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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I Love Free Stuff!

I'm a bit of a free stuff junkie so I sign up for lots of giveaways and sites that offer up free goods for reviews. I've been a little under the weather so I took a bit of a shopping break - but luckily I've been having some pretty awesome mail days of late :)

Let's start with Target's June Beauty Box which isn't free but pretty close. Target has been offering beauty boxes filled with samples and a few full size products for $5-10 on a monthly basis now. They tend to sell out quick so as soon as it pops up you need to jump. Some boxes are more worth it than others - so decide quickly! I got my husband the men's box this month but he put it to use before I could photograph it. The women's box wasn't as exciting for me but it has some solid products that I'm sure I'll pay with when I get a chance. I always look for a good lipstick, nail polish, razor, dry shampoo or hairspray. This box was $10 and the lippie was by elf so I probably should have skipped. Live and learn.

FYI - The July box should be available any day now...

These days they mail it this black box with shrink wrap - which unfortunately doesn't do much to protect the goods...

I've been doing Influenster for a few years now but I'm stuck on their mommy list. They send you stuff for free to review and share with followers. While my friends get luxury makeup, I get apple juice and dish soap. That's not to say this box isn't full of useful stuff...I'd really like to try some of the good stuff already! Either way head over there to sign up and see what they send you. Maybe you'll get lucky...or just don't tell them you have kids LOL.

I'm not even sure I remember how this one came about but POPSUGAR sent me this Must Have Box to try and I have to say it's chock full of fun. They cost for $39.95 and have surprises that retail for $100+ The background I'm using is actually a really pretty oversized scarf that came in the box. Also included was a little mirror, nail polish, pretzels, bottle opener, card game and underarm deodorant wipes. My son was quizzing us all weekend with those cards.

Won this WEI Beauty haul on Instagram a little while back. I have to confess I still haven't touched anything because I'm so stuck on my Murad products for my face. I swear by Murad's Clarifying Mask (which makes pimples disappear overnight!) so I'm afraid to touch anything else. I'm gonna read up on these and start playing with them soon.

When Sugar Brand reached out to me and offered me free shoes...you can guess what I said. I choose these crafted sandals because I'm always looking for cute flats. I'm sure you recognize my new Jason Wu sunglasses from the Modo sale but my new Flocking Fabulous MAC lipstick was from the 30% off deal I mentioned here. They still have a few products left on sale but this lippie sold out. Hope you didn't miss that deal!

Thanks to Practically Haute, I was introduced to 0.8l, an online platform where you can try before you buy some interesting Korean beauty products. You have to apply to "win" and so far I've won 3x.

My favorite score was this Vant Sun Cushion - which arrived just as I ran out of my favorite BB cream. I have a hard time with foundations - they don't make a lot in fair with a hint or yellow. It seems I have Korean coloring because this one is perfect for me! It's really dewy and moisturizing, and has just enough coverage :)

This Pongdang Mulbit Glow BB Cushion scared me when I opened it. It looks so dark, yet applies lighter than the Vant. The color is fine but it's a little drier than the Vant. 

Finally, when my Delight 18 U White Pang Cellapy Sun Cushion and lip gloss arrived, my girls flipped for the packaging. So cute! The lip gloss appears clear but applies to a soft, natural pink but doesn't leave my lips as moist as I'd like. The sun cushion on the other hand is white. Literally white. All of these cushions have SPF which is amazing but this one is primarily for whitening - which I don't really need or like. Frankly, I'm pale enough. It's also a little drying. It's just not for me. Too bad because that doggie is so sweet.

We went to my Uncle Bob's pool last weekend so I felt the need to shoot everything in front of the pool. I put my $5 Rebecca Minkoff sample sale sandals to use - if only they were as comfortable as they are cute. But they sure do take a pretty picture!

And last but not least, my new Benefit Brow products. They ran a promotion to earn free products for referrals and I earned these two - and then they ran out before I could earn their third and final free product. Hate when that happens. Haven't tried them yet but can't wait! I should also thank my girls for their artwork all over my front walkway - I keep using it as a backdrop for photos :)

I'm finally feeling well enough to shop but I'm trying to give my kids a little more attention this Summer. Took them to Finding Dory yesterday and it was sweet...other than the insane woman who started cursing me out for taking her seats - which I didn't do. My husband was already sitting there holding our seats while I went to the bathroom with the kids. She claims she had sent her young son in to save seats while she was buying candy but must not have noticed my husband was there first. Honestly I didn't even see a kid standing there when I sat down - not to mention I saw the two of them walk in behind us because I remembered her grumbling on the way in and tried to stay clear of her. Maybe the kid didn't see the seats were occupied because my tiny daughter was sitting in it and in the semi dark it looked empty? Either way, she went ballistic and called me every profanity in the book at the top of her lungs. Who does that? Who curses in front of their kid like that at a children's movie? A normal person would move on and take an empty seat - that's what I would do. She eventually backed down and found another seat but not without loudly complaining to all the poor bystanders. In hindsight I probably should have looked for a manager and had her thrown out of the theater. All I can say is there are some crazy people out there...and her poor kid who has zero chance for being normal with a mom like that. Ugh. Vent over.

Anyway...hope your mail days have been as successful as mine :)



Friday, June 24, 2016

My new favorite dress.

I love an easy, summer dress.  As soon as I spotted this one, I knew I needed it in my life.

