, Century 21, free after rewards (they were selling them for $59.99), RV $295
  • Earrings, Bauble Bar c/o
  • Jacket: Marshalls, $24.99
  • Dress: Shop Tobi c/o (also seen here)
  • Bag: Jimmy Choo Lockett, sample sale, $350 (RV $2,895)
  • Fringed belt: Zadig & Voltaire, sample sale, $40
  • Shoes: Sophia Webster Keira Doiley sandals, sample sale, $95 (RV $750)

I was wearing my favorite MAC Miley Cyrus Viva Glam lipstick and it drove me nuts that I didn't have my Urban Decay Menace with me, which is the perfect pink for these earrings. Another note, these earrings come in blush pink too! This little furry touch is such a great way to add some color to your look - and they are super light and comfortable. So good!

Shop my style here:

To create some balance in my life, several days a week I'll go out sans makeup and in mommy-mode so chances are even if you bumped into me, you may not recognize me. I'll confess that some days I run out without even washing my face. I think women in general put waaaaay to much pressure on themselves to look perfect. You don't need to put on a full face of makeup and have your hair done to hit the supermarket. If I'm lucky enough to have 5 minutes to get ready, I'll grab a lipstick, some tinted moisturizer or BB cream, sunglasses and head out the door.

I take pride in knowing I'm physically and emotionally available to my children. My cost is that I've long given up any hopes of having a power career as a lawyer or fashion editor. And my dream Birkin is still out there waiting for me. Luckily I can sate my fashion itch with sample sale scores, thrift stores and the occasional Nordstrom Rack or TJ Maxx find. Speaking of thrifting, I recently put together a few tips on thrifting for thredUP - check them out here.

If you're a mom, what are some of your hacks to make your life easier? How do you deal with the mom guilt of trying to have it all?

Photos were taken by the amazing @littlefashionstylist. Thank you Belle for your endless patience :)

As for sample sales, I just got notification that Rebecca Minkoff is back! While it hasn't been as epic as the good old days (see past sale reports and hauls here, here and here), you can still find some good deals throughout the sale. I always go for the first day, at least one day in the middle and last day for markdowns. Also, there is an amazing fur sale by my adorable friend Shirelle, for those of you willing to travel to Brooklyn. And last but not least, Oscar de la Renta will be back - hopefully with amazing shoes for less than $100 again!

Fur Event
October 21-22
Sat 8pm-11pm, Sun 11-6
1393 Carroll Street, Brooklyn

Rebecca Minkoff
October 23-29
M 11-8, T-F 10-8, Sat 10-7, Sun 10-4
260 Fifth Avenue

Oscar de la Renta
October 24-29
T 10-8, W-Sat 11-7, Sun 11-4
151 Wooster Street

Happy shopping!



Wednesday, October 4, 2017

How to Sit Front Row at NYFW.

Happy fall everyone! As always I'm a little behind in sharing my NYFW adventures so I figured I'd make it up to you by creating a series of tips and tricks for navigating the craziness of New York Fashion Week. This look is centered around my Zara 'Optimism as a lifestyle' sweatshirt dress that I picked up for $25.90. I can't tell you how many people stopped me to comment on its' positive message. But the key to sitting in front row (when you're not given a front row seat) is looking like you belong and having a set of really big balls.

For day one (or for my day one, because I decided to skip my first day of shows) I had a marathon of shows, events and parties so I needed to dress comfortably. I grabbed an empty tote to fill up with swag, a pair of pink flats and ran out the door. You know I can't do an all black look so I popped it with my hot pink Moschino bag and my killer Paul Andrew Chrysler heels. And not kidding about killer - they are painful AF but oh so gorgeous. My formula for front row is to collect iconic designer pieces on the cheap (scroll down to see how little I spent!) and mix it up with some fast fashion.

My partner in crime for the day was the lovely Belle, who took all my pics. She is the master of street style and literally had photogs chasing her down EVERY day. She went for color and vintage and completes every look with a smile.

