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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Charlotte Olympia NYC sample sale report :)

I headed into the City bright and early this morning dreaming of Charlotte Olympia's playful heels. My game plan was to look for the cheap stuff and maybe splurge on one iconic piece. When I got there a little after 8 AM I was pleased to find that I would be waiting on an indoor line at the Roosevelt Hotel. I came fully prepared for the rain with boots, a trench, a cap and an umbrella, and luckily I didn't need any of my gear. Even better, the VIP portion was a bit of a bust so they started letting the general public in super early. Some people got there as early at 6 AM and I wasn't too far behind them. On Instagram I shared this pic of my freshly repaired Balenciaga from the line this morning - it really wasn't too bad. I'd say I went thru the doors before 9 AM, a full hour before they were supposed to even let us in.

No cameras were allowed inside and they had several security guards watching to make sure no one snapped a pic with their phones. They also made you check your bag and coat. I did see a guard stopping someone who took a pic on the sly - he watched as she deleted the pic. I probably could have snapped a few but I decided it was more important for me to not piss them off so I could try to get the on VIP list for next year. Racked has a full report with pictures if you want to see more.

I spent a good 2+ hours inside looking around, editing, helping other people edit, and just chatting with other shoppers. Because it was their first NYC sale I didn't know what to expect price-wise. I did my due diligence and read a few sample reports from the past UK sales and they said it was cash or check and mostly $50-$250. Here it was credit card only so right after the sale I ran to the bank to deposit my giant wad of cash LOL. For shoes, green dots were $100, but by the time I realized they had cheap kitty flats they were cleared out. The flats in general, which I skipped because they weren't my thing were mostly $130-185. Tax wasn't included in the pricing so I really only would have taken the flats if I found the $100 ones - and I would have taken extras of those too. They had a 10 item limit and the pricing wasn't cheap enough for me to grab extras for you guys. Sorry.

I just wanted to give a shoutout to my friend A who asked for the Betty & Veronica heels - they only had size 40 which was too big for me and way too big for you (she's a size smaller). They had the blue, red, and comic book patterned pumps. But eat your heart out because they were only $170.

For the most part shoes were priced $100-350, with a few priced upwards of $500-650. Their boots were gorgeous but they went fast. It was $240 and up for ankle boots, and $300-450 for taller ones. I was being good so I passed but I do have to say that they cut really nice and narrow in the calf - fit me like a second skin. Maybe next sale...

By the time I left after 11 the line was insane. People, #1 rule for sample sales is GET THERE EARLY or don't go. Even by the time I left a good portion of the inventory was gone and they were not restocking. On the way out I snapped a quick pic looking into the sale but it isn't the best because I only had a second while the guard looked away.

So I shared a couple shots on Insta of what I got - now see the closeups :)

I skimmed the bags and the best deals were the pouches (all around $100) and some $70 totes (from $795) but they weren't interesting enough for me. I wasn't going to get a bag until I spotted the lips. It was $115 from $545 and ridiculously cute. My girls went gaga for it.


I also got the $895 6 inch Agent Provocateur Bellatrix for $150. Makes my legs look a million miles long. Love the zipper details :)

And finally, after debating for an hour because I was feeling cheap, I splurged on these $1295 Parasol heels for $265. I probably really need a 39.5 in these but of course they didn't have them. Several people complemented me but when even the security guy came over and told me how beautiful they looked on me, I knew they were going to be my iconic piece from this sale. I noticed them when they first came out and they were on my wishlist ever since. I can't exactly run in them (my key factor in buying heels) but I can do a slow sprint LOL.

My new friend V met me there and picked up these super cute kitties for $130 (or were they $135?) I found that you had to size down with the kitty flats and 39.5 cleared out quickly (or maybe just low stock in that size) so there really wasn't any for me to buy. Size 40 had tons of shoes so I did better with heels.

After the sale we walked down to the Rack and they gave me a dress for free, literally. I spotted this slightly big $396 Parker 'Blanche' dress. I knew it was old and I was right when it rang up $.01 :) When I went to pay I pulled out a quarter and she gave it back to me and told me that people leave extra pennies all the time so it's covered. Woohoo!

The sale is now over in NYC but they are doing one tomorrow in London (see details above). Next time plan wisely! And don't worry, I'll be sure to share about my Balenciaga repair saga shortly :)



Friday, March 20, 2015

Rack Attack!

I took a mini break from Nordstrom Rack but I decided it was time to come back after I heard some other penny hunters were clearing out my stores. You had your fun, now it's time for me to pick up where I left off...

This week I scored one of my best penny hauls in a long time, all thanks to the tiny purple sandals seen below. I recognized them from a few markdowns ago so I figured I'd take another look and found...

Lots of Keds, Sperry & Twinkle Toes! This isn't my biggest haul by far, but it's probably one of my most useful. I think my girls are set for the next couple years. Although, that's not going to stop me from looking for more :)

One day I found a few socks...

And on another day, I hoarded kids cowboy boots. Here's Ava modeling her new penny boots. She's also wearing her new $1.95 thrifted dress on her 70% off Target bedding. I meant to do a flipogram with these but I never got around to it.

