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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Finally! Sophia Webster!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhh I'm still so excited. My shoe-high isn't gonna let me sleep so I figured I'd share my new Sophia Websters!

Saturday night was the VIP preview for the Sophia Webster NYC sample sale. I hit the town with my blogger bestie, Shira of A Sequin Love Affair. This time it was Shira who took me along for the ride and I'm so grateful! Last sale I went the second day and walked away empty handed. This time more than made up for my previous experience.

My look from head to toe:
  • Sweater: Rebecca Taylor, sample sale, $40
  • Dress: H&M, sale rack, $3
  • Coat: H&M, $25
  • Bracelets: A.V. Max, sample sale, $15 each
  • Tights: Spanx, Burlington Coat Factory, $12
  • Boots: Donna Karan, Century 21, $26 (90% off!)

I finally joined Snapchat tonight because Sophia Webster included me in their latest story! My name is LeHoarder there too if you want to follow me.

Prices were pretty much the same as last year. Tables were set up by size and priced by color. Pricing started at $65 for a  basic flat or pump, and went upward of $295 for ornate heels and $350 for boots. However, I hit the sample table hard (all priced at $95!) and walked away with four gorgeous pairs of heels. This time Shira actually purchased more than me LOL.

They did not allow photography inside so I can only share some of what we got. Shira and I took pictures of each others shoes. She actually took all the pics of me tonight LOL.

Obsessed with my Keira Doiley sandals, retail $750.

They were kind enough to get on the floor and tie these Lacey printed leather sandals (retail $695) the right way - evidently I did it wrong first LOL.

These two are of Shira's legs - her pink Yara butterfly heels were $150 (retail $670) and I found her the sample Lilico Floral Jungle Sandals for $95 (retail $650)!

I'm linking some of the shoes I saw so you can get an idea of what's inside :)

I've shared it before but if you have not yet registered for the sale, you can do so here.

Sophia Webster
Sunday, December 6, 9am-6pm (by appointment only)
91 Horatio St, New York, NY 10014

They were restocking as we shopped so I may head back in tomorrow. If you see me come say hello and show me what you're getting!



  1. We did so good and lol I know, you're right, I did purchase more this time! Ahhh I'm going to hide in the corner in shame right now! ;) I love our shoe shots and you looked smokin' tonight! I showed my friend your photos (she's around your age) and she immediately asked me for your secrets haha.

    1. We did amazing! You were right to not return today. It's the first time you out-shopped me LOL. You totally deserve it.

      My secret is not such a secret. It's totally good genetics. Thanks mom and dad! I've been moisturizing religiously since I was a teenager and now I make an effort working out 4-6 days a week and I can't eat like I used to. Until around 30 it was easier - as I age I have to work for it. It took me until 40 to realize I needed to make a change and it finally occurred to me I need to step it up. It's just exhausting to think I have to do this for the rest of my life. I miss eating everything, walking a little, and being a size 2. That's why I tell everyone in their 20s to enjoy it while they can. It just gets harder...

  2. Ah, you guys scored!! Those shoes are all to die for!!

  3. I went to the sample sale today! Wish I would've seen you there, unfortunately I walked away with nothing, they only had one pair of wedges in my size (42) everything else was too small. A little disappointing as I really love her shoes and was hoping to walk away with a few pairs! Love the floral heels, I was hoping to find those, and I can't believe she got them for 95!! That's amazing! I need to figure out how to be a VIP haha

    1. They had maybe 5 pairs total in 42 - she does run small and I was hanging out with the size 40 plus girls helping them find something LOL. Today they had a sample of those floral heels in 41 that I missed but seconds which I've made my peace with - I would have needed a 40 in those. Next time come earlier!!!

    2. By the time I signed up, I was already the third or fourth group but I realized they let people in earlier than their allotted time. A couple people in line w me had later times and just asked to get in and they were allowed in! Good to know for future reference, I'll just try my luck to get in earlier! Or just try to sign up earlier haha! congrats on your finds! Are you going to post the other pairs you got?

    3. It's crazy in sample sale land. I just got back from the Alice and Olivia preview. As soon as things slow down...

  4. I had a 2:15pm appointment and there wasn't very exciting stuff left in my size. I did score the only pair of the Bubblegum Pink pumps you got, along with some sneakers, a pair of black flats and a a pair of black pumps. I'm pleased with what I got, I had my heart set on other things :/ I'm not a fashion blogger so I'll never be invited to previews; I need to learn not to set my expectations high.

    1. You would have done ok had you gone for the 9am slot today - that first group depleted half their stock. They let me hang out so I was there from 9-12 chatting and hoping for restocking which trickled in but not for samples. My number one rules for any sale is always be first in line!

    2. I didn't find out about the sale until Saturday so I guess I didn't do too bad all things considered! There is always next year :)


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