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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

75% off clearance at Century21, thrifted finds, Pedro Garcia reveal and B&N $2 scores!

Most Tuesdays I go thrifting but today I skipped it to check on Marshalls markdowns. I saw a few things to keep my eye on but walked out empty handed. Nothing at the Rack either so I walked next door to Century 21 and it was a good thing I did :)

Last week I noticed the tickets were 1/3 and 1/2 off - today some departments went to 75% off!!! As always I headed to the bags and sadly nothing high end made it to markdown. I hit the wallet area then back to bags and grabbed a few. Here are my finds:

Marc by Marc Jacobs small travel bag $15

Zac Posen Z Spoke wallet on a chain $15 - got this for my friend S.

Handbag organizer - I kept hearing about them on TPF (The Purse Forum) and for less than $10 it's worth a try.

Liebeskind leather wallet $15

Kelsi Dagger Dunham leather purse $30 (retail $248) - got this for my SIL V but I may keep it...
Faux-leather bag $13 - this is for my SIL V

Best for last - Milly Harper leather/calfhair cross body $35 (retailed for $325). I've always wanted a Milly bag :)

I wandered around men's looking for a leather jacket for DH. They didn't have any on markdown so I grabbed a few accessories for him instead.

$6 fedora and $12 plum cashmere scarf (I got two of them b/c I want one too LOL).

And then there were sunglasses. I hit the motherload.

Not all are for me - I got for DH, my brothers and maybe for friends...

I got Marc Jacobs, Carrera, Tods, Phillip Lim, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Just Cavalli, Prada and Burberry - ALL FOR LESS THAN $30 EACH!!!! So yeah, I went a little nuts but most pairs were under $20. That's what I pay for a crappy pair at TJ Maxx so I figure I came out ahead here. And there is a reason my blog is called LeHoarder....

I took a quick pic of my new Pedro Garcia's from my last post. I'm so excited!

My coveted Pedro Garcia Talisas. LOVE!

As long as I was taking pics I figured I'd share some of my thrifted finds from Friday. My niece from Texas moved to NYC for college so she came for the weekend. We all ended up all going to my In-Laws but not before a pre-sabbath stop to my favorite thrift store. She needed a coat (being from Texas where they think 40 degrees is cold LOL) so I found her a gorgeous vintage mid-length faux fur from the 60s (looks real) for $25. She looks like a million bucks in it but I should mention that she's a knockout to begin with. Here are some of my scores:

Leather jacket $20. I think it's a VS brand. We both wanted this but it was a little big on me and bigger on her. I won.

H&M dress $8 - I'm thinking Spring :)

leather belts $6 & $8

Tibi dress $10. Beautiful color and texture - looks money. Too small but I can zip it up so I figure it's worth saving :)

And finally on my way to pick up the kids I checked my facebook and I saw that All Things Target shared a tip that Barnes and Noble has their $2 red dot sale. I grabbed the kids and stopped at B&N. Nothing to exciting to report at my local store. I only found a couple craft kits for the girls.

So busy day for me. I still have to tidy up, finish homework with the kids and do my T25. Tomorrow I head to the City to get my hair done. Hope to stop at the Rack on 14th street and Crossroads before I head back to do carpool.

So yeah, run to C21. It's worth it :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Good things come to those who wait :)

Today is my baby sister's birthday. She's seven years younger and somehow she's now older than I am in my head LOL. She lives in Israel where is customary to receive blessings from your friends and family on your birthday. So Oog (my nickname for her), happy birthday! May you too find what you've been searching for :) Sometimes it's the small victories that fulfill us...

She's not really into stuff like I am but I have a feeling that right about now she's probably enjoying her new skirt and Christmas candy corn I just sent back with her husband. Miss you Oog!
Anyway, last year at about this time I was introduced to the brand Pedro Garcia when I was shopping Nordstrom's end of season sale. I tried on a few pairs but there was something off about every pair I tried on. One was too tight, one the heel was too high, another had straps too loose for my ankles...I didn't end up buying any but I had a feeling that one day my perfect pair of Pedro Garcia's would come.

