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This fashion obsessed mama shares her personal style, tales of thrift, and addiction of all things beautiful. My name is Michelle Blashka and I'm a F.I.T. grad who "retired" to be a SAHM to my 3 little kids and cute professor husband. To say I'm a shopaholic is putting it mildly. LeHoarder is my bargain fashion and beauty journal. Paying retail would literally kill me.

Oh, and I still have my very first Vogue magazines from when I was a teen a million years ago. Not kidding about the hoarder thing...

*I say NYC-ish because I was born in Manhattan and actually lived (and loved) there for most of my adult life. With my third kid I made the exodus right over the bridge but my heart is still very much in New York.

Some of the links in the posts are affiliate links, which means if you click on them and purchase that item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Thank you for supporting my shoe habit.

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