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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Bargainista City Style; New Years American Girl Adventure :)

Happy New Years Everyone! 

My husband dropped me and the kids off at American Girl Doll in NYC for their annual celebration to welcome the newest doll of the year. As a doll lover myself, I happily took them while my husband disappeared to brunch with his City friends uptown.

My look from head to toe:
  • Hat: Carolina Amato, sample sale, $19
  • Coat: H&M, $24
  • Bag: Chloe Drew, Nordstrom Rack, $509.98 (retail $2,050!)
  • Bracelet: Rebecca Minkoff, sample sale, $10
  • Gloves: Carolina Amato, sample sale, $15
  • Top: Forever 21, $5.50
  • Dress: American Apparel, $7.50 (Yes, I wore this the day before LOL.)
  • Jeans: Chip Forster, Nordstrom Rack, $19.98 (retail $220)
  • Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff metallic rosegold Carla oxford flats, sample sale, $25 (retail $275)

I forgot to take off my jacket so you could see the rest of the outfit but I have a feeling this top will make another appearance at Fashion Week.

Ella thought it would be funny to shoot me while I was on the phone with my husband.

In what may be my 8 year old's best picture of the year, my Chloe Drew looks pretty darn cute.

I'm linking some of these pieces (and similar) for you to shop my look :)

She was too cool for school to bring her own hat and gloves ("but mom, I don't need them today") so I have her mine after she froze shooting me in the cold. She already told me I'm not getting them back LOL.

We forgot to shoot my shoes so my awesome 10 year old son lay down on the subway platform to get this shot. I really have the best kids ever. But I totally take credit for training them. Who needs an Instagram husband when you have Instagram kids :)

Ella insisted I shoot her footwear too. I thrifted those Sketchers for $3 a while back and she's been waiting for them to finally fit. Always buy ahead! If you're an American Girl fan you'll recognize her Pretