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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How I Spent My Day after the Charlotte Olympia Epic Fail.

This post was supposed to be about me bragging about my Charlotte Olympia sample sale scores. Not this year. My ultimate goal was a pair of kitty flats - and anything else would have been gravy. Last sale I was feeling cheap and passed on the few flats they had in my size which were priced at $130-165. In hindsight I'm kicking myself because this time they had maybe a dozen kitty flats TOTAL at the sale, and they were all priced $250. Boo.

Overall there was a poor selection and the prices were higher this round. As much as it pained me I walked away shoe-less. I was temped by a pair of Dolly black suede Swarovski heels that retailed for $1,295 (that I was informed were not even supposed to be at the sale) but at $350 plus tax I just couldn't do it. Even my Louboutins cost less than that.
Photography was not allowed inside the sale but evidently that did not stop Madison Avenue Spy or Mizhattan from taking pics on the sly. Check out their reports for a peek inside the sale.

As for pricing I saw almost nothing for $100 but a few pieces at $150. Most of the shoes were $250-350. 

I was lucky enough to go VIP for this sale so Shira of A Sequin Love Affair and I shopped alongside Conde Nast editors -  but I was most excited to meet blogger, Keiko Lynn. I didn't want to go all fan-girl on her but I walked right over and struck up a conversation. I also realized that I had spotted her the year before (but didn't recognize her) because we share the same shoe size. I just remember a cool tattooed chick who walked away with tons of super cute shoes. This year we commiserated together about the lack of shoes and pricing. There is no way Keiko reads my blog but I have to share that she is the first blogger I started to follow when I decided I was going to be a blogger too. She's so quirky, colorful and true to herself. I adore her retro vibe and she's as flawless in person as she is in her photos. 

My only purchase was an adorable lucite clutch that this nice Jewish girl didn't seem to know was a Christmas ornament LOL. I still think it's cute though. The retail was $895 and I took it home for $150.

After an hour of wandering around hoping for some shoes to magically appear so I could buy something,  I took my clutch and walked away. One person told me they would be restocking tomorrow (but the good stuff was already out) however, at the check out I was informed there would be no restocking. Guess I'll be saving my money for Sophia Webster. If you're interested in registering for her 12/6 NYC sale you can do so here.

Charlotte Olympia
Roosevelt Hotel, Vanderbilt Suite
45 E 45th St (by Madison Ave)
Wed 11/18, 11am-7pm, Thu 11/19, 9am-7pm

My next stop was Lionette after Morgan of Between the Racks tagged me on Instagram - and told me to go. Morgan is a fellow bargainista out in Texas, who I call the queen of Poshmark. She too has a knack for hunting down amazing deals. I had never heard of them before so I googled Lionette the night before and pics of bloggers and young hollywood popped up.

When I arrived I found boxes for $20, $50, $100 and $300 so I of course headed to the $20 bin. They had a couple small pieces but I found a $180 Nadine ring and dolphin ear jackets that they told me retailed for the same. I looked around at the other boxes but nothing else seemed worth it to me.

They also offered 40% off current collection pieces but even after discounts most pieces were $200+. I do have to say that there were many drool-worthy treasures.

I spy full price rings very similar to my $20 ones :)

I really wanted a pair of the ear jackets pictured but I didn't love them for $200 - especially when my $20 ones were similar enough.

My scores :) They also had the ring in a coral color but the blue worked better for me.

Sale is open tomorrow and if you're interested I read on their Instagram that you can email them to place an order from the sample sale :)

Lionette NY
307 W 38th St., #805 (8th/9th Ave.)
11/18-19, 9am-7pm

I then headed back to the Rebecca Taylor sale to check for markdowns (not yet) and they put out more samples. Nothing too exciting but I did get a new knit top for $25. With the sale ending Saturday, I'm guessing markdowns should hit tomorrow. You can check out my RT sale report here.

After a quick stop at Crossroads (nada) I decided to head to the subway when I spotted this on 26th street:

When I saw free food and drink I had to take a peek inside. National Geographic is promoting their movie Saints and Strangers and set up an old time pub and exhibit, complete with costumed servers and performers. They gave you tokens to exchange for food and drink so I grabbed some water and hung out for a few minutes. It's open again tomorrow from 12-3pm and 6-9pm so if you're in the hood it's worth checking out. One of my favorite things about NYC is that there is always lots of free stuff to do.

I love looking at menus so I'm posting theirs below.

I then ran back to suburbia to volunteer for homework club at my kids school.  I've been up since the crack of dawn (you know I was first on line at VIP LOL) so I need to go crash now. I was thinking about heading back to the City tomorrow to check out the tail end of Sergio Rossi and Marchesa but now I'm not so sure. We shall see :)

I'm linking some of the pieces I saw at today's sales - just so you can get an idea of what they all had...

So far this week has not been so great in sample sale land. Hope your week in shopping has been better than mine! Fingers crossed things will start picking up...



  1. There is no such thing as a bad shopping adventure!

    1. That's debatable LOL. I'm just not killing it this week but I guess you can't win them all.

  2. Wait it's a legit ornament or you're joking? Either way it's fun haha! Can't believe I didn't know about Lionette- I've been dying for their pieces for like 2 years lol!

    1. It's a bag shaped like an ornament LOL. I really had never heard of Lionette before. LMK if you want a ring or earrings - I'm headed back to the City today :)

  3. That stinks that CO was such a bust! I'm glad you got a couple pieces from Lionette :) I have been drooling over their pieces for quite some time now, but they are way too dang expensive. $20 is amazing though, and those pieces fit you perfectly! I'm glad I have someone to tag in the sample sale ads I see now ;) I get to live through you!

    1. Yes! I had such high hopes! And LMK if you also want that ring or earrings - I may have time to pop back there...


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