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Saturday, July 23, 2016

NYC Day With Mini Me & MAC Sample Sale Haul!

This week I took Ella into the City for a mommy & me day. Our schedule was full but I had a feeling my little fashionista could handle it. Our first stop was Nordstrom Rack where we walked out empty handed. I pulled out my camera to take a few picks before we headed to meet my future SIL at Kleinfeld's Bridal...only to find I left both my memory card and battery charging at home. Ugh. Luckily my phone takes a decent picture. You really can tell the difference in quality between my cell and DSLR pics.

Ella's OOTD from head to toe:
  • Barrette: Sequin butterfly hair clip, sample sale, $2
  • Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana, Century 21, $15
  • Dress: Flowers by Zoe, thrift store, $5 (Ava has a matching one too!)
  • Shorts: Cherokee, Target, $1.80
  • Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Lola, sample sale, $10
  • Bracelet: Balenciaga, sample sale, $99
  • Shoes: Toms, thrift store, $4
And for those of you who want to look like Ella, you can shop her look below :)

I just wanted to add that Ella styles herself. I make a suggestion here or there but she has her own ideas and doesn't always listen LOL. I encourage my kids to make their own choices and develop their own sense of style.

After grabbing a quick bite, the promise of 60% off MAC's retail prices kept us waiting on line for a little over two hours. For me it was no big deal but the sun was out in full force and Ella burns easily. After spotting several people in line with umbrellas, I ran around the corner to Bed Bath and Beyond to grab a giant umbrella to protect us from the sun. Another shopper also shared some sunscreen just in the nick of time, and fellow bargainista, Practically Haute joined us in line and treated us to cold drinks. Be sure to head to her site and check out her look inside too.

Once inside we forgot all about the wait and proceeded to fill up our basket with inexpensive makeup. I'm not a huge MAC fan but I love their reasonably priced lipsticks. Take an extra 60% off and I'm sold.

Signs said you couldn't apply but many sales associates let you swatch the colors on your hand.

I've never used their nail polish before but for less than $5 it was worth a shot.

Here is our first edit. When we were in line to pay we noticed some other colors in other people's baskets that we needed.

As much fun as we had, Ella was very happy to get on to out next stop.

Next stop was the dOMAIN Integrated Holiday in July preview - we probably spent the most time at the Perverse Sunglasses booth trying on sunnies while waiting for our free manicures. These glasses retail for about $40-60 with a few higher. Of course Ella's favorite was the $75 Eros 1042. We put down our bags while looking around and a few bloggers grabbed Ella's Rebecca Minkoff backpack thinking it was a part of the preview. It seems everyone wants my 9 year old's bag.

Walking to the High Line we passed this wall and thought it was perfect. Then my phone died. We grabbed some dinner then headed home. We were literally out for over 12 hours on our feet.

And now for our MAC haul! These were shot with my Cannon T5 and you can totally see the difference.

All of these MAC Studio nail polishes were $4.80 each. Colors from L-R; Instant Crush, Miami, Impassioned, and Flaming Rose.

Here is Ava modeling one coat of Miami. She's a wiggly little girl so this was the best I could do.

I let Ella choose one lipgloss for herself and she chose Such A Sweetheart Huggable Glass ($8). I choose the Spring Flock blush ($8.80) because it was the only color that looked like it would work for me. Looking back I wish I tried a few neutral colors but I love my bright pinks, corals and reds.

Lipsticks from L-R; Brooke Candy Mind Control, Such a Sweetheart, Be Silly & Silly. These were all $6.80 other than Mind Control which was $7.20.

I've always wanted to try MAC Cosmetics Velvetease Lip Pencils! I purchased (from L-R) Just My Type, Lovers Lane, Anything Goes, and Just Add Romance - all $8 each. Note Ella's green manicure :)

I swatched the lipsticks on top and the lip pencils on bottom - in the order I photographed them above. The lipgloss is to the far right. The top pic was bright sunlight and the bottom pic was in the shade.

It was MAC's first sample sale and I would definitely go to their next. My only future recommendation is to bring lots of water, sunscreen and an umbrella if it's sunny (or rainy) as you're totally exposed to the elements while waiting on line. I heard that the last couple days of the sale had little to no line and they were constantly restocking. Next time I'll be waiting till the end of the sale because the line really was insane. As we left, we saw that the line wrapped from the Metropolitan Pavilion on 18th Street - to all the way around the block down 19th Street. I'm sure there were people waiting in that line for much longer than we waited.

I'd like to apologize for getting this report up so late - typically I like to share during (not after) a sale but this Summer is insanity. I could have had it up Friday afternoon but the sale ended at 4PM and I decided it would be too late if you were only first hearing about it, so I walked away from my computer and hit the pool with the kids. Between my kids being home (no camp - not sure what I was thinking), personal shopping clients, and my brother's upcoming wedding, my plate is full. That being said, if you follow me on social media you were given ample notice - so please don't yell at me for not telling you LOL. You can always follow me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for live updates. I'll start Snapchatting more (I'm @LeHoarder over there) as soon as I can figure it out.

