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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

First Fashion Haul of 2020

Happy 2020! Decided to kick of the year with a new post with all my epic sale finds of late. Last week TJ Maxx and Marshalls kicked off their yellow sticker clearance sale and I killed it. I also grabbed a few goodies at the Altuzarra NYC sample sale, which I almost skipped. So glad I didn't listen to my friend who told me not to bother...

This is not a drill people. You need to RUN to your local TJ Maxx and Marshalls stores because it's yellow sticker clearance time! Check out my close-up video that I shared on Insta here. This only happens 2x year and now is the time to hunt for all your favorite designer duds on the cheap. If you've missed the first round, don't fret. They usually follow it up a couple weeks in with a second round of markdowns so it's still worth a peek.

I always get a ton of questions about the yellow sticker sale so let's break it down. It happens at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods but always go to your local TJ Maxx Runway locations first for the good stuff. You can search for Runway locations on their website on their store locator. Runway stores have mini designer sections (as opposed to a stray piece or two) so you have a better chance of scoring.

My Longchamp Le Pliage logo tote is currently full price for $245 at Bloomies but I scored mine for $49! Did I mention I also scored a 2k Chloe bag for under $200? I got lucky because I got there before these were yellow ticketed (it's all in the timing!) but the lady ahead of me walked away with 2 Gucci totes for about $200 each. They weren't my style so no FOMO here. And before you ask where this was, don't bother, another lady after me who was clearly a reseller cleared them out minutes later.

Note, this is from just one store:

- Chloe mini quilted Drew, RV $1,950, paid $199 (This went viral on Insta LOL)
- Chloe Anna bag, RV $1,850, paid $399
- Longchamp Le Pliage logo small tote, RV $249, paid $49
- Kendrascott Val hoops, RV $75, paid $12

You always have to check the retail value because it's usually lower on the tag. For example, the Kendra Scott hoops are marked value $36, but the original tag with the $75 price is still attached. And my Chloe Drew is marked $1,590 but if you Google it you'll see the RV was higher too.

At Altuzarra sample sale I scored:

Ghianda Pearly Suede Top-Handle bag $200
Runway boots from Fall '19 $50
Black & white booties $35

Most bags were from 2017/2018 but I saw some 2019 too. Meghan Markle has been seen with a similar bag to mine in blue. I wanted the black suede because all my other black bags are leather and the pearl detail is on trend at the moment. And the great thing about having giant feet is that I can buy the models' runway shoes on the cheap.

Feel free to share the retail values of these things if you can find them. So less than $300 for over 4k in merch. Not bad if I say so myself—even if I may have had a bit of a disagreement with the designer's mom. A few people have asked about that story so here goes...

I was between events so I ran to the sale and then texted my girl Greivy to join. As I waited I saw a woman trying things on for her husband and she seemed a little unsure of herself. She had some great pieces and she just couldn't decide. She was cute and tiny and looked great in pretty much everything. She had on this cropped bustier/one armed checked blazer that was amazing. She kept pulling at it and felt it was a little big. I chimed in that they were cut for 6-foot tall runway models and she was petite so it might need a quick adjustment. She tried it on with a skirt so I suggested a high waisted pant or a button down blouse under...or maybe layer it over a chunky sweater dress....and that's when an older women screamed out, "absolutely not. I'm the designer's mother and that's not how it was meant to be worn." So I just looked at her (probably with a FACE) and said "there's no singular vision for fashion. Can't it be open to interpretation?" Seriously, how many people wear things exactly how they see them on the runway? She kinda studdered something back (honestly I'm not even sure what she said) but looked at me like I was the idiot. As a stylist I'm always looking for a fresh perspective. Not to mention. isn't the customer always right? And I would have rocked that piece over a ribbed sweater dress if it was my size.

Truth be told they aren't the nicest in that showroom. But the prices make it worth the abuse. The zipper on my $50 runway boots is broken so I asked for a small discount and they looked at me like I had two heads. I get it, it's already super cheap but another worker had suggested it and told me to ask at the front. Guess not. They also told me they don't give dust bags for bag purchases, but they did have them with some of the $50 last season shoes. So bottom line, not the friendliest experience but tons of great deals to be had. And you also don't have to go first day because they do restock, but better stuff does go first.

You can shop my look and my finds (not as cheap, sorry) here:

Other sales of note on my radar include:

The Zara sale is seriously heating up. Now is when I start grabbing cute pieces for NYFW.

I've been finding some fun pieces for 80% off Moda Operandi and they keep adding and slashing prices so you might want to check that sale out too.

And I did find a couple pieces at the ASOS sale too. Love that they have sizes small to plus!

Century 21 has 85% off but don't get me started on how good it used to be LOL. They did have an extra 20% off red tickets this past weekend and I suspect that may come back. I almost went to the downtown store on Friday but I got on the train uptown by mistake and it was getting late so I skipped. Eh, there's always another sale or another deal...

Now tell me your best shopping deal from last week! And feel free to ask all your sale questions below!

Happy shopping!


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