From head to toe:

  • Hat: Rag & Bone, Nordstrom Rack, $18
  • Sunglasses: Jason Wu, Modo sample sale, $20
  • Earrings: Dannijo, sample sale, $20
  • Dress: Zara, $25.90 (still in store now!)
  • Bag: Moschino, Rent the Runway showroom sale, $166 - RV $1,695
  • Ring: Galtiscopo, C/O (from their fashion show swag bag!), RV $193
  • Bracelet: Dannijo, sample sale, $50 (RV $595!)
  • Heels: Paul Andrew Chrysler heels, sample sale, $125 - RV $1,395

Shop my style:

I realized I was holding my hat in every picture, probably because a hat on a windy day is not the best idea. By the end of the day it was in my tote bag too.

But now for my tips for front row. The big deal about front row is that you get better pictures/video because the lighting isn't as good anywhere else. It's also more fun to be able to reach out an touch the models - not that I recommend doing that. Ever. I love the thrill of being up close to fashion. It's a huge rush for me. Plus you're more likely to be remembered if you're sitting in the front. Fashion Week is all about seeing and being seen by brands, PR and other people in the industry. And bonus, front row always gets better swag bags. You know I love me some free stuff!

Getting invited will be a whole other post, so for now let's discuss how to score that front row seat.

Front Row 101

1. Get there early if you don't have an assigned seat. 

When you are given a ticket, it will either have a seat number, indicate priority standing or standing. If you don't have a seat number than you have to be there super early. My first event that day was for the Galtiscopo show. I was given a third row seat and I got there maybe 5 minutes before the show was set to start. Everything always starts late so I knew I'd be ok. I went right inside to find out that Belle had a standing ticket and was still on-line outside. I told her I'd save her a seat inside and sat down in my assigned seat. A couple minutes later I spotted several friends sit down in second row - and then they moved up to first. I quickly grabbed my bag and sat down next to them. The show was so overbooked that regular standing wasn't even allowed inside so sadly Belle got locked out. For any standing seat you really want to be at the front of the line or it almost doesn't pay to go.

2. If you do have an assigned seat (and it's not front row) don't get there too early. 

If you get there too early it's harder to nab front row because PR is watching and you don't want to start a scene with whoever's seat you've appropriated. But get there too late and front row has already been filled in and you've missed your opportunity. Ideally look for empty second row near empty first row seats as soon as you walk in. You have a better shot there. And do not sit too close to celebs - they're gonna notice you don't belong a whole lot quicker.

3. Look for seats near empty front row seats. 

So let's discuss what my friends did right. Turns out they were given priority standing (they didn't even have seats) and went right for primo empty seats. They didn't hesitate which is key. As soon as you walk into any show you have seconds to figure out where you are supposed to sit and where you really want to sit. I should NOT have sat in my assigned seat  - if you do a PR person may notice and then realize you don't really belong in front row. Luckily I didn't have any issues.

4. Look like you belong.

Make sure you are dressed for front row. Pull out your phone. Chat with your seat mates. And do NOT make eye contact with the PR people scurrying around.

5. Don't forget your swag bag! 

Most shows offer bags of goodies for attendees. And yes, if you see an extra left over at the end - be sure to grab it for your friend. I nabbed one for Belle as a consolation prize for getting closed out.

This year I only had one legit front row but managed to sit front row at every show other than one because I hesitated and was escorted to standing. Luckily PR noticed Belle and I and seated us in second row. It was such a crush that we were just happy to sit at that point. There also was the Philipp Plein show which was insanity - but I walked right to the front of the line and got myself in. There were thousands of people who showed up and didn't make it in. I refuse to be locked out. It really is all about confidence. And my big balls.

*Quick disclaimer, not sure this will work on top tier shows like Marc Jacobs or Ralph Lauren because I don't get invited to those...yet.

Speaking of Paul Andrew - his sample sale is back! Unfortunately it's on the upcoming holiday of Succot so I can't go. Ugh. Eddie Borgo is back too and I'll be heading there for lots of $5 damages! A whole bunch of decent sales popped up too but I'm only focusing on super cheap (and chic!)

