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Monday, May 30, 2016

The Target June Beauty Box is Live! Hurry!

These babies sell out fast so if you want in to Target's latest beauty box I suggest you click RIGHT NOW! This month they have a $5 men's and $10 women's box. I swore I would stop buying these after my disappointment with the last box but it looks like Target tried to make it up to us with a pretty good collection if goodies. The men's razor alone sells for about $8 and you know I can't resist a box with a lippie - even if this one is just from elf. Click here to purchase the men's and here for the women's.
ETA - sold out. You gotta act fast with these :(

Hurry - and good luck! Let's discuss these babies when we get them :)


Friday, May 27, 2016

Tribal Print, Tassels & a Giveaway!

When I first spotted this kaftan in H&M I knew I needed one. I love it so much that I also grabbed one in the black and white pattern as well. This summer is the summer of the kaftan for me so you'll be seeing me in lots of them LOL. I added my turquoise tassel A.V. Max earrings for a bright contrast color - they're actually on sale this weekend (30% off with code MDAY30 thru 5/31).

From head to toe:

You can shop my look here:

I've taken a break from #freebiefriday but I'm back with these super cute Rebecca Minkoff leather feather earrings that retailed for $128. I scored them at the sample sale for just 5 bucks! As always, I thought of you guys and grabbed an extra for a giveaway. Just complete the Rafflecopter below to enter. Open to anyone with a US shipping address :)


a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'm solo this weekend (my husband ditched me and the kids for a family affair in California) so I don't know how much shopping I can do. I've trained them to shop (or sit nicely while I shop LOL) since birth but dragging them along isn't ideal. Most sales started early anyway so other than Clear the Rack which I'll hit later today, I'm gonna take it easy with the kids.

I still have to share with you guys the second half of my Minkoff scores (see the first half here) and I never shared my $10 dresses from Rebecca Taylor - hopefully it won't be too hot or rainy so I can finish shooting outdoors (better lighting). My Jimmy Choo bag project is coming along nicely. I'm almost finished dyeing my $50 sample sale score but my daughter knocked over the paint so I had to order another bottle. According to Amazon it will be here today so stay tuned!

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It's a Rainbow of $75 Dresses at Tracy Reese!

Tracy Reese has been one on my favorite designers for years. I'm obsessed with her colorful prints and whimsical, girly designs. Her sample sale officially opened at 10am yesterday, but I got there a little early and they were already open. Good thing I did because it was mobbed in that first hour. My niece is having a Bat Mitzvah in a couple weeks so I'm on a mission for a new dress. I made a beeline right to the fancy stuff. Unfortunately they only had size 4 samples yesterday morning and right now I'm a 6. I squeezed into a few pieces but nothing was calling to me. The good news is that today they should have received a shipment of stock sizing so as I write this post I'm considering heading back to see if I get lucky. For now, let's take a look inside the sale...

Typically they price their Plenty line cheaper but this year pricing was across the board by category - other than her Black Label dresses which were $125 (somehow not on this price list). Dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, and coats were $75, jackets were $60, pants were $50, skirts, shorts, blouses, and sweaters were $40, tanks, camis and shoes were $30. They also had some runway shoes from SJP that were $75.

Tracy made a brief appearance at the sale - I was going to go and say hello when a clueless shopper stopped her and asked if they had more tops. By the time I stopped laughing she was gone. Sample sale etiquette 101 - google the designer so you know what they look like - and don't bother them with stupid questions. Ask the people working the sale LOL.

Black label dress $125.

Another black label dress.

Coat $75.

Every time I tried to take a picture, someone would stick their hand in and try to grab something from my shot LOL. It was pretty crazy in there.

You know I had to take a closer look at the shoes. Inside the boxes were lots of size 39-41 runway shoes that she must have collaborated with SJP. I loved the floral booties but the heels were a little high for me. This year I need to buy more everyday shoes instead of amazing heels that can only be worn a couple hours at a shot.

I didn't realize until I got home that these plenty sandals may have only been $30 - if I go back I'll have to take a second look. They had more sizing (rather than just 39-41) in these.

I'm linking up a few pieces I spotted at the sale :)

Tracy Reese
Tuesday, May 24th through Thursday, May 26th, 10am-6pm.
260 W 39th St (between 7&8th), 19th fl

I also ran to Carmen Marc Valvo after Tracy - I didn't share on Insta because it was already pretty picked over by the time I got there (which was only an hour after they opened). Very few pieces had sleeves which is something I always look for in a dress/gown. The sale was mostly samples with a couple racks of stock. Sizing for samples looked like a 4. For samples, separates were $25, short dresses were $50 and gowns were $100. For stock, it was $300 for gowns, $200 for short dresses and $50 for separates. It was a one day sale (too late, sorry) so I'm only giving you a peek so you can decide if you want to go next year.

If you're headed to Tracy Reese, I would recommend going today for more sizing and the last day for possible markdowns. If you see me come say hello!



Monday, May 23, 2016

Run to the Rachel Zoe Blowout Sample Sale!

I never pay attention to the Clothingline emails but I noticed that they were hosting a Rachel Zoe sample sale again. I was going to be in the City anyway so I figured I pop in. I got there at a little past 10 for their 11am opening and I was confused as to why there were already 9 people ahead of me - including 2 paid professional line holders.

