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Monday, November 30, 2015

Weekend Roundup: YSL Rack Find, My Vintage Coat, Fresh Balayage and More...

Happy Monday! It's been a busy long weekend filled with some of my favorite things - family and shopping :)

On Black Friday I hit the Rack and met up with my new shopping buddy A - who found me these $895 marked down refurb YSL Tributes for just $131.23 after the 30% discount. Insane. He was also kind enough to get on the ground to take this pic - so a double thank you to A!

Then I found these super cute refurb Topshop lace-up flats for just $11.88. When I checked out, the sales person and I just started laughing hysterically because they were so darn cheap. They aren't the most comfortable but I figured they were Instagram worthy - and my hunch proved correct! Nordstrom Rack regrammed my photo! Believe it or not it was the first time they regrammed me. They've acknowledged me on Twitter but I thought they were ignoring me on Insta because that's where I share my penny finds LOL. I guess I was just paranoid.

Please pardon my unshaven legs LOL.

Yesterday, I headed into the City for fresh balayage color at Loreal Pro. As a hair model you never know what to expect, but Loreal has been pretty consistent. I think I've been with them for almost 10 years. I had to wear all black so I decided to have some fun with my coat. Pulled out this vintage number that I scored on eBay almost 20 years ago - and years later I still get tons of compliments. I wish I dug out the belt because it gets a little bulky looking without it. The studded leather gloves were from the Century sale last year - I scored one pair at 75% and grabbed another at 90% off. They seriously make every outfit.

The color is a little more beige-y than I'd like, but it is a beautiful application and pretty natural looking. I'm sure after a couple weeks it will fade a little (and my natural golden tones will come through) and then it will be fine. I've learned to try to live in my hair for a little bit before going crazy. When I was younger I would burst out in tears if my hair wasn't to my liking. Last time that happened I was young (20ish) and it turned out to be my best-hair-cut-ever but I was too embarrassed to go back. As a model you learn to suck it up a bit. Nothing beats free hair - saves me thousands of dollars a year. For these pics a fellow model was kind enough to snap them for me. These days I take my DSLR camera with me and hand it off to whoever is willing.

On Thanksgiving I headed to my parents house for our last Thanksgiving together. It sounds ominous but they're retiring and leaving the country soon so all my siblings who were around joined in. I have to say I was so impressed with my little brother who killed it in the kitchen. His apple pie was TDF. He's 26, cute, single, and apparently he can cook. Just saying...

I need a more modest look when I see my mom so I covered up in my favorite Rebecca Taylor dress that I lived in all summer. This look from head to toe:

  • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Century 21 90% off, $8, retail $145
  • Earrings: Lionette, sample sale, $20 (they told me they retailed for about $180)
  • Jacket: Gap, $8 (stacked a couple codes for this deal!), retail $69.95
  • Dress: Rebecca Taylor, sample sale $50, retail $550
  • Ring: Lionette "Nadine", sample sale, $20, retail $180
  • Bag: Rebecca Minkoff jumbo Love, sample sale $50, retail $355
  • Boots: Rebecca Minkoff fringed Ilan, sample sale $25, retail $295
Total retail = $1,774.95 and I got it for $183. Not bad!

I'm linking some of these pieces (or similar) so you can check them out online :)

It's not too late to enter my Rebecca Minkoff Avery crossbody giveaway! Head to my Instagram for more details :)

And last but not least - last call for my blog sale! Still some great stuff left :)

Hope your weekend was as successful as mine. Cheers to another great week ahead!



  1. Wowwwwww to those YSL shoes!!! They look amazing on!

    1. Thanks - I really didn't expect to like them so much. And they're pretty comfortable (for heels) too!

  2. I think your hair turned out great! I'm too nervous/cheap to do anything with my hair besides a cut every few months...I've never had a good dye job!

    Love those YSLs!


    1. Thanks! If your hair is working for you there is no reason to do anything differently. I only go crazy with my hair every 10 years LOL but I do try to get highlights 3-4x a year.

  3. So pretty! I need a major do-over on my hair. Why isn't there anything like this in DC??

    1. There should be. I just went to Salon Apprentice and they had zero listings for DC. Check out your local Craigslist and search hair model and see what comes up :)

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