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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

NYC day - Dannijo and Camilla sample sale scores!

Yesterday I headed downtown bright and early, primarily for the one day Dannijo sample sale. I've been obsessed with their rocker-chic jewelry - from the moment I saw their designs I was in love. Unfortunately they come with $500+ price tags which is a little out of my budget. I've wanted to hit their sample sale for a couple years now but the timing was never right.

I got there super early so I finally visited the High Line and I can't believe I never took a moment to go until now. It was beautiful. I snapped a few shoefies of my new Report Signature Calin sandals that I suspect you'll be seeing a lot of in the next few weeks.

The sale started at 10am (I got there before 9) but I returned to the building by 9:40 and there was still no line. I saw someone leaving (you had to be buzzed in) so I went inside and it was a good thing I did. Turns out they had Friends and Family and they let me in a little early. I wish I tried to get in even earlier as my nemesis from the Yosca sample sale was there hoarding all the cheap stuff and bags. No matter, there was still plenty for me.

From what I understand, prices were at an all time low - from $10 to $150. I'm glad I waited for this sale. It was sooo good. First I shopped, then I took pictures so everything here is what was left after the initial rush.

When you first entered, you were met with a display of bags, all for $75. Pretty good considering some of them retailed for over $1000.

At the next table started the $150 pieces. Surprisingly, that table got emptied first.

The $50 and $100 sections were far more plentiful.

In my opinion, the $25 and under portion was by far the most impressive. Tons of past-season jewels for next to nothing.

This $25 choker tempted me but it didn't look right on. I wish it was a bracelet.

On the floor they had bins of $15-25 phone cases. I love how someone left their coffee on the floor LOL.

The $10 pieces weren't so exciting for me  - or maybe the reseller lady had already taken everything good...

So I guess now you want to see what I scored :)

Let's start with my Viper clutch. Retailed for $698 and mine was just $75! I went in there looking for a clutch and I've wanted one with a handle like this for a while.

If you know me at all, you know about my love of cuffs. I easily have over 100 but I just can't get enough. These were all $25 each.

When I saw this one I knew I was gonna have to spend a little more. I felt much better about splurging $50 when I looked online and saw the Valentina with a $595 price tag. 

And I can't forget earrings! I needed the beetles (retailed for $345!) and convinced another girl to get them too.  As for the others, I'm a sucker for a blues and greens. What surprised me most about Dannijo earrings was how lightweight they are despite their size.

I have to say, this sale was worth the wait. I LOVE everything and I'm really pleased with my edit. Like I said, the sale was one day only so you'll just have to drool over my pictures and wait for the next one. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for live updates of my adventures as they happen :)


I've admired Camilla Franks colorful dresses and caftans at Neiman Marcus so when I saw they were having a sample sale I knew I had to check it out. It seems their PR people are running it for the Australian designer. Prices are high for a sample sale but that didn't stop women from scooping up beachwear for about 60% off retail.

I had to try on at least one piece so I grabbed this short caftan which was priced at $225 (they retail for about $600) - had it been cheaper or more flattering I would have been tempted.

Prices started at $75 and topped out at $275. 

  • $75:   bags and scarves
  • $100: small cushions, leggings and shorts
  • $125: tops, blouses, layering, swimwear and large cushions
  • $150: skirts, trousers and knitwear
  • $175: playsuits
  • $225: short caftans, short dresses, jumpsuits, coats and jackets
  • $275: long caftans and long dresses (these are usually $600-700)

Sale is on thru Thursday - I would recommend checking back the last day to see if they have further markdowns. I was informed that they will not be restocking so what you see is all they have. The standout piece of the sale was this $225 blazer. Very editorial.

I did grab this one of a kind Call of the Wild Great Escape Bag for $75, retail $449 (but I think that's AUS not US). I googled it and they produced it with a darker brown leather which is probably more practical but I actually love the tan. I would have like a clutch but if I was gonna spend $75 on a bag there, this seemed more worth it. I have a bunch of thrifted travel bags but I've wanted a fancy one for some time for my imaginary future getaways.

I got there at about noon so I can only imagine what I missed. If you're on your way to a tropical beach vacation, this is the sale for you.

CAMILLA sample sale
August 18-20, T-Th 9-7
231 West 29 Street (Btwn. 7-8 Ave.), Suite 302
*Cash or charge but if you pay cash they don't charge you tax.


I did pop in to Century downtown to check out their LXR & Co. 50% off designer sale going on thru today (nothing left) and too see how their general sale was progressing (still 65% off). Hope you enjoyed my latest shopping adventure. May all yours be as fruitful and colorful.



  1. The jewelry is stunning! I am always looking for jewelry, but it's so expensive. Most of my stuff is F21 or H&M, since they pretty much break by the time I'm sick of them. These bracelets are TDF!!

    1. Thanks :) I used to do a lot of H&M jewelry (and the like) but once you get the good stuff you never go back. The great thing about living in/near NYC is that I've been able to amass quite a collection of designer pieces for next to nothing thanks to sample sales and Century 21.

    2. Do you think they'll be another Dannijo sale this fall or around the holidays? Crying in my missed beetle earring opportunity soup but so happy for you with your scores! Thanks!

    3. Thanks - last year they had one in October so it's possible :)


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