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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Very Accessory Day - Sample Sale Reports and More!

My primary target for today was the Eugenia Kim sample sale. I arrived early and patiently waited...only to walk away empty handed. In past sales they had $5-20 bins of smaller pieces and unfinished hats. This time the cheapest thing I could find was a $25 furry ponytail pom pom. I looked through beat up hats from older collections for $35-75 (too much!) and I was disappointed that there were none of their popular Instagrammable Do Not Disturb beach hats. Only one gray hat had kitty ears but it was a weird shape. All the pom pom hats were $95-150 and not worth the price tags IMO. They did have a shoe section with flats for around $95 and heels for $145 (boots were $295), but if you were a size 37 or 39 they had some press samples for $50 less. Sadly I'm a true 40 and nothing was amazing anyway.

Even though their sale posting stated no photography, Racked managed to get lots of pics on the inside. I seriously have to stop being a goody two shoes LOL. Unless you are a die hard fan and typically pay full price for her hats, I'd sit this one out. Overall it was really only around 50% off retail. Typically later in the week they reduce some prices so if you really want to go, wait.

I'm linking a few pieces (and similar) I saw below :)

Eugenia Kim 
347 W 36th Street, Suite 501
Dec. 16-18, 10 am - 7 pm


My next stop was around the corner. I'm a huge Haute Hippe fan but unfortunately sometimes when sample sales get outsourced pricing is ridiculous. For $100-300 I can do better at the Rack. In the space they also had Adrienne Landau and Carlos Falchi - also not cheap. I walked out in 5 minutes. It wasn't like Eugenia Kim where I spent an hour trying to love something. Tomorrow is the last day if you want to check for discounts.

Haute Hippie, Adrienne Landau and Carlos Falchi
519 Eighth Ave (between 35/36th), 21st Floor
Dec. 17, 10 am - 6 pm


I had never heard of Grinnell designs but I'm a sucker for a jewelry sale. I went in and it was creepy. It seems they manufacture pieces for designers like Escada, Dannijo, Tory Burch...or I should say they used to. Everything was super old. I did buy a $30 Kara Ross for Tory Burch Evil Eye cuff just because it was cute - even if it was at least 5 years old. Kicking myself for not negotiating down the price because I probably could have. It did retail for $350ish once upon a time but still. I got the last white one but they had a couple more in brown. Don't worry, I'll take pics soon. It really is something.

Grinnell Designs
580 Eighth Ave (38/39th), 4th Floor
Dec. 17-18, 10 am - 4 pm


And then there was the sale that turned my whole day around. It was at the Grinnell sale that I spotted a sign for Carolina Amato in the hallway. I had never heard of her but the sign said her hats, gloves, scarves are sold at Intermix and Shopbop so I figured it couldn't hurt. Bottom line, next sale I'll be there first day.

I've been obsessing over fingerless gloves and there were plenty in leather, wool, cashmere and fur starting at just $15.

I also got my pom pom hat fix - these cute wool ones were just $9 - or free with a cash purchase over $100! So glad I walked away at Eugenia Kim! I also took a pair of matching gloves for $9. Can you guess which color I took?

They had tons of gorgeous gloves, hats and scarves too. They had some mittens for just 3 for $10!

It was mostly for women but they had a few kids and men's pieces mixed in. They even had a doggie sweater for $19.

And now for what you really want to see....the sample table! Lots of hidden gems for $10-40!

Lucky for all of us the sale was extended thru Friday! If you still need holiday gifts she had plenty for under $20!

Linking her pieces online so you can see just how amazing this sale is!

Carolina Amato
270 W 38th St. (by 8th), 9th Floor
Dec. 17-18, 9 am - 5 pm


After I walked over to Charlotte Olympia to get my free holiday gift. On her website there is a game - A Cracking Christmas Surprise. If you click on the image that looks like my picture below you will get a code for a free gift. Promotion runs thru Christmas so hurry over! If you live near one of her stores it's totally worth the trip :)

Charlotte Olympia
22 E 65th St. (Madison/5th)
10 am- 6 pm daily, closed Sunday

And that's all folks! Stay tuned for my next weekly roundup so you can see all my latest scores - and what's inside my Charlotte Olympia package...



  1. I saw the prices for Eugenia Kim and didn't think you'd end up with anything but glad the last sale was such a hit! Those gloves are super cool.


    1. Thanks! I've spent $200+ for hats in the past but nothing was worth it. These days I like super cheap or super designer and the selection did not fit either category. The closest I came was the cat eared hat that's in my link - they had it in gray, but it looked lumpy on your head. So disappointed. Love all my new gloves and can't wait to wear them!

  2. All of those gloves look amazing! I looooove the cashmere and fur ones. Can't wait to see what you picked up!


    1. Thank you! It's going to be a very cozy winter :) It got cold again yesterday so I wore my new matching pom pom hat and gloves out of the sale. It's been Spring-like weather for days and I was not prepared - I probably should have grabbed a scarf too LOL.


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