As a dress girl, I'm always on the lookout for inexpensive, fun ones to add to my lineup. When SheIn offered me a garment of my choosing - I immediately started scrolled thru their dresses. What's so great about this company is that they have reviews for each garment - plus reviewers can upload a mod shot so buyers can see how it fits an actual woman, not just a size 2 model. Based on reviews I knew to order a size small because customers said it ran big. The quality is pretty good and it arrived a week later - I would definitely order from them again. Plus they always seem to offer coupon codes and free shipping :)

From head to toe:

For this shoot, little miss Ava decided to join in on the fun. Her top was thrifted for a couple bucks and I scored those pants at a sample sale for $5. She calls them her dancing pants because she says it's hard not to dance in them LOL.

Photography by the amazing Kelly West - check out her Facebook and Instagram pages! Thanks Kelly!

Be sure to check out SheIn for some fun, inexpensive fashion. I suspect they're about to be my latest addiction! 


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Another Sample Sale Marathon.

With my husband off from work, I ditched the kids yesterday to hit the City for some hard core fashion hunting. I started bright and early with Prabal Gurung who opened at 8am. I also hit Nanette Lepore, Mickey London, Modo Eyewear and the Mahna Mahna showroom sale.

If you can fit a size 2-6 then you need to run to Prabal right now. Prices were amazing! With exception of  a couple small racks of special pieces, everything is under $100! Tees are $25, sweaters are $50, blouses, skirts and pants are $75, jackets/coats are $95 and dresses are $100. Because the sale was empty when I arrived I causally perused the dresses, coats and tried on a bunch of stuff. I did notice the $25 box but left it alone. Big mistake. By the time I finished trying on, another woman totally decimated that box. Drat. Such a rookie mistake.

Let's take a peek inside. Lots of colorful, special pieces. This was my kinda sale. I loved that there was no upcharge for leather or embellished goods (with exception of pieces on a couple racks).

I couldn't believe nobody was checking out the coats. They were all a little snug or that orange asymmetrical one would have been mine.

So many beautiful dresses. By the time I went to take pics, most of the amazing ones were snapped up. 

These were the racks that were specially priced. I believe they were more current or production pieces - everything here was individually tagged. I don't remember seeing anything over $250 (but don't quote me on that LOL).

Linking up some of the pieces (and similar) that I saw inside.

Bottom line, Prabal Gurung was my first and best sale of the day. I walked out with a similar red dress (mine has sleeves) to the one I linked for $100. Don't miss this sale. 

Prabal Gurung
6/21-6/23, 8am-7pm
247 W 37th Street, Suite 1501

My next stop was Nanette Lepore a couple blocks away. I think I was there for a total of 10 minutes. Shopping there felt like exploring a flea market. They were clearing out lots of vintage pieces (that they must have used for inspiration) and let's just say my allergies went nuts. Sample prices were high (production even higher, see pricelist) - but I was informed that later in the day that they lowered prices. I didn't want to waste time so I just snapped a few pics with my cell. Best deals were the vintage belts, hats and shoes for $5, and vintage bags for $10-40.

I was tempted by these yellow sandals which I believe were $45 but they weren't so comfortable. 

Sample dress.

Stock top.

After Prabal, it was going to take a lot to impress me...and I was not impressed. I heard last sale so really good which is why I was even more disappointed.

Linking up a few pieces I saw inside:

My recommendation - if you're a hard core fan, then wait till later in the week for markdowns.

Nanette Lepore
6/21-6/23, 9am-7pm
225 W 35th Street, 17th floor

I walked back up a few blocks to Micky London and walked out in less than a minute. I was hoping for some cute kaftan dresses on the cheap but there was nothing left and they said they weren't restocking anymore. Skip.

Micky London
6/01-6/30, Mon-Fri 10am-5pm (closed Sat-Sun)
231 W 39th Street, Suite 202

I arrived a little early for MODO eyewear and they graciously let me in :) Good news is this time they're limiting you to 10 items to thwart resellers who hoarded at previous sales. If you really need more than 10 pairs of glasses then bring a friend LOL. All frames are just $20, cash only! It's a pretty amazing sale because some of the frames retail for $300-400! I spotted Derek Lam, Eco, Modo, Jason Wu, 7 for all Mankind and more.

Last sale I attended I walked out empty handed. I'm pretty particular with frames but this time I was not leaving without a pair. After an hour of editing I snagged a pair of Jason Wu Brigette. They were a little loose so I popped into a glasses store and had them adjust them for me.

If you want some cute glasses on the cheap - head downtown ASAP!

Modo Eyewear
6/21-6/23, 11am-7pm
594 Broadway Suite 801

Last sale of my day was Mahna Mahna, a showroom that rents clothing to celebrities and stylists, was clearing out older inventory. By the time I got there on the second day, it was pretty much a ghost town. Despite restocking, that place was hit hard from what I hear. My friends who went boasted of $50 designer shoes and dresses. Not much left period and cheap stuff is pretty much gone. Took a couple snaps with my phone and decided to call it a day.

Next time I'll try to go first day for this one...

Mahna Mahna
6/20-6/30, Mon-Fri 11am-8pm (closed Sat-Sun)
84 Wooster Street, #304

Sorry I didn't get this up yesterday. My allergies went nuts and I'm a little under the weather. I'm so congested I can't even think straight.

Wanted to give you a heads up for the Dannijo sale Thursday night! You can read some of my sale reports here and here.

If I'm feeling better I'll see you there :)

6/23, 5pm—8pm
433 West 14th Street, #2F

On a final note, do you think I need to bring my camera when I shop? I used my phone for Mahna Mahna & Nanette Lepore and it's really not so bad. You can see a difference but it would make my bag oh so much lighter. What do you think?

Happy shopping!

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