It was in Last Call that I saw them. They were beautiful and they were perfect...but again these were a full size too large and $300, which was a little more than I wanted to spend but I had to have them. At the time I didn't realize that they could call other outlets and try to track them down. A month later when I realized...it was too late. And so my internet search began. I googled Pedro Garcia jeweled wedge and FINALLY I had a name - Talisa, retail $750. They had them on Outnet for 39.5 and 40.5 for $350...and I needed a 40. I watched them for months thinking maybe I can squeeze into the smaller size. I scoured eBay for months. Never a size 40. And then they sold out everywhere.
Pedro Garcia Talisa

Cute with tights too :) How me is this outfit?

So tonight, almost a year later I was checking eBay for another pair of my favorite Jimmy Choo Pekabo wedges that I scored at the sample sale last year for $90. I have easily 100 pairs of designer shoes and these were pretty much the only pair I wore last summer because they are so comfortable. I could probably run a marathon in them.

I decided to look for my elusive Talisas. And again no Talisas :(

My Jimmy Choo Pekabo wedges - I was thinking about getting the nude ones too. LOVE!

So I went to randomly went to Yoox because from time to time they have cheap Pedro Garcias. I'm scrolling thru (they never list the style names which is so annoying) and THERE THEY WERE. One pair left and guess what size???? MINE! Did I mention they were $130!!!!!!!!!!!! If that wasn't exciting enough ebates has 4.5% cash back and I found a coupon (RMNBONUS) that expires tonight for 10% off and free shipping. I just scored my OMFG shoes that I've been lusting after for a year now for just $117 (not including ebates). That's almost 85% off.

Yoox, if you cancel my order I'll kill you. I will reach through the internet and strangle you to death. I NEED these shoes.

I may not have scored a Chanel sale bag this season but I got me some pretty new shoes.

This year may we all find what we desire :)

Monday, January 20, 2014

My latest obsession - little girls screwback earrings

I was four years old when I had my ears pierced. I have a crazy memory and I still remember the day I was walking down the street with my mom and we passed a jewelry store and she asked me if I wanted to pierce my ears. I was a girly girl so of course I said yes. In the olden days they used these large guns that shot earrings into your ears. Needless to say, it was painful and after the first ear, I wasn't sure I wanted to do the other but I remember thinking I already went through the pain of one ear so I might as well suck it up and do the other. So for over 35 years now, I've had these holes in my ears and I've enjoyed every day of it. They are pretty sensitive so I have a hard time with non-gold earrings but I find I can usually manage with my fake stuff for a few hours at a shot - and I can only sleep in gold or platinum earrings.

I had my girls ears pierced when they were about six months old so they wouldn't remember the pain LOL. That and if you wait even a few more months a baby will be more aware and is more likely to fuss with their new earrings. I should also mention that I hate loosing things. I'm a little obsessive about it too. When something goes missing, I will immediately tear apart my entire house until I find what I'm looking for. I've put a little of my craziness onto my DH and kids - who are now afraid of loosing anything (even a hair clip) because they know it will drive me nuts. So when my older daughter lost her first earring I went into research mode because I said never again. After loosing at least three more pairs I discovered baby screwback earrings. At that point I had a hard time finding 14k gold ones with backs that stay put. After a few eBay failures I found a City neighbor (we've both since left Manhattan) who sold them for pretty reasonable prices. Her online store is Triple Sweet - and the genius is that she sells some of her pairs in a set of three - so you have a spare if you loose one. I found that her screwback earrings stay on for at least 1.5 years without any problems but inevitably at about that point I would forget to check the backs (which obsessive me tries to do weekly) and one would fall out. I'd say my girls have been wearing Triple Sweet earring exclusively for the past 5-6 years and I've been really happy with them.

How cute are these Triple Sweet 18K screwbacks?

14K Triple Sweet dragonfly screwbacks - buy your DDs earrings with a spare!

So maybe I should really say this is my latest re-obsession. Last week my older daughter came home without an earring and I didn't have a spare set (I usually buy an extra just in case but we were already wearing the spares...) so I randomly checked Amazon (love their two day prime shipping!) and when I searched for kids gold earrings I found a seller Lovearing who had some really cute gold plated silver earrings for under $20. I selected one of the cheapest pairs as I wasn't sure if my daughter would have a reaction (never did plated before) but the reviews were pretty good and for $11 I figured why not?

