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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Day 3 NYFW; Front Row & VIP, Baby!

After Thursday's marathon I almost skipped heading in on Friday but I decided I needed to push myself. As I headed out the door I second guessed myself and once again put on a safe outfit. I had a ticket to the Concept Korea show which featured emerging designers - Tae-keun Kim and Ji-yeon Lee of the labels Yohanix and Jarret.

In addition to making a few more new blogger and photographer friends, I once again scammed my way into the front row and watched probably my favorite show so far. I did love the colorful furs in Jarret but Yohanix really popped for me - with lots of jeweled accents and beautifully tailored outerwear. Just so cool. I want to be that girl.

Unfortunately almost none of the details I took pictures of came out so I'm including lots of video. I do have a few shots from the Jarret show. One trend I'm noticing on the runways is the low heeled chunky bootie with a snip toe - just like the ones I had in the 90s and have since tossed LOL.

And because I know you need to see it - here's what was in the front row swag bag :) Lot's of Korean beauty products :)

After the show my new friends and I headed to the Tresemme lounge to see if we could get our hair done but they were closed for filming. We told them were just looking for somewhere to hang out so they escorted us to the VIP IMG lounge and we hung out for a couple hours sipping mimosas and champagne. Guess I chatted up the right person. I just had water but I asked for it in a champagne glass to look swankier.

I snapped this one of blogger, Mairanny Batista because at first I thought it was Joe Manganiello behind her but it was just another gorgeous guy with a killer jawline. After watching True Blood I put him on my free pass list. 

These pics were snapped in the lounge by photographer Alexandra Szebenyik with my camera. 

On my way out Mairanny shot me both inside and outside. She's as talented as she is adorable and we had such a blast.

My look from head to toe:
  • Hat: H&M, $3
  • Earrings: Lionette, sample sale, $20
  • Gloves: Carolina Amato, sample sale, $15
  • Ring: Lionette, sample sale, $20
  • Jacket: H&M, $24
  • Sweater: Rebecca Taylor, sample sale, $40
  • Jeans: H&M, $17.99 less 20% mall coupon - these fit like a dream!
  • Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli, Nordstrom Rack, $160 after Nordstrom Notes (retail $895)
  • Socks: Forever 21, $2.90
  • Shoes: Sophia Webster Lacey, sample sale, $95

I'm linking these pieces and similar if you want to shop my look :)

Stay tuned for day 4! If you missed it, you can backtrack and read day 1 and day 2 here and here.




  1. OMG I need that little book of skincare! Love the first 50 pages so much ^^ Seriously dying to read the rest of it.

    P.S: Join my pre-Spring giveaway and win a pair of sunglasses of your choice.

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

    1. Thanks - I already entered your giveaway too - fingers crossed!

  2. Love that socks and sandals are in! I hate giving up my summer shoe wear for so many months. :-)

    1. Socks with sandals are in as long as they're not grandpa-style. Someone needs to tell that to my FIL thou LOL.

  3. Stumbled across your blog and just realized you are also from New York!

    Great fashion show! Love it!!
    I realized that we are using the same affil links. I'll look up on those interesting link picks to support your blog.

    Feel free to visit and support my blog as I am still new to the beauty blogging world. We can follow each other as well on GFC, but not sure where your GFC button tho. Let me know!


  4. Great shots of you; looks like you're having a blast!

  5. I am loving your NYFW posts and living through you because it's a DREAM of mine to get to go someday!! Also...swooning over all of the furs here!!

    1. It's so fun! Just make a weekend trip so you don't have to miss too much work :) And yes, I'm fur crazy too...just not sure what you'd do with them in Texas LOL.


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