My first instinct was to run to the samples in the back and there wasn't anything too exciting. Unfortunately I recognized a lot of pieces from last sale. I would recommend checking them last as they were priced the same as stock anyway.

Sample rack.

It was then that I saw the full pricelist and I ran to my size! Considering last sale these same pieces started at 75% off retail, it was pretty exciting.  Now I understood why people started lining up so early! Tees were just $15, tops were $20, and sweaters were $25. Dresses were $30-60 which was amazing considering many of them retailed for $700-1000! Skirts and pants were $20, vests and coats were $30-40, and leather/fur/feather items were $60-$109! I didn't see any fur but I spotted a handful of leather jackets and feather vests.

I believe these may have been the same prices they had on the last day of their previous sale - if you went, feel free to weigh in.

So let's take a peek inside the sale :)

I wanted to love a gown ($40-60) and tried a few on but nothing was quite right. Too bad.

Racks and racks of not-so-basic black and sequin dresses for $30-60.

Here's the $60 feather vest - wish they had fur ones...

$60 leather trimmed wool coat. 

$20 top.

$15 tee.

I didn't see any leather skirts but saw these brown suede pants for $60.

They didn't have any accessories save a few totes for $40 at the front - I spotted a clutch or two for $20 but they were gone by the time I checked out.

My only score was this studded leather moto jacket that retailed for $1,395. I only saw them in 8 & 10 so I grabbed an 8. I wanted it at the last sale but it was too pricey. The fit isn't perfect but it really is a special piece. Especially for just $109!

I'm linking up some of the pieces I spotted in the sale. Prices were insane and it's definitely worth the trip. They did have some pieces in back (I saw them checking for customers) but sizing was spotty. Lots left in sizes 0-4 but they had pieces in up to size 12.

This is a don't miss sale. Run. Like right now!

Rachel Zoe
May 23-24, M-T 11-7
Clothingline, 261 W 36 St

Afterwards I went with Practically Haute to the Global sale which was a waste of time - don't go. It looked like Century's beat-up leftovers for full Century prices. This is not a sample sale. They had a few pairs of Rockstuds which got us very excited until we saw they wanted $299 for mismatches. As in one shoe was a 37 and the other was a 39 - WTF? Everything in that store was damaged/and or overpriced. Fail.

Global Fashions
May 23-26, M-Th 9-6
49 W 38 St

I have a few sales I wanted to check out tomorrow so I may head back to Rachel Zoe just in case they discount further. I doubt it, but you never know...


Friday, May 20, 2016

Yes, the Eddie Borgo Sale Really Is That Good.

I've heard about the Eddie Borgo sale for a while but yesterday was the first time I checked it out. I have to say it did not disappoint. I headed downtown and arrived early (no VIP unfortunately) to find a couple women already anxiously waiting. They let us in a few minutes early and there was a rush to the $5/$10 bins. I didn't know I had to be so aggressive as women were literally emptying the bins onto their trays. Within minutes the bargain bin was cleaned out. This is a warning - next time I'm not gonna be so nice LOL.

The $5 bins consisted of prototypes or lightly damaged goods - some of which were easy fixes. The $10 bins was their product development pieces that they do for other companies - I saw Charlotte Russe and even Rebecca Minkoff jewelry in the mix. 

Don't fret, even their "full price" pieces behold some killer deals. Smaller bracelets were just $20 (retailing for $200-400!) and larger ones were $40. I honestly didn't spend a lot of time looking at their inventory because my goal was to focus on $5 pieces - plus by the time I was done digging a lot of stock had been cleared. They had some of their Target collab pieces for about $5/10 too. No photography was allowed inside so you're just gonna have to look at what I got :)

A huge thank you to my fellow bargainista, Practically Haute who first clued me in to this sale. You can read one of her past sale reports here as pricing was pretty much the same.

Here's a quick look at what I got for 5 bucks a pop - some imperfections are more noticeable than others.

You know I love a good cuff. Nothing wrong with my bullet bracelet (retail $270) and it was actually the first piece I reached for in the bin. The D ring cuff (retail $225) has a weak closure and it's missing a stud. A fellow shopper offered it to me because she had two - thank you!

My rose gold five finger ring (retail $300) was intact until my daughter tried it on. No worries - easy fix! 

A couple stones fell out of my necklace - just need to glue it back. 

The french wire is separated on one of my earrings (retail $440!) - I'll just get my tools and reattach. 

You can see the green stone is slightly chipped (retailed for $410!), and the closure on the gold pyramid bracelet (retail $350)  is missing a part - but I can still get it to close. 

I'm linking up a few pieces that I spotted - plus this way you can get an idea of retail prices.

On the way back to the subway I passed the Love wall (see first pic). I always find the cutest backdrops when I have nobody to shoot me. If you're interested, it's by the corner of Mott and Prince. I really have to do more exploring downtown.

Sale is on thru Saturday - I've heard they will be restocking (no word yet if that includes the bargain bins) so I'd strongly recommend a peek if you're downtown!

Eddie Borgo
Thursday, May 19th through Saturday, May 21st
Thu 12pm-7pm, Fri 8am-7pm, Sat 10am-5pm
204 Elizabeth St, btwn Prince & Spring, 2nd fl

*FYI - be sure to push hard because the front door gets stuck 

Thank you for everyone who came to say hello at the sale -  I truly appreciate it. Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself over here. I'm just a real girl who loves to shop and share her deals.

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