I have to share a big win for me this week. This photo exceeded 550 likes. Not sure why this one but feel free to like it too :) Until now my most liked photo was around 360 and it was just a EOS lipgloss. I just wanted to thank you all for your support. Every like, comment, and share is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Hope your Summer is going well! Retail sales are starting to heat up just as sample sales take a summer hiatus. I got an email that Neiman Marcus got another markdown - plus an extra 20% off sale. Nordstrom is having their Half Yearly sale but honestly I do better at the Rack. If anything amazing pops up I'll be sure to share!



Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Couponing 101 with Groupon Coupons.

I'm what you call a lazy couponer. I'll print a coupon or do a specific deal if it's easy, but that's about it. I used to be pretty hardcore but once I mastered it I decided to take a step back and direct my time and attention to other interests (ie blogging, sample sales, penny hunting, etc.) as there are only so many hours in the day when you're a stay at home mom. Back in the day, I would walk into CVS and leave with them paying me to take home $100+ in beauty/personal care products. It was before couponing was mainstream so cashiers didn't know what hit them LOL. Most people don't realize that those extreme couponers spend countless hours strategizing and collecting coupons - only to stockpile excess household products that they're probably never need or use. These days I prefer to hoard designer shoes rather than toilet paper.

Please note that this is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Now I do couponing-lite. One of my new favorite sites for coupons is Groupon. I mean we all know about Groupon for their amazing deals when you need a cheap manicure or a kids activity, but on Groupon Coupons you can find useful online codes or in-store printable coupons for stores you shop everyday.

It's totally free - just click thru to you favorite store and loads of coupons pop up. Easy peasy! Right now they have a 20% off Bed Bath & Beyond coupon - and you know you can always use another one of those! Kohls also has printable coupons on Groupon - and that store has some killer deals.

Next time before you head out to shop (or go online) be sure to stop by Groupon to check out their current coupons. Today they have 65,938 free coupons at 10,287 stores. That's pretty amazing!

What's your favorite way of saving money? 



Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer of the Kaftan

My brother's engagement fanfare continued with a brunch at Mike's Bistro in NYC last weekend. The bride told me she was going to wear her new Sophia Websters so I pulled out a pair of mine...and then she showed up in Miu Miu. I haven't shot this H&M Studio Collection kaftan since Florida so I decided it was time again. It's so comfortable that I could wear it every day - and I pretty much do LOL.

From head to toe:
  • Sunglasses: Moschino, Century 21, $60 but free after rewards
  • Earrings: Danielle Scott, Nordstrom Rack, $13.50
  • Lipstick: MAC Toxic Tale, Nordstrom, free with rewards
  • CC Cushion: Vant Air Touch CC Cushion, free from 0.8L
  • Dress: H&M Studio Collection, $30 (Was $149!)
  • Bracelets: Dannijo, $25 and Eddie Borgo, $5 - both sample sale scores :)
  • Ring: Elizabeth and James, Nordstrom Rack, $0.01
  • Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, sample sale, $75
  • Shoes: Sophia Webster Lacey sandals, sample sale, $95 (RV $695)
  • Nail polish: Sally Hanson Miracle Gel in Electra-cute, Target, $2.24 (I can't say no when it's that cheap LOL)

You can shop my look here:

BTW, the bride-to-be is wearing a Mr. Self Portrait dress and Miu Miu heels, and my brother is wearing Louis Vuitton shoes. I may be 12 years older than her but I think I look pretty darn good for an old lady.

We thought it was funny that a bunch of people thought this was her wedding dress. Just wait till you see what she wears to the wedding next month. We're all so excited for this wedding. My girls were asked to be flower girls and they are over the moon with excitement.

Last but not least, as HUGE thank you to my 11 year old son and 16 year old nephew B for shooting me. If you can't have an Instagram husband (mine retired LOL), be sure to get some talented Insta kids!

Have a great weekend!


Sunday, July 10, 2016

How to Dye a Leather Bag; My $50 Jimmy Choo Sample Sale Score!

This past Jimmy Choo sample sale, I picked up some of my best finds to date! I couldn't resist this $1,700 large white Zoe python trimmed hobo that I picked up for a DIY project - for just $50! It was completely discolored from being in contact with darker colored bags. I decided that it was too far gone to clean so it was time to attempt my first dye project.

First I started googling to get a few ideas. I've been looking for a brown bag for a while but I couldn't find the right shade of brown dye. Black just seemed the easiest - and you can never go wrong with another black bag.

I tried to get whatever I could from the dollar store or my own cabinets. I ordered the dye on Amazon and I was good to go. I probably spent about $20 OOP.

For this project I used:

Step 1: Lay out plastic tablecloth. I sat down on my driveway and worked outside. I wiped down the bag with a clean dry cloth. Apply Tarrago Preparer to bag using the abrasive side of the sponge. Do not let dry.

Step 2: Start applying first coat of Fiebing's Leather Dye to the bag. Make sure you're wearing your gloves! That's little miss Ella getting in on the action. Don't worry about getting dye on the hardware - you can clean that later. The reason I used this dye first is because it's a penetrating dye - it seeps into the leather.

