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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Story of a Dress.

Sponsored by Zappos

I've always been a dress girl. I'm not even the girliest girl. I have a bit of tomboy in me. My knees are permanently gray from all the scars from competitive sports and climbing trees in my youth — in dresses. I am simply dress obsessed. I believe that when you put on the right dress, you can take over the world. I've teamed up with Adrianna Papell, who is known for their fashionable, quality dresses, and to share the story of my perfect dress — and tips to help you find yours too!

When I'm in a rush (which is pretty much always LOL) I grab a dress, some cute shoes, sunnies and a bag...and I'm out the door. It's the ultimate momiform. There's no top and bottom to match, which is a huge time saver for this busy mom on the go. Dresses are such a simple way to look polished.

Like most moms (especially over 40) my body isn't what it used to be. When I was shopping for my son's Bar Mitzvah I walked into a store, grabbed 50 dresses, and stood in the dressing room for almost an hour. I grew increasingly frustrated as one after the next did not fit or flatter. I did magically finally find one, but since that experience I've been doing a whole lot more on-line shopping so I could try on in the comfort of my own home.

People like to talk about body confidence and loving the body they're in. Truthfully it's hard. I don't need to be a size 2 or any specific number but I've been finding myself in a rut, hiding in oversized clothing. I decided it was time to push myself outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself find something a little more flattering.

The story of this dress wasn't without a hiccup or two. Ordering on is super easy. I combed through tons of stylish Adrianna Papell dresses until I selected the most beautiful boho embellished dress. When it arrived I quickly put it on...and it didn't zip up. They had been sold out of my size (10) so I was hopeful that I could size down — and I couldn't. So I printed a return slip, packed it back up and returned it. Then I found this chic blue dress and I loved the high low hemline and body skimming shape — and decided it was worth a shot. But I played it safe and sized up to a 12. Big mistake. I tried it on and knew it would be perfect - in a size 10. So I once again, returned the 12 and ordered a 10. And eureka, it fit. So a huge thank you to Zappos for their amazing fast, free shipping and super easy 365 day return policy. FYI Zappos also carries petite and plus sizing for Adrianna Papell, so chances are you're gonna find your perfect fit too.

Knowing your body shape is key. I used to be more pear shaped but now I'm pretty curvy all over. I do love a good a-line style because it shows my shape without hugging my body. I think this dress is successful for me because of all the vertical lines that help draw the eye up and down and creates length. I'm only 5'5" but I tend to look taller because I try to create verticals in my photos. One tip is to make sure your photographer crouches down and shoots you from a lower point. And don't forget those heels! I also think the open neckline extends my neck, and this front panel creates another vertical that (bonus!) also helps cover lumps and bumps. Most importantly, the flutter sleeve helps strengthen my shoulders and balance my hips. I do wish the sleeves covered a little more (I'm a little self conscious of my upper arms) but I went and looked back and photos from a year ago when I was probably 20 lbs lighter and found a bunch I didn't share because I thought I looked too big  and honestly I wish I still looked like that. So now I'm going to try not be so hard on myself and focus what I do like about myself in this dress. I love the color. I love the versatility. I love the simple elegance. And I love that I feel more like myself in the dress  more than I've felt in a while.

Why not make every day a special occasion? Treat yourself to your perfect Adrianna Papell dress   you can thank me later. What do you look for in a dress? Is it more about style, how it fits, or how it makes you feel? For me, it's all of the above.

Thank you to Zappos for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.



Thursday, May 17, 2018

Not Your Grandmother's Comfort Shoes!

Sponsored by Zappos

In my twenties I was all about 6 inch heels and stupid shoes that 20 years later I've come to regret. I've since made it my mission to hunt down cute and comfortable shoes that I can wear all day long without shedding a tear — or needing to pull out the band-aids. Last year I spotted the cutest Pikolinos sandals online (which sadly sold out before I could pull the trigger) and I have not stopped thinking about them. Ever since then, Pikolinos has been on my radar, so I was excited to team up with my friends at to share my hunt for the perfect spring sandals!

If you haven't shopped Zappos before, you don't know what you are missing. They have a huge selection of current styles, free shipping and free returns, a 365 day return policy, and hands down the best customer service ever. As a busy mom, some days fly by with deadlines and chores... and before I know it, it's 10pm and I haven't left my house. Nothing makes me happier than shopping online in my PJs after my kids are in bed.

Right now, there are over 100 Pikolinos sandals to choose from so narrowing it down was the most difficult part of the process. Their philosophy is to "make yourself comfortable and let happiness begin at your feet." What's so special about this Spanish company is that Pikolinos is so much more than just comfort shoes. I love that they are socially responsible with their eco-friendly use of materials, and give back through their foundation Juan Perán-Pikolinos — both locally and internationally.

