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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Who What Wear Target Collab Thoughts & H&M Online Sale Haul!

I rarely shop online, especially at H&M where you can't return instore, but the deals were just too good to resist. Last week they had an extra 40% off sale plus free shipping so I snapped up some cute pieces. Like I mentioned, I did hear a rumor that I could return online merchandise in Manhattan so I figured it was a no-brainer.

I purchased this dress in black in a size 4 for $25 at the beginning of the sale because I could not find a 6 anywhere. Size-wise it's fine because of the loose design but I wanted the 6 for a little extra length. This dress was just $14.99 after discounts!

I was a little worried about the sizing on this dress because the 8 was sold out but turns out it's not as fitted as I thought so the 6 is perfect. Also just $14.99!

The last pair of jeans I got at H&M was a fail because they were way too big. These are only one size too big so I'll make it work for $11.99 from $49.99.

This was the only piece that didn't work for me. Usually I can wear an 8 in their stretch jeans but these ran tiny. I thought about trying to return it next time I'm in the City but I may just keep them for $5.99. Maybe I'll keep them as my goal pants.

These (no longer available) distressed leggings were just $4.79. The small fits (very stretchy) but I'll have to stretch them out a little LOL.

My local Targets are closed on Sunday (Blue Laws) so I had to wait until Monday to check out the new Who What Wear collaboration. Overall it's pretty "Meh" for me - there was no one piece that I needed.

I did want to see the $39.99 sleeveless trench but it was pretty shapeless and boxy on. Plus I like my coats to have sleeves to help balance my chunkier upper arms. Maybe when it hits 70% off...

Everyone seems to be going gaga for this $39.99 caped blazer but I actually just picked up a similar piece at H&M last week for $7 so I'm good for now.

I'm a sucker for a tassel! I wish the belt bags weren't online only as I would have liked to see them too. Sadly all the accessories are once again plastic. Frankly I like more durable leather as plastic always falls apart. This pouch is priced at $19.99.

I'm including this $29.99 denim skirt in my picks only because it was exactly what we looked for in a jean skirt back in high school LOL.  Perfect color, to the knee and fitted. I did hear that it had some fit issues which wouldn't surprise me but I won't be trying it on till it hits the sale rack.

I'm linking a bunch of the pieces above for you to shop. For some reason it's only letting me use the plus-sized WWW pieces which actually cost a little more.

For Tuesday Shoesday on Instagram last week I shared my Ana et Carol Trevor heels that I layered with socks - here's a closer look. Right now they are on sale for $89.90 and they have three colors available. They're actually quite beautiful. BONUS: with promo code MICHELLE20 you can get an extra 20% off anything on their site right now :) 

I also wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who shared kinds words in response to my last blog post about body image. I'm still taking it all in - I like to take a while mulling stuff over, then I type it all out when I'm ready. Thank you for your support :)

I'm gonna try to have my next super designer blog sale on FRIDAY! Stay tuned for updates on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It's probably not going to be my biggest but it will be chock full of goodies...



  1. blog sale -- you know i read all the way to the end ;-)

  2. Like the first and the second dress :)
    BLOG M&MFASHIONBITES : http://mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr/
    Maria V.

  3. Blog sale? My day is full tomorrow, but I'm going to try to squeeze that in.

  4. All the dresses I wanted at H&M were sold out. They had some great chloe-esque dresses I couldn't get my hand on!

  5. Great H&M haul! I always love how you wait until the Target collabs go to 70% off, haha. I do too usually, but there were some unexpected items that fit really well.


    1. Thanks. I'm happy to pay $40 for a garment - but only if it's super designer LOL. I just can't pay retail...even at Target LOL.


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