For me, the Rack isn't just about their penny deals. They have killer designer deals that first hooked me. The pennies are just the icing on the cake.

After selling a whole bunch my blog sale I decided to treat myself...and with the Rack's triple point promotion right now it was a no brainer. This Marc Jacobs small Gotham bag retailed for $1295 - and I got it for $259 (80% off)! The more I look at it, the more I obsess over it. I love the golden cabochons and heavy chain details. Yes, it's heavy but it's so special. I haven't loved a MJ bag so much since the Venetia.

Couldn't find a mod shot in black...

SOLD I need another pair of shoes like a hole in the head but when someone pointed out these refurb Manolo Blahniks BBs in size 40 I snapped them up. I had every intention of keeping them but I think I need to go up a half size in these. Or maybe my feet aren't as narrow as I thought :(

Other than the painted soles these babies look perfect. Retail $595, asking $275 US shipped (cheaper for local pickup). SOLD


I also grabbed these refurb bags this week and teased them on Instagram :)

This Michael Kors collection black leather Lexi large satchel has gold hardware is currently retailing of $895 - get mine for $400 US shipped (cheaper for local pickup). It's in great shape - just a few light marks, nothing serious. This is not the cheaper Michael by Michael Kors - this is the real deal! Very luxe, not too heavy and the perfect black bag. I already have a Gucci, Chanel and Balenciaga in black so someone please snap this up before I reconsider.
  • Double handles, detachable shoulder strap
  • Zip closure, magnetic snap closure; lined
  • Exterior back slip pocket, interior zip pocket, two slip pockets
  • 19"L x 6.25"W x 10.5"H; 7.75" handle drop, 20" strap drop

I also found this Rebecca Minkoff Love bag in opal, currently retailing for $325. Just a few light marks which are hard to see with the iridescence.  Perfect bag for Spring! Asking $180 US shipped (cheaper for local pickup).

  • 10"W x 6"H x 3"D
  • 22 ½" crossbody strap drop

Not this color - just to get an idea of size.

Last but certainly not least, I also keep forgetting to share this Dries Van Norten top that I purchased at the last Clear the Rack. Love their random assorted tags - they marked it $69.97 so it was around $52 after the discount. Pretty sure it's a $1500+ piece. It's currently discounted on Yoox for $683 :) I haven't a clue what to do with it but when things are that cheap I can't leave it.

And that's my latest Rack roundup. Have a great weekend and happy shopping!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What is Rocksbox?

I've had a few inquiries so I figured it was time for me to explain.

What is Rocksbox?

According to their website; "Rocksbox is a membership-based jewelry styling service. Members pay a flat rate of $19/month to get access to a personalized rotating closet of designer jewelry, sent in sets of three at a time."

Basically, they send you a pretty box with three pieces of jewelry based on a style profile that you fill out - and when you get bored you send it back and they send you three new pieces. Included is a pre-paid shipping label so all you do is re-seal the package, slap on the label and put it in a mailbox. Easy peasy :)

I guess I'm moving up in the world because Rocksbox asked me to be one of their "It Girls" (thanks, guys!) and gave me a code to share with you. With SHOPPINGGALXOXO you get your first month free. Fun & free, what's not to like?

I shared my first box on Insta & Facebook - and everyone seemed to go gaga for that Charlene K agate blue quartz cuff. It was hands down my favorite piece in the box.

I made sure to put it to use and wore it to the wedding I attended last week :) Looks great with my $20 Rebecca Minkoff sample sale clutch, right?

The other pieces didn't exactly work for me. The wires on the Margaret Elizabeth faceted drops in moonstone were rather flimsy, plus I need more contrast for my coloring.

I almost wore these Perry Street daisy crystal earrings to the wedding but I felt they cheapened my look so I went with the cuff instead. Pretty, but not for me.

I sent them back hoping for a better mix in my next box and this is what I got:

I was happy they sent me these Gorjana Mave shimmer drop studs that I requested (you can set up a wishlist and request pieces!) but the rest of the box didn't pop for me.

Recognize my new 90% off Hache leather jacket?

Confession - I didn't wash my face that day. I actually worked out and ran out without showering because I was running late. Sometimes as a mom you do what ya gotta do. I put on my House of Harlow sunglasses (Century21, 75% off, $15) to hide the fact that I wasn't wearing any makeup - just some pink Revlon gloss (I think it's one of their lip butters). I can't believe I got a decent pic anyway LOL.

I also mixed the Gamine Celeste bracelet in gold in with my thrifted and Rack bracelets, and I have to say it was a nice addition to my stack.

The Jenny Bird palm rope necklace in turquoise is pretty but not my style anymore. I used to wear longer necklaces when I was heavier to create as many vertical lines as possible. If it was Summer I might have tried it with a plain white T but it's still pretty Wintery over here.

I'm hoping for a box with bolder pieces next time - I've actually already mailed these back. Even if you aren't thrilled with the selection you just send 'em back and try again :) No commitment! If you do like something they give you $10 a month towards your purchases as a "Shine Insider" plus a discount on each item in your box.

Don't forget, it's not too late to use my code SHOPPINGGALXOXO to get your first month free! Hope you love Rocksbox as much as I do :)

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