14k gold plated Amethyst baby butterfly earrings from Lovearing on Amazon

When ordering them I was given specific instructions from my daughter - nothing too plain (I wanted to order CZ studs and was vetoed). I surprised her with these and she was VERY happy :)

Quick pic from the pizza shop. Pardon her toothless smile - she just lost her 8th tooth :)

I have to say - it's been over a week and so far so good. No irritation and they came in a cute turquoise box. I actually went ahead and got the white CZ studs too but I gave them to my niece who had lost one of her earrings. I do have to mention that I got the studs in a white metal and even though the Amazon description said gold plated, the card that they came on just said "silver" - so if you need gold for allergy issues be sure to order a pair in the yellow metal. Also - I tried them on and they fit me so they could work for an adult with thin lobes as well :)

Amazon description states they are Rhodium plated (14k white gold plated) but I'm not so sure. Plus it came with a brown box instead of the cute blue one.
Now that my girls are older (4 and 6) I don't mind trying the plated ones from Amazon. My younger daughter is still wearing a cute pair of 14k hearts from Triple Sweet and I hope to not have to replace them anytime soon - but if I have to, at least I have some pretty good options :)

Just my two cents...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Target toys 70% off!

So it's the day my kids eagerly anticipate 2x a year. This morning Target marked down their clearance toys to 70% off! (Note - this is not all for my kids, I stock up for birthday gifts for my kids and their friends.) Legos and some Barbies were still 50% off but overall I made out like a bandit :)

At 7:45 AM my three kids and I hopped into the car (it's their first day of winter vacation) and off we went. At the first Target they just started to mark down so we grabbed a couple things and hit my other local Target. Jackpot! We filled a cart and then I dropped the kids off at home with DH - and I went to two more stores solo that were 20 minutes out.

I got a lot of duplicates but I tried to show one of each item so you can have an idea of what to look for. Enough talk, here's my stash:

Girly stuff

Arts and crafts

Hot Wheels
Boy stuff

Lego was only 50% off so I took it easy. The big set was $25 and the small was $10.

I've also been watching perfume since I picked up my Jimmy Choo a couple weeks ago for 50% off ($31.50) and today I got lucky and found two DKNYs for 70% off! Be sure to check your local stores perfume cases - markdowns were this past Friday but there may still be some goodies left that the employees didn't swipe. I also remember Gucci Guilty and an Estee Lauder being on markdown - I'm going to see if I can find those too :)

DKNY $11.24, My Jimmy Choo, and body spray for my niece for $2

Amidst my travels I stopped at the Rack and found this UGG care set. I've NEVER seen it marked down before. Got it half price for $12.97 :)

Box was a little beaten up but who cares?

So just a few notes - Target markdowns may have been regional so your local stores may not have marked down yet - or maybe it's tomorrow for you. Get there when they open and if they are scanning you are in luck! Important - they have to scan one of an item for you to get the markdown price so ask the person with the scanning gun to check the price - it may be lower than marked :)

Happy hunting!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's Dolly and Designer Day :)

So far 2014 is off to a good start for me. I'm starting my second cycle of T25, cleaning out my closet on Ebay, and I've found some pretty spectacular sale and thrifted goodies.

I've been collecting American Girl dolls with my girls for the past few years. I used to scour Craigslist for deals but these days I don't bother, it's whatever I can thrift. Yesterday I took my sister to a store I haven't been to in a while to pick up some shirts for my nephew. Got him four Ralph Lauren, Nautica and J. Crew shirts for less than $25 - and he thought they were new (they were in great shape). My most exciting find was this dolly wheelchair that I scored for less than $3. It's the TRU Journey Girls brand and not American Girl but for that price she didn't care.

Today I stopped into Salvation Army because for some reason I thought it was Wednesday, which is their family day and everything except one color is 50% off. (I get confused sometimes...everyday is Sunday when you don't work a 9-5 job.)

