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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Just when I thought it couldn't get any better...Nordstrom Rack in Paramus, NJ has a designer event!!!

It was about a year ago that I read another Rack had a designer sale and I saw pictures of Chanel and Prada and I got excited and started a campaign to bring the event to NJ. When I got word it was finally coming, but it was going to be only womenswear, I wasn't too excited. As you know, I'm all about the accessories.

Pre-sale started Tuesday morning at 9 AM and of course someone had to break down in the carpool line at school. I got there 15 minutes late and hopefully I didn't miss much. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at the pricing. I was sure everything was going to be $500 and overpriced - but there are deals hiding in those amazing racks! They set up a beautiful tented designer area and alphabetized the racks by designer.

 Let's start with my best deal of the day :)

Thakoon blazer 99% off! The cut is TDF :)
10 bucks baby!

And that's just the beginning - here are more favorites :)

Burberry Milly dress retail $995 - I got it for $149.25!!!

I've wanted a Herve Leger bandage dress for a while and promised myself one as soon as I lost weight. It was more than I wanted to spend but the color and cut was perfect.
Herve Leger 68% off

Pucci dress 91% off!

Pucci for $99.90!

Jay Godfrey Calhoun sleeveless knit sheath dress retail $285, I paid $42.75

I actually went back today because I FINALLY got my new camera and I wanted to take it for a test drive. I got a Panasonic Lumix at my sister's recommendation and so far so good. I have to take some time to learn all the buttons and stuff but it was easy enough to snap a few pics on the automatic settings. 

I got myself this 85% off Tracy Reese (love her!) dress yesterday and they still had a few left :)

Cute corset-like lace up back detail.
Who can say no to a Tracy Reese dress for $50 bucks?

I took some pictures of some deals that wouldn't work for me or my close friends...

Tracy Reese

Less than $20!

They had as bunch of Herve Leger left but most were $400-600. I made my friend S try on this beauty but it was a little more than she wanted to spend.

Still a few Herve Leger pieces left if you're interested...

I also spotted this Rachel Zoe sequin wrap skirt for less than $30!

Love me some Missoni!

80% off for $164!

Isabel Marant - I saw someone grabbing this to try it on so it may not be there anymore...

Helmut Lang 85% off

Pretty sure this is is Roberto Cavalli - love the vibrant colors!

It was supposed to end tomorrow, Thursday the 27th but I spoke to the manager and she said she's extending it thru Saturday! If you live in the NY/NJ area it's worth checking it out. Remember, no tax on clothing in NJ!!!


I was tipped off about another thrift store 20 minutes from me so I looked it up and they were having a $.99 sale! I'm always looking for a new place to shop so I had to check it out :)

I got there at noon so I missed two hours of anything that might have been good. I didn't expect to find designers - I usually look for interesting vintage pieces at places like this. I'm not sure I need to go back to this place again as most of the stuff looked like things that were donated for a reason. I did see several people checking out with multiple garbage bags of stuff so maybe I'll try again one more time.

I found a few things, nothing too exciting, but everything was less than $1 :)

NWT Laundry dress

$.99 cute heels for my friend S or my niece M - whoever fits them...

After the Rack and my quick thrift trip, I popped into Loehmann's as it was their last day and I wanted to say my goodbyes :)

90% off was worth a peek!

Unfortunately this was just about all they had left LOL.

So goodbye, Loehmann's. I haven't really shopped there for 15 years so I'm not as devastated as I was when Daffy's closed but it feels like all the stores of my youth are gone...

Luckily Century 21 is still here! I've adored that store since my FIT college days and I have to say, it has yet to disappoint! I keep going back and finding more and more 90% off items hiding :)

Here are a few more from this week...

I'm a sucker for designer rainboots - I have a collection LOL.
$9 Marc Jacobs rainboots - really comfortable!

Casadei heels - a full size to big but for $28 I'll pad them :)

LK Bennet booties $18 - found a second pair for my friend S!

More cheap $2-3 kids shoes and ANOTHER pair of $10 Uggs!!!


Be sure to check out the designer event at Nordstrom Rack in Paramus NJ - totally worth the trip! Better yet, tell them Shoppinggal sent you - yeah, they know me there :) You can always visit Century 21 next door and see if you can find any 90% off goodies too!

Happy shopping!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

And to think I almost didn't make it out today...

I've been a little under the weather and I decided to take it easy this morning. At around 10 AM I got the itch so I called my favorite store to ask what came in. After waiting on hold for over 16 minutes I hung up, got dressed and ran out the door and it was a good thing I did :)

First up - kids shoes. The Rack often sells refurbished items at a discount and they often look new - that's what I look for :) 

Refurb kids Uggs for $26.95. More than I usually spend but they were so cute...

Primigi loafers for my son $10.97

My favorite shoe associate pointed out this crazy deal. Good thing they were too small for her...

My size!!!

Yep, $10 Frye boots!

And then there were bags. I initially grabbed this $55.97 Longchamp (was $255) for my niece but it's growing on me and I think I may need it - especially now that my $3 thrifted Kate Spade overnighter has gone missing...

It's HUGE!

Picked up this black leather Marc by Marc Jacobs bag for my friend S - not sure it will work for her (on the heavy side) so be sure to place dibs on it :)

Who doesn't love 70% off Marc Jacobs?

I was pleased as punch with my Rack finds and then I headed next door to Century 21 to make a few returns. As I stepped thru the door I saw the markdown girls with 90% off stickers. Unfortunately it seems 90% started two days ago but I still managed to do OK :)

Sorry for the awful pics - for the upteenth time, my camera is broken.  I just ordered a new one today - hopefully it will come fast because it really hurts me to post these horrible pictures.

Ralph Lauren, Umi, Primigi, Kenneth Cole, Sketchers, Enzo, Ninas...

I did the most damage in the kids shoe department - it was the one department that had tons of stuff left at 90% off. Most of the shoes pictured were less than $3 a pair!!!!!

Got DD these Stuart Weitzman boots for less than $3.50. She's obsessed with them.

More cheap boots...

And I thought the other Uggs were cheap LOL. Check out the prices on these. Insane!

Uggs for less than $10!!!!

The only thing I got for myself was this pair of metallic blue leather studded gloves for 75% off. The smart gloves are the only thing I got for my son - they were $1 & he LOVES that he can play on his phone with them :)

Do the math :)
$.30 tights :)

They were unmarked but both were 90% off :)

I could go on and on the but the pictures really stink. I got the Cole Haan shoes I've been watching for my husband for 75% off as well as a leather jacket for 75% off. I got both of them for my brother as well LOL.

Overall I'd say I cleaned up for my girls - I can't even imagine what I missed and I'm trying not to think about it. The $2 shoes in every size for my girls (for the next few years LOL) were by far my best deals.

If you have a Century 21 nearby it's worth a peek. Check EVERY tag - it's worth it :)

Happy shopping!

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