Eddie Borgo
October 11-13
W 12-6, Th 9-7, F 10-6
204 Elizabeth Street, 2nd Fl

Paul Andrew
October 12-13, 12-7
41 West 58th Street, Suite 2A

Thanks for reading! What other aspects of NYFW would you like to hear about? I plan on doing a general tips as well as a how to get invited guide. If there are any other aspects you'd like to hear about, please comment below!

For all of you celebrating, happy Succot and as always, happy shopping!



Thursday, September 28, 2017

I am a supermodel.

My niece recently got married at Marina Del Rey, which has breathtaking views of the Long Island Sound. It presented the perfect opportunity to showcase my new stunning Teri Jon lace dress and some mini wedding style. Glammed it up with my new Jimmy Choo glitter pumps and Edie Parker clutch - both 90% off NYC sample sale scores :) I have to confess I hesitated a little before posting these photos. I've been struggling with body image for most of my adult life, so today I'm sharing some tips and tricks of how I deal when I don't feel right in my own skin - and how you too can stay positive and live your best life.

I knew these shoes were a half size big when I got them but I neeeeeded them. I should probably pad them next time I wear them because my feet keep slipping forward. I know I always tell people not to buy shoes that don't fit or aren't comfortable but sometimes you have to make an exception. And they were cheap and pretty comfortable otherwise.

My dress came with a nude slip but I knew I'd look slimmer in a black slip so I hunted down the perfect knee length one from Victoria's Secret of all places. Yes, I paid retail (gasp!) but it was worth every penny. For reference, I'm wearing a size medium. It's bias cut and so flattering. You need at least one of these slips in your life!

From head to toe:

  • Earrings: AV Max, sample sale, $4 
  • Dress: Teri Jon C/O (RV $680) - I'm wearing a size 8
  • Slip: Victoria's Secret, $50 (I used a gift card that I won so it was $0 OOP)
  • Bag: Edie Parker, sample sale $180 (RV $1,800)
  • Shoes: Jimmy Choo, sample sale, $100 (RV $895 - OK so almost 90%)

Recently when I shared the first pic, someone commented on my Insta that they didn't care for my beachy cover-ups, and missed my more tailored looks. Me too. I probably deleted 1,000 pictures before I settled on these full-body ones. Thing is, it's really hard for me to share these pictures because in this spectacular dress (did you see the details??!!) I can't hide the weight I've gained over the past year and a half. If I throw on a loose caftan and heels I feel comfortable, and fashionably camouflaged. I've been trying to mix it up so I'm not so one-note but I have limitations. Just because everyone has the right to wear whatever they want, doesn't always mean they should. I personally try to choose options that flatter. And fitted isn't all that flattering right now on me. I have to confess that I'm almost a little surprised nobody said anything sooner. I'm sure most people noticed I put on some weight, but I don't think most of you realized just how much.

While I'm all for body positivity, I have to be honest and say I do struggle. I think most women do. I am an emotional eater. I stress eat. Sometimes I don't even enjoy what I'm eating, I just eat it anyway. And I eat A LOT. It's actually shocking I'm not 500 lbs. considering the amount of calories I've been putting away these days. I first shared my struggle on a blog post almost two years ago. Thing is, I look at those pictures and wish I looked like that again - and at the time I felt big. For that reason I try to stay positive now. I know I can't blame anyone else - I have to be accountable for my choices. I just take it day by day.