Well even on a Tuesday there are finds to be found :)

American Girl Julie's bed
As soon as I walked in I saw it on the floor unmarked. I grabbed it and played it cool. When I asked how much I was pretty happy with the answer. It was 8 bucks! If you're not familiar with AG, Julie's bed retails for $125 so despite missing the orange canopy, a small pillow and some of the beads are broken, it's still a pretty great deal.

After SA I headed to TJ Maxx to do a couple returns. For some reason it's impossible to walk out of there without a new purchase. They still had a few racks of yellow ticket runway stuff left and I found this beauty - a Marc Jacobs collection skirt for $99. It's a little muppet but there was just something about it. It's fun and the materials are heavy and luxe...and did I mention it fit? The cut is actually pretty slimming and I love the high waist (or at least on short-waisted ole me it's a high waist). However, I'm not sure if I got it just because of the label so I'm still thinking about this piece.


After TJ I stopped at the Nordstrom Rack because they just marked down the women's department the day before. I literally filled up my cart with gorgeous stuff. I edited down and this was my find of the day - Vera Wang black dress 70% off for $82. The more I look at it the more obsessed I become. Photos do not do it justice. It's perfect - and a size 4!!!

Close up of faux leather waist and asymmetrical hem.

I was looking for tops for my SIL and lookie what I found :)

 So I guess it's really the tag that makes it exciting...

Woohoo! Penny find!!!
I actually found a second (also in her size) also for a penny. Love me some Nordstrom Rack!

Grabbed this Monique Lhuillier grey satin dress because it was $10.49. Enough said :)

As long as I was taking pics I figured I'd share a bunch of my recent thrifted finds. When I saw this black satin dress it screamed red carpet to me. I quickly looked up the designer Alex Teih and most of his dresses are $1,500 and upward. It may not fit but a- it will and b- who cares, it's art. Did I mention it was $14.99? Score!

Close up of sculpted bodice
Top is fully boned.

That day I also took home the black braided leather Club Monaco belt for $6. It looks very Bottega Veneta :) The Donna Karan collection green and brown leather belt I picked up on a previous trip for $6 as well. It's nice to have a waist again so I can wear belts.

I'm sure there's more but I hear my kids screaming and not doing their homework so I better check on them LOL.

So lesson of the day - there are bargains in the air, so go hit the stores!

Love always,


Monday, January 6, 2014

Yellow tag clearance sale at Marshalls/TJ Maxx!!! Plus quick AliExpress dress review

Drop whatever you are doing and run to your local Marshalls or TJ Maxx - especially if it's a runway store. Today I hit four stores and found some goodies :)

Some of my finds - kids and DH already made off with a few things...I also got Ryka sneakers for $14 for me :)

My favorite find of the day - Brian Atwood pumps for $29!!! I wanted these at full price ($300+) too!

Rebecca Minkoff wallet on a chain, Retail $195 - my price $39! I've been thinking about a RM wallet for a while :)

Close up of my perfumes - Juicy Couture $1, Escape by Calvin Klein $3, and Bucheron for men $2

Can't wait to see what I find tomorrow :)


I also quickly stopped at a Target today and I found these hidden 90% Christmas clearance finds.

$.99 each!!!


A couple weeks ago I decided to try shopping on AliExpress after my successful Ebay dress buy. I purchased this cute navy dress for less than $18 shipped after coupon from NO.1 New Fashion Cloth Store.

What I ordered...

What I got.

Zipper ends mid-back (weird) and you can see all the puckering at the seams.

Sadly it was not what I expected. The listing mentioned it ran small and boy, they were not kidding. I sized up to a medium and I was worried it was going to be too big LOL. It's TINY! My medium is a 0/2 - and their measurements are way off! Plus it's listed as cotton and it's NOT! It's a thin jersey polyester that's dry clean only. The back zipper is poorly set in, lots of puckering in the back seams, the arms are too narrow and the hip looks crooked - basically it was a big waste of money. I complained to the seller and they said they would send me some money back - we'll see how much...Next time I'm going to stick to valuefashionshop on Ebay - at least there I know what I'm going to get.

Happy shopping and good luck! Hope you find some yellow sticker deals too :)

ETA: The AliExpress seller offered me a $3 refund if I gave them a 5 star review. I told them no thanks, that's not enough money for me to sell my soul. I'd rather buyers know it's a sub-par product.
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