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Monday, February 15, 2016

Day 2 NYFW; The Fashion Marathon.

So if New York Fashion Week is like the Fashion Olympics, Thursday was my fashion marathon. I was in heels for over 12 hours straight. I had double booked myself in a few slots so I handed off a couple of my tickets and went from show to show all over the City. I miss the olden days (which is really just last year) when most of the shows were in a single venue. This year there are several locations and on Thursday I hit three - would have been four had I not handed my last ticket off.

I planned on wearing my most striking ensemble as it was officially Day 1 of NYFW (my second day of events) but of course at the last minute I chickened out and played it safe with another outfit that I was set to wear later in the lineup. It was mostly because I knew I'd be out and about and I needed slightly less-stupid heels than the ones I intended to wear.

My first show was Jay Godfrey at 550 Washington street, Skylight Clarkson Square. I arrived minutes before it was set to open and only two photographers took my picture. I was initially disappointed because it was a presentation not a runway show but on the flip side, you're able to get up close and really inspect at the garments.

The show was filled with ice-y pastels and rich jewel tones. All the girls were intimidatingly tall, slender and beautiful. They had their nails done in neutral shades, except the one who sported navy leather gloves. I don't know why but those gloves bugged me. They just did not look like they belonged. Maybe in a satin or lace but not leather, especially because they didn't fit like a second skin. I wasn't a fan of the footwear (mod chunky sporty booties with evening wear?) but I didn't find them as offensive as those stupid gloves. I'm thinking maybe she didn't have time for her mani.

I met a lovely new blogger who was kind enough to snap my pics inside and out. We also hung out for a few minutes in the free lounge that was serving complimentary non-alcoholic drinks and small bites. Other than a selfie booth there was no other free swag in sight. I gave her my ticket to the 8:30 Ev Bessar show because I wanted to go to the 8pm Go Red for Women show.

My OOTD from head to toe:
  • Hat: H&M, $1
  • Necklace: AV Max, gifted - thanks guys!
  • Dress: H&M, $15
  • Coat: Thrifted, $15
  • Bracelets: AV Max, sample sale, $10 each
  • Gloves: Ruti Horn fingerless fur gloves, won a giveaway - gotta love free!
  • Tights: Spanx, Burlington Coat Factory, $13
  • Boots: Sergio Rossi Rockstar boots, sample sale, $25 (retail $1,260!)

I'm linking these pieces and similar for you to shop :)

Outside I was interviewed by Maybelline - so don't be shocked if you see me in a promo in China.

I had a ticket to Marissa Webb at 3pm at that venue but I decided to pass it along to another girl in the lounge and head out to the John Paul Ataker show at Chelsea Piers (18th st.) at 2. Because there are no buses on the West Side Highway, it didn't pay to take public transportation to the next site. I bundled up and hiked 1.3 miles in the bitter cold. It's really just a 15 minute walk but that wind really cuts into you. Probably not the best day to wear only tights on my legs. Lexus was sponsoring free transportation between venues which would have been nice but I'm not important enough (yet) to be on that list.

At John Paul Ataker I befriended a stylist and a personal branding consultant who came in from DC just for the shows. Her boss thought she was working from home LOL. When the stylist popped up and went right for the front row I decided to join him. And that's how I made it to the front row at my first fashion show. The photographer even came over and took his picture. Fake it till you make it, baby! He was shocked I shared my age (he thought he was older than me haha) and told me he thought only black don't crack. Well evidently neither does this white girl.

The show was chock full of evening wear and I really enjoyed the cut out details seen in several pieces - reminded me of paper snowflakes. Honestly the best part of the show was the rush of being in front. Here are some of the highlights:

After the show the stylist rushed out to his next show but I hung out with the lovely professional who took my pictures. We checked out the venue and they only had a paid bar and cafe and the only freebie were these lip balms they had at reception. My girls have since made off with the other flavors.

In hind sight because all the shows start late I probably could have made a run for Marissa Webb but honestly it was just so cold that I decided not to push it. Luckily it left us plenty of time to snap a few more pics :)

My next show wasn't until 8pm so we walked uptown and grabbed a salad together. I arrived early at the show thinking I would hang out in the lounge at Skylight at Moynihan Station (the old post office on 33rd and 8th) but they didn't have a public lounge - only private ones. The kind guard let me go inside and sit down and I finally gave up and put my UGGs on. I had a standing ticket for this show so I had to wait until they filled in - and could only get to the 4th row. I saw that first row had Fitbits in their bags.

The American Heart Association's Go Red For Women Red Dress Collection was chock full of celebrities sporting red dresses by various designers. I always get a kick out of seeing celebs up close - they're all so tiny in person. The lineup included Misty Copland, Monica, Marilu Henner, Sofia Richie, Debbie Gibson and Vanna White. Florence Henderson got a huge round of applause and Fran Drescher really hammed it up. As you can see, fourth row just isn't the same...

Unfortunately my SD card broke so I lost the shots I took of my swag but it wasn't too exciting other than a $10 gift card to Macys. I ran into Fashionably Petite and her second row bag was way fuller than mine. I hobbled home via subway and bus only to find out my SIL took an Uber home from the City that night and I could have hitched a ride. Ugh. It's just so cold. I went to bed only to start again in the morning...

Stay tuned for day 3...



  1. I'm still on the fact that you walked 15 minutes in that weather. CRAZY. That coat is gorgeous! Didn't see any fun h&m coats this year.

    1. Hahaha you shoot outside without a coat for what I'm guessing is more than 15 minutes at a shot. And thanks - the dress is H&M but this coat was vintage from the thrift store for $15. I saw some cute H&M coats on sale but I didn't bother with the fake fur because they weren't warm like real fur and nothing else fit quite right.


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