After reading tons of user reviews and watching those handy little Zappos videos (so I could get an idea of what the shoes would look like on the foot), I finally selected these Pikolinos Mykonos sandals in Marfil — the perfect pale blush-nude color. You know me and pink! I love how comfortable and lightweight the footbed is and I was able to wear them all day long on one of my City shopping adventures last week. I also love that they have a little bit of height to them — I actually find it uncomfortable when shoes are completely flat. I would totally order another pair of Pikolinos on Zappos, especially if my dream shoes ever magically come back in stock!

Who else is so done with uncomfortable shoes? Don't get me wrong, I love my crazy shoe collection. I can still pull out my heels and wear them for 3-4 hours at a shot, but I'm so happy to have another pair of cute, comfortable shoes in my arsenal.

Thank you to Zappos for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.


Thursday, May 10, 2018

My $15-30 Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale Scores!

The Rebecca Minkoff New York City sample sale is back and it's no joke. I attended the sale at the VIP opening and it was the best it's been in years. $15-30 samples made a comeback and there are killer deals to be found. Sale is on thru Sunday so I suggest to take a trip and see what you can find!

Everything above was $15 other than the sample boots (this year they had size 6 thru 10!) and the pink mini Love and the satin embroidered Love - which were all $30. Not bad considering the satin Love retailed for $345!!! Love me some 90% off Loves!

Don't worry, I clearly didn't take everything. I tried to edit down and I'm thinking maybe I over edited. I thought I would return but this week has been cray and I'm not sure I'll have the chance. Sample bags have been $50-75 at opening for a while (with discounts on beat up leftovers at the end) so I was thrilled to spot tons of cute cheap bags as well as $30 leather pieces on the clothing sample rack. For samples, green tags are $15, yellow is $30. They had a round of markdowns today (no more $50-75 for samples!) and I'm sure at least one more round will happen before it's over. Right now everything at the sale is $175 or less with exceptions of the furs for $425.

Everything in the picture below was just $15. Insanity!

The leather jacket is tiny so Ella stole it - she actually stole the vest as well and decided to wear it inside out. I swear my daughter is a fashion prodigy. Both of these yellow tags were just $30 :)

I'm linking up some of my finds that I found online too (not as cheap, sorry!) should you need them too!

And now on to sample sale land. Tis the season, baby! There are tons but these are my favorite picks...

Last day of Choo is tomorrow! You know the drill! (For more tips see my previous post.)

Jimmy Choo
May 11, 8-8
Metropolitan Pavilion 
123 W 18TH ST, 2nd Fl

Minkoff is on thru Sunday - plenty of time to pick up lots of cheap gifts!

Rebecca Minkoff
May 11-13
F 10-8, Sat 10-7, Sun 10-4
260 5th Ave

If you watched my Insta stories this week you saw that they had cheap samples! Not sure of they are restocking any more but if you're in the hood it's worth a pop in. 

Elizabeth and James 
May 11-13
F-Sat 10:30-7, Sun 10:30-5
Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave (Prive Sales)

This is the first time 260 is getting CO so it's hard to say what the prices will be like. When the brand ran the sale it wasn't all that cheap so I'm worried it's gonna be even more now. That said, I plan on checking out the preview so stay tuned...

Charlotte Olympia
May 22-27
T 9-8,W-Th 10-7, F-Sat 10-8, Sun 10-5
150 Greene Street

Always worth checking out the Modo sale for designer sunnies on the cheap :)

Modo Eyewear 
May 22-24, 11-7
594 Broadway, Suite 801

Not sure what pricing will be like on this one but I saw a pair of their sandals at Bloomies that I have my eye on so finger crossed! 

Sensi Studio x Avec Modération 
May 15-17, 10-5:30
611 Broadway, Suite 321

Any other sales on your radar? Please do share! 

Happy Shopping and Happy Mother's Day to all! I just did a Mother's Day Collab with the beauty brand Amaranthum - you can see the short version here. I'll link up the whole video soon. 



Wednesday, May 2, 2018

$20 Spring Refresh, Amazon Edition

Spring has sprung and when the seasons change I'm always on the hunt for a quick wardrobe refreshers. The easiest way to switch things up is with beauty and accessories so I'm gonna share the last five purchases I made on Amazon - all for $20 or less.

I do get a lot of free stuff but sometimes I need to bite the bullet and pull out my wallet to treat myself to a few odds and ends. This post contains affiliate links - meaning I get a small (really small) percentage should you purchase any of my picks. So thank you for supporting my shoe habit. Speaking of which, the Jimmy Choo sample sale was just announced so start saving RIGHT NOW! As always, all of my upcoming NYC sample sale picks are listed at the end of my post. But first let's talk sunglasses.