Make sure the dye gets into all the nooks and crannies. After I applied the first coat I let it dry to the touch and then applied the second coat. The Fiebing's dye comes with a little wool dauber (looks like a cotton ball on a metal stick) which was very useful in applying the dye. My dollar store sponges on sticks fell apart as I used them - luckily there was a bunch in the bag.

Don't be alarmed when the purse looks brownish. This dye leaves a matte brownish-black appearance. That's why you need the Tarrago as well. By the time you've applied the second coat, the bag should look more even in color. Pictured below is after a single coat of Fiebings. I then hung the bag to dry overnight.

It was at this point that I opened the bag and saw the paint bled inside the zipper because I had forgotten to use the painters tape. Ugh. Rookie mistake. The first thing you should do before you start the dye process is to line the inside of the zipper with painters tape (see pics below). Lesson learned.

Step 3: Apply two coats of the Tarrago Self Shine Color Dye. I once again used the dauber and a small black sponge to even it out. This dye is a surface dye and I read it could scrape off - which is why you need the Fiebings underneath. It gives the leather a darker black appearance with a pretty sheen. I let the bag dry overnight between coats. My Balenciaga is starting to fade so I plan on using a coat of the Tarrago to spruce it up at some point.

Step 4: After bag has dried, start wiping down the bag with a clean cloth to remove any residue. Then you can start cleaning the hardware. The dye comes right off with rubbing alcohol and q-tips.

You can see that I chose not to dye the inner leather details. It just wasn't worth the hassle for me.

In this pic you can see how I lined the inside of the bag with the painters tape. It should be set in right against the seam. This should really be step one - especially because I had to dye the white zipper. You can see that the dye took nicely on both the fabric zipper and the leather.

After letting the bag dry outside for 24 hours I took it inside to dry as well for another day because it's so humid outside. I let Ella do the final reveal because she assisted in the process.

Looking at it, you really can't tell I dyed it. I let her style it so she clipped on my $25 fringed heart coin purse from the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale - and she's wearing a Gymboree coverup and sunglasses that we dug out of the basement. We had gotten sick of looking at Gymbo because after a while it all starts looking the same, but we've taken long enough of a break to start enjoying it again.

This bag is really huge - it can probably fit Ella inside LOL.

Hope you've enjoyed my DIY. It really wasn't all that difficult and I would definitely do it again. Fingers crossed for more damages at the next Jimmy Choo sale!

And yeah, it's my birthday. 7/11/74. Today I'm 42. Somehow this birthday feels different. Usually I get all mopey on my birthday and hide until it passes. Today I woke up hopeful. I don't expect anything all that exciting to happen today - there is zero chance of a pimped out large Gucci Dionysus or a new Chanel showing up at my door LOL, but I feel like my life if finally heading in the direction it should be. It's a good feeling.

Plus it helps that I can reverse that 42 and still pass for 24 on a good day :)

Don't forget to get your free slurpee at 7-Eleven today - you have till 7pm tonight!


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Who's Ready for My Latest Haul??!!

It's been about a month since my last haul post - today I'm sharing my Vera Wang sample sale scores, a thrift store find and some Nordstrom Rack Clear the Rack deals!

The Vera Wang sample sale had some amazing discounts! These $800 Riley sandals were mine for just 25 bucks :) They sold out of most larger sizes so these were the only shoes that came home with me.

I tried on a $5000 fur jacket that would have been $175 but it was too crazy for me - and that says a lot. I love this $1895 menswear inspired wool coat - those cut out shoulders totally sold me. Then I saw Kiley Jenner in pics wearing it to fashion week and it went down a notch or two. But it's really cool - so cool that when the male sales associate saw me in it - he ran and grabbed a larger size for himself LOL. Stay tuned for Fashion Week where we'll have our own who wore it better :)

It looks really expensive...and did I mention it was just $100?!

I went a little crazy at the jewelry table but in my defense, you should see what some of my friends came back with. I was immediately drawn to the bugs so I snapped up the necklace for $37.50 and pins for $20 each. As you can see on the tag, the bug brooches retailed for $395 each. Some of the necklaces retailed for over $1,000 but this is the only one that really spoke to me. All the bracelets were $20 as well. The earrings were $10 and I really only grabbed them because they were cuter than the $5 tee shirts - and I had to purchase 10 items to get the 50% off promotion.

I seriously regret either not getting to this sale a day earlier - and not grabbing more jewelry.

Nordstrom Rack has been serving up quality over quantity recently - here are a few of my recent Clear the Rack finds. This $965 Elizabeth and James Iris oversized Mongolian lamb fur collared coat was just under $60 after discount. Crazy!

My $925 Pologeorgis rabbit and goat fur vest came out to under $39!

And my Alice & Olivia $698 Tina metallic ballgown skirt came out to less than $40 - that's cheaper than sample sale pricing!

I haven't been doing a lot of thrifting of late but I did find this Zara pea coat for $12.50 (it was half price). Other than a tan coat, I'm all set for next season!

So while most of these deals have come and gone I'm linking up some similar pieces on sale so you can score too!

Hope you too have been lucky lately too - would love to hear about your recent finds!

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