Instead of just sitting around and complaining I decided to do something about it. Again. I recently collaborated with Orange Theory Fitness on Insta and they generously uploaded 30 workouts to my account. And even better, there is a Trader Joe's right next to the location I've been hitting. I can stock up on inexpensive healthy options so I'm not tempted by the junk my husband likes to buy "for the kids." If you haven't tried a Orange Theory workout, they offer 60 minute classes that really push you. They mix it up with interval training - with treadmills, rowers, and floor exercises. And it's different every day. In some ways it's better than the 30 minute Beachbody workouts I do at home because my competitiveness kicks in when I work out with other people. Click here to sign up for a free class - they have locations all over the US and Canada. I've been going 1x week but I think I'm almost ready to step it up 2x week. The first couple times I almost passed out. I think my body went into shock LOL. But every second on that treadmill I think about every Fashion Week look I wanted to wear but couldn't fit - and I keep pushing.

I've long accepted I will never again look as I did 20 years ago. It's just not possible. I don't have to be a 2 again or any specific size or shape for that matter. It's not about the number. It's about feeling good in my skin. I often wonder if I'll ever get there, but I'm gonna keep trying. Until then I'm gonna keep putting on my caftans, tunics and shirt dresses. SORRY NOT SORRY.

If you are struggling too, here are a few quick tips to help you get through the day:

Don't hide. Work with what you've got.

You can be ANY size and look good if you know your body. I used to be more pear shaped so I wore lots of A-line skirts and dresses. Now I'm pretty curvy all over so it's all about balance and proportion. I prefer looser designs that still show I have a shape underneath. Ergo, my summer of caftans. If I wore boxy tunic I'd look like a giant square - and I'd look even bigger. I'm finding knee-length, narrower, rectangular silhouettes work best for me right now. It's all about visually creating as many vertical lines as you can. If you haven't developed an instinct for what will work on you, just look for other style icons with your shape - and steal their style.

Show your skinny.

I like an open neck to show my collarbone (sorry Ma, I know it's not modest...) and I show lots of my skinny arms and legs. A heel or pointed toe will elongate your legs. If you got something good (and everybody has something) then flaunt it!

Find clothing.

There is no such thing as having nothing to wear. Sorry, it's 2017 and you can shop on your phone in your bed at night. H&M, Zara and ASOS all have inexpensive options that look designer. If you hit Target for cereal, just grab a dress or two. Return if it doesn't fit. Repeat as needed. You just need a few versatile go-to options in your size that you can accessorize up or down.

Try to forgive yourself.

That's the great thing about life - even if you mess up or have a bad day, you can just start again tomorrow.

Pretend you are a supermodel.

Some days I'll put on something cute, not look in the mirror, and pretend I'm a supermodel. A little confidence goes a long way. If you believe it, everyone else will too. I've been doing this one for over 20 years now. Fake it till you make it, baby!

And now on to my beautiful minis...

It started with a Nordstrom Rack run during Clear the Rack. Picked up Akiva's shirt and mustache bow tie for $20 and Ella's floral Zunie dress for $11. I tried to track down another dress for Ava but it was sold out company wide. She settled on this thrifted Zoe LTD dress ($15) which she fell in love with. It was a religious/modest affair so they both had to add sleeves with pieces from their closet. And they are both wearing shoes gifted from Nina Kids. Akiva decided last minute he wanted a suit so I paid full price in Zara ($100), but he never asks for anything so how could I say no? Akiva once again took my pictures and selflessly gave up a half hour of buffet time. Trust me, that's a big deal for him. I really have the best kids.

It was actually really bright out so it was hard to find pics where they weren't squinting badly. They complained a bunch but at this point they know how to power through like pros.

It was really the most beautiful affair. They held the ceremony outdoors during sunset at under the Gazebo - which was pretty similar to my wedding a million years ago. The difference is that mine was late October and people still complain about how chilly it was. Seriously.

And now for my weekly sample sale update. Lots going on, but nothing you really need to hit. Between Fashion Week and the Jewish Holidays I've been pretty busy anyway. Save your $$$ for the good ones that should be coming up this Fall :)

With the passing of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, I'd like to wish all of you a happy, sweet new year. May we all find the peace we seek, and may this year hold lots of exciting adventures (and crazy sales) in store for us!