One of my mom hacks is to skip makeup and grab a pair of cute sunnies and a lipstick and head out the door. I look for bold, colorful ways to make an impact on the cheap. These YSL heart dupe sunglasses are perfect for that. And about 10 bucks. If you have money to burn you can buy the originals here - or grab these cuties in a rainbow of colors. I'm thinking about a second pair in pink or white.

I really wanted to love these pink sunglasses after I spotted them all over Instagram but I guess my face is too big. I need to find an oversized version ASAP. Luckily they are perfect for Ella so she stole them and wore them for most of our Israel trip.

They too are offered in a bunch of colors and for less than $10. If you have a petite face or don't mind tiny sunglasses than these are perfect for you.

I ran out of my Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil a while back so I was trying to manage with all my freebies. The Brow Wiz is by far the best eye pencil I've ever owned. I wear taupe (the blonde is a little too orangy for me - probably better for a strawberry blonde) and it looks so natural. My only issue is that it's a retractable pencil and every time you twist it up, it cracks off. So there is a lot of waste. Drives me nuts. When I was googling after I caved and decided to purchase another one, the NYX Micro Brow Pencil popped up as a dupe. So for less than half the price (and under $10!) I decided it was worth a shot. I just ordered this week it so I'm gonna have to let you know how it works out.

I'm always on the hunt for another LBD and I love that the Daily Ritual Women's Jersey Sleeveless V-Neck Dress covers my knees but has an open neckline without showing cleavage. It's the perfect layering dress and my arms don't get bulked up with sleeves under a jacket. I got a size large (I put on a few more lbs...) and it's super comfortable and flattering. Perfect for this transitional weather. And this one is $20 on the nose.

While some people love their popsockets, I wanted the ring version so it wouldn't fall off my hands - plus I think it helps keep your phone a little more stable when taking pics or video. I saw a lips version but it would take a couple months to get here. So I found these cute colorful fruity ones with Prime for less than $5. I'll give you a review on my Insta stories when I get it.

And now lets talk sample sales. Not all sales were created equal and most sales in the City these days are not worth your time. If you're new to the sample sale scene, any and all sales are exciting but you'll find your paychecks disappearing, and you end up with random pieces and that morning after feeling of what was I thinking. So I'll save you some time (and $$$) by pointing you in the right direction.

This week there is Aquazzura but my friends who hit the preview last night all agreed the selection wasn't amazing and it was too expensive. Wait for markdowns.

May 2-6
W 9-8, Th 10-8, F 10-1
150 Greene Street

Minkoff used to be my favorite sale. I still go for nostalgia's sake but the deals aren't as epic. Sample bags are now $100 or less which is decent - but for a little more I'd rather have a $1,000 Choo bag. I always find a few pairs of shoes (usually samples) and last round I found these one of a kind white booties ($30 samples!) which I love. (I also got that fringed clutch in the pic for $50 at the sale). They used to have last day markdowns of $50 or less for everything but those days seem to be gone. They usually markdown mid sale and last day, so pop in whenever you're in the neighborhood. Samples are replenished throughout most of the sale so it gets a little hectic at that sample table. This sale is not for the faint of heart. You were warned.

Rebecca Minkoff
May 7-13
M 11-8, T-F 10-8, Sat 10-7, Sun 10-4
260 5th Ave

With Choos for $100 or less (on the last day) this sale is no joke. If you're gonna fly in for just one sale this is it. You'll save enough to justify the price of your plane ticket. Register here with code ROMY for general entry. Go first day for best selection or last day for markdowns. In the past markdowns started 2 hours before close, however one year it started at noon. You never know. Problem is if they see you sitting around for too long they throw you out (they did that to me one year). So often I'll go sometime around lunchtime to scope out the situation and then return for markdowns. Problem is that shifty resellers manage to stay under the radar with the bags and bags of stuff and they get the good stuff early. I think they take turns switching off. But when the markdowns hit and people start to edit - you can find lots of good go backs. That's how I found my fave snake Lockett bag one year. Bring your Ikea bags to lug your hauls home.

Jimmy Choo
May 9-11
W 11-8, Th & F 8-8
Metropolitan Pavilion 123 W 18TH ST, 2nd Fl

If you shop any of these sales, be sure to share what you get! Which sales do you plan on hitting this week? And be sure to share your sample sale tips if you have any recommendations for sales that you think I should add to my list!

PS I have another designer giveaway on the gram right now - check it out HERE. AND I have a mommy and me giveaway with Nina Shoes (& Nina Kids Shoes) - enter HERE!


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