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Friday, July 1, 2016

My Top 5 Must Haves for Fall.

In this 90+ degree heat, I know it seems premature to start thinking about Fall but there are a few pieces that have been on my mind since last year and I find it's always better (and cheaper!) to shop off season.

Don't know why, but I've been obsessed with the Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme shoulder bag for a while now. They have lots of fun prints - giving the standard Gucci logo print a kicky twist. I don't see this magically appearing on sale any time soon so I fear this one is going to sit on my wishlist until I find a new bag to covet.

Next up is a white sneaker. Seems easy, right? Well you all know how cheap I am so I refuse to spend more than $30. I'm waiting for something to turn up at the Rack.

Another must have shoe for me is a chunky oxford flat or flatform. I've seen a few at sample sales but nothing was quite right. I have big feet and I like a shoe that makes my feet look bigger (which I think makes me look smaller LOL). All the ones I've found so far didn't look quite right on my foot. I need it to be lightweight and comfortable because I plan on living in it all Fall. I'm hopeful the perfect one (ie under $100) will turn up soon!

I have a lot of jackets and coats but for some reason I haven't had a tan wool coat in a really long time. They seem to only go on sale in gray. I thrift a lot of my coats but I'm guessing tan doesn't make it to Goodwill because they get dirty easily. Either way, I'm on the hunt. I'm not picky about the style but I'd prefer something tailored. Would love any one of these beauties...

My last must have for Fall is a chunky signature low heeled bootie - can you tell I have a serious thing for shoes? I'd prefer black but I would do something colorful as well. I've been looking for these at every sample sale as they were all over the runways, and I have giant, model sized feet. I've come close but my perfect bootie still has not presented itself yet. I'm sure you've noticed my comfort trend - this year I want shoes I can actually walk in - no more stupid but pretty shoes...unless they are insanely cheap :)

I know I said my top 5 but I'm throwing this one in as an added bonus. I know I have a billion pairs of sunglasses but I'm always looking for a new signature pair. At the Modo sale I had a hard time selecting a pair (can you believe I only found one??!!) but I'm particular about fit. I like an oversized cat eye to show off my cheekbones and I have a weird bump in my nose that's not noticeable unless I'm wearing the wrong sunnies. I'm starting to get sick of my favorite Moschino pair that I got for free using my Century21 rewards so it's time for a replacement. There really is a difference between a Forever 21 pair and a designer pair (quality, fit...) but the ones in the middle are totally workable. Here are some of my latest picks...

So if anyone sees something on my list on the cheap, PLEASE give me a heads up! Even a pro shopper like myself needs a little help every now and then :)

What's on your #musthavelist for Fall?



  1. These Gucci bags are just stunning!


    Tamara -

    1. Right? I keep drooling over them every time I see one...

  2. I like the solid Gucci in the teal blue but was never into the logo ones even with embroidery. And high top sneakers or platform oxfords I just can't lol.

  3. I love white sneakers too! They're so versatile :)

    Edye | Http://


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