If anything I've shared today struck a cord with you, please feel free to comment below. Just know you are not alone :)


PS - If you haven't already entered my Kidpik Instagram giveaway, you have till October 2nd to win a Kidpik subscription box for your little princess! You can read more about Kidpik boxes here and Kidpik basics here.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Not So Basic Basics by Kidpik

My three kids were born and bred in NYC. We might have moved over the bridge to suburbia, but they are still City kids at heart. My littles are all about color and comfort - and like their momma, they love a good deal. We reviewed a Kidpik Subscription Box a little while back but today I want to talk about Kidpik Basics. The girls picked out a few pieces for back to school that we wanted to share with you. We're so excited to announce that we are giving away a Kidpik Subscription Box on my Instagram - click here to enter! And scroll down for an exclusive Kidpik coupon code just for my followers.

This past Sunday, we headed downtown to explore the Lower East Side to check out some of the walls we've admired on Instagram. And when we got down there we found ALL of those walls painted over. NYC street art is constantly being done and redone so you gotta act fast if you want to shoot. So we improvised and wandered around in search of colorful backdrops to showcase our Kidpik style.

Kidpik Basics come in sizes 4-14 in a rainbow of colors and silhouettes - which is just how we like it! My girls have a modest dress-code for school so they wanted to stock up on their favorite pencil skirts. Kidpik is brought to you by the same people as RUUM (loved their stuff!) and some of the items even came with RUUM tags.

To get an idea of fit, Ella is 52" and 56 lbs. and wearing a 7/8 on bottom and 10/12 on top. Ava is 48" and 48 lbs. and wearing a 7/8 on top and 5/6 on bottom. My girls (especially Ella) are VERY particular with fit. My skinny minnies are long and lean and we sometimes have a hard time finding clothing to fit their slender frames.

These pencil skirts fit like a dream and range in price from $3.75-7.50. And FYI the 7/8 measures 19" long and the 5/6 measures 17.25" long. They're not too thin, not too thick, nice and stretchy, and don't ride up too much when your wiggly kids move around.

As for tops, other than the tie dye which has a more slender fit, we probably could have sized down for the looser designs. Most of the arms fit wider so we had to push them up. They're also on the thinner side but still super cozy and not see through. The body of the 3/4 sleeve top was nice a fitted but the sleeves are a little looser than we'd like. If you do size down, just be aware that some of the designs are cropped and you may be need to layer with a tank top for full coverage. These tops ranged in price from $7.50-$17.50, and many styles offer deals if you purchase two. Kidpik also offers a deals of the week where the featured item is discounted. Right now they have the cutest booties on promo for just $19.99! And their sale section is pretty epic!

The girls were also super excited about their new lightening metallic sneakers. They are so chic and comfortable - Ella actually wore hers to Fashion Week (seen here) this year. She lasted all day on her feet without any complaints. They come in several colors too! Ella is wearing a 4 in shoes right now and Ava is in a 2, but these styles ran a little big for us so we sized down to a 3 and 1 respectively.

Biker shorts are always hard to find for some reason - and Kidpik has some on sale right now for just $2.75! My girls like to do cartwheels and handstands wherever they go so we always have some on under our skirts. You seriously can't beat that price!

It was pretty warm out so the girls started to lose it after a couple hours in the sun, so I took them to byChloe on Bleeker to chow down. I ordered them some treats but they just couldn't wait. By the time the real food came out we were all so hungry that we didn't bother taking pics. Ella always gets the Avocado toast and Ava went crazy for their cauliflower soup. And the fries with beet ketchup are always a big hit.

Everything featured here is now currently available on the Kidpik Basics website. The girls did add a few of their own accessories to show how easily these basics can be mixed in to their own wardrobes.

Bonus - get FREE shipping on a $25 purchase with code LEHOARDER (from September 18th to October 2nd, US only). Have you tried Kidpik? If you haven't, now is the time!

Thank you to Kidpik for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely our own. 

Happy shopping! Feel free to ask me any fit/sizing questions. Always happy to help another momma get her deal on!

Michelle, Ella & Ava
© Le Hoarder

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