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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Irresistible Me.

Until I was thirty I had long blonde hair. It was part of my identity. And then one day I needed a change and had it chopped into pixie by Edward Tricomi of Warren Tricomi. The great thing about being a hair model is that you never know who is going to do your hair. You can just as easily be serviced by a student or a celebrity stylist - for free or a nominal fee. I'll never forget it was him because at his station he had a Edward Scissorhands figure. I grew it out and kept it long until about 40 and then I started cutting again. When Irresistible Me offered me a set of hair extensions I jumped at the chance to try long hair again. Honestly I didn't realize how much I miss my hair until I edited these photos.

So yeah, this dress is kinda amazing. I spotted it on the H&M sale rack for $30 from $99 and knew it was coming to Florida with me. It's a part of their Studio Collection line which I'm a big fan of. Especially on sale. In full disclosure it's a size 8 and super sheer. It has a slip, but it ends just past my behind. I wish it was longer because it oddly ends at my ankles. As long as I was going full drama, I grabbed my oversize House of Harlow sunglasses ($0.01!) and my $90 Jimmy Choo sample sale sandals. I took a gold purse with me but it didn't match at all so I pulled the strap of my Chanel and wore it as a clutch.

From head to toe:
  • Sunglasses: House of Harlow, Nordstrom Rack, $0.01
  • Necklace: AV Max, sample sale, $10
  • Dress: H&M Studio Collection, $30 (RV $99)
  • Bag: Chanel, Neiman Marcus, 75% off retail
  • Rings: Eddie Borgo, sample sale, $5
  • Sandals: Jimmy Choo, sample sale, $90 (RV $595)
Linking a few other romantic maxi dresses should you want to steal my style:

Ava wanted to see what it would be like to be a blonde too :)

This is what the Irresistible Me Silky Touch set comes with. I selected #28 silky honey blonde, 200g and 14 inches. This was the shortest set they offer for Silky Touch - I honestly would a preferred a shorter set but this is human hair and can be cut, heat treated and colored just as you do with your own hair. These really are great extensions for short hair and my set retails for $169. As you can see, I had a hard time blending because my last short hair cut was over layered - plus my hair is pretty fine and thinning on top. Most of my top hair fell out after I had my kids. It's one of those weird hormonal things that they don't tell you about having babies. Thank goodness some of it grew back but for a while I had a bald spot. Honestly I'd love to try a full wig at some point (just for fun) because my hair is thicker and has more volume from my ear-line and down - it's the top that needs more help than the bottom.

I'd say it took several tries to get them in for these pictures but once you get the hang of it it's easy enough to snap right in - even for a novice like myself. I would also love to have a pro put these in just to see what else I can do with them. They actually blend even better with Ella's hair so I plan on trying them on her as well.

Mind you I've since cut my hair again. I didn't mean to but I wanted my lob back and the stylist didn't cut enough of an angle so I thought it would be okay to go shorter to get the shape I wanted. So now I'm super short again but hopeful it will grow quickly because I'm anxious to get it to my collarbone - and from there maybe bra length again. We'll see. For now I have my Irresistible Me extensions should I need to switch things up.

On the shopping front, run to Zara now. Like right now. Their sale just had another markdown today and everything is now $19.99 or less in the woman's sale area. I've been stalking their website daily to try and catch a replenishment and I've gotten lucky a few times! Hint - when you find something on sale put it in your cart and check out immediately. Don't wait or you'll lose it! Don't worry, I'll be sharing my Zara haul and Clear the Rack finds soon!

Century 21 got another markdown this week but I'm so over their not really 90% off sale. I grabbed a $350 Tommy sports jacket for my husband for $24 and a $110 Ted Baker shirt for $11 but that was it. Nothing for me.

As for sample sales, I've been taking a break because the season doesn't really heat up again until May/June. There are a few this week and next but nothing worth mentioning. If anything pops up I'll be sure to add it to my Insta-stories on LeHoarder or my @shoppinggalscloset account - where I share more deals and giveaways.

I also wanted to share how excited I am for Ella - she just won a custom gown on Instagram from Pink Label NY. Not sure what she is gonna do with a fancy gown but she can always wear it to her Bat Mitzvah in 2 years. She's so skinny that I'm sure it won't be a problem LOL.

Have a great weekend!

Michelle with the Good Hair


Thursday, February 9, 2017

LookBooker x LeHoarder

I'm all about efficiency. As a mom of three who's always on the go, I'm always looking for life hacks to make things easier. When LookBooker reached out to me to check out their app I was all over it. LookBooker is a great way to discover and book new salons and spas near you, and pay thru your phone - tipping too! I downloaded the app, signed in and booked a mani-pedi at Allure Day Spa and Hair Design in NYC. Easy peasy. Sign up here to get $10 off your first appointment! It was so nice to take the time to pamper myself, which is something I rarely do.

After my morning at the Spa I did a little 5th Ave window shopping. When I'm on the go I put on comfortable shoes and bundle up. It's cold out there! Decided to take my $685 Stuart Weitzman boots for a spin. Did I mention I found them for a penny (yes, $0.01) at Nordstrom Rack last year?

From head to toe:
  • Hat: Maniere Zccessories, Zulily, $0.99 (I had $25 in credit, RV $50)
  • Sunglasses: Moschino, Century 21, free with rewards (Century price $60, RV $295)
  • Dress: Merona, Target, $11 (on sale!)
  • Coat: H&M, $30, on sale from $199
  • Gloves: Carolina Amato, sample sale, $15
  • Bag: Jimmy Choo Blare tote, sample sale, $250 (RV $3,050)
  • Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Nordstrom Rack, $0.01 (RV $685)

You can shop my look here:

My photos were taken by the adorable @littlefashionstylist Belle, so I in turn, took hers. Just looking at her outfit, she's wearing stuff from 4 different sample sales that I dragged her to. (Two points if you can name them!) I love hanging out with her because she keeps me young and I think it's funny that I'm 42 and she's 24. It was last Fashion Week when I was at a party all by myself when she marched up to me and said hello - and we've been fast friends ever since :)

I'm not sure how she escaped frostbite that day. It was COLD.

So it's NYFW and there's a snowstorm out there. I decided to play hooky and take the morning to blog and catch up. I'm still considering running in to party tonight but we shall see...

It's been a while since I shared my blogger mail. I had a pretty big stack waiting for me when I got back from Florida.

Popsugar sent me their Must Have Box to try. In January's box there were lots of goodies to give you a fresh start for 2017. You can take $5 off your first box with the code SHOP5. Click here to check it out!

Influenster sent me this VoxBox and I feel like I've been demoted. After a few good ones, they sent me another box of random stuff. What I hate about it, is that for each item/brand they give you a to do list of several tasks to accomplish to earn badges and more VoxBoxes. There are seven brands in this box - so multiply that and it's like 20+ different tasks. It's not gonna happen. So I'm gonna share this one pic and say thank you. It's too much work for a few inexpensive free samples. Send me the good stuff Influenster!

On the Nordstrom Rack front, it's pretty dead. I went in because I got an email that they were getting designer shipments but they didn't have anything when I got there. I did find these socks for a penny each last week. I've been stalking those Smart Wool socks. I like to layer them with my tights when it's freezing out.

As for Century 21 - 90% off has hit. I reported it on my Instastories but you should also be following my @shoppinggalscloset Insta page where I post more of my deals. Head to the downtown NYC location for the best deals. And don't bother online for this sale. I didn't find anything but I'm a little spoiled by the good ole days and nothing impressed me.

In sample sale land it's also pretty slow. There are always sales, just not many of note. Wait for the Spring for them to start up again. For now head to Century to see what you can find!

This post has been sponsored by LookBooker and Popsugar - thanks guys!

Michelle the Busy Momma


Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Little Bit Uptown, A Little Bit Rock 'N Roll

When people ask me what my aesthetic is I always say I'm a fashion chameleon. I like to have fun with my clothing, and my style is fluid. Something catches my eye and voilà - I'm rocking a new vibe. This look is very much inspired by my favorite Rolling Stones tee. I picked up this baby a while back at Nordstrom Rack on super clearance for 3 bucks. No joke. Every time I wear it, it brings out the Jagger in me.

I like pretty. I like edgy. But that's as close as you're gonna get me to commit to labeling myself. For 2017 I challenge you to try something new and wear something outside your uniform. Some of my favorite looks were just thrown together as I ran out the door.

I've always been a hi-low mixologist. I love the luxury of a beautiful designer piece but sometimes my most impactful finds have been from random places for less than $20. This skirt is by MakeMeChic on Amazon for just $16.99! I'm wearing a size large - the reviews indicate the waistband is small so you have to size up.

Added a little uptown girl with my new Rosegal camel coat and Jimmy Choo sample sale boots. I've been hunting for a camel coat for the longest time but nothing turned up at sample sales or thrift stores (which is where I get most of my coats). I'm guessing it's because lighter colors usually don't last so it's easier to find a darker coat in good condition at thrift. This coat is also a size large and runs super small as well. I probably needed a XL to wear it comfortably right now. With a lot of these online sites sizing can be wonky, so it's really important to read measurements before ordering. And don't get caught up in sizing on the tag. I actually know people who won't buy things if they think the size is too big. Insanity! As a bargain hunter you really have to be open to find the best deals.

The creeper in this pic totally cracks me up - he comes complete with facemask LOL.

From head to toe:
  • Sunglasses: Rosegal, gifted
  • Lipstick: Red Morello Lipstick, Korres, gifted (RV $32.50 with matching liner) - not wearing liner
  • Coat: Rosegal, gifted. It's sold out so I'm linking it in another color. Here is another similar coat for a little more $
  • Pins: BP, Nordstrom Rack, $3.97 each package x2
  • Tee: Electric Circus, Nordstrom Rack, $3.50 (retail $34)
  • Bag: Marc Jacobs small Gotham bag, $259, Nordstrom Rack (RV $1295)
  • Gloves: Fingerless fur gloes, Ruti Horn, free (I won a giveaway) - Check out her Etsy shop here
  • Skirt: MakeMeChic, Amazon, gifted
  • Boots: Jimmy Choo, sample sale, $250 (RV approx. $1,250)

My sunglasses were also a Rosegal find - I'm so hard on my sunglasses that I refuse to spend more than $30 on even my designer pairs. These are less than $9! Score! I also added two sets of pins to my coat that I found at the Rack for about $8 total. I plan on pinning them to anything and everything this Fashion Week.

You can shop my look here:

Can you believe this is the first time I wore these boots? I got them at the first Choo sample sale (check out a previous sale report here) I attended but they've been sitting in my closet waiting for the perfect coat...

Photos are once again by my 11 year old son. Train 'em young guys!

So happy February everyone! Not much in the way of shopping right now. My only pick for next week is Dannijo. Love their cool-girl jewelry. You can read about past sales here and here. Some sales are better than others so fingers crossed for some gorgeous baubles on the cheap!

2/6, 10-7
263 11th Ave, 2nd fl

So excited it's almost fashion week! Be sure to follow along on my Insta stories :)

Michelle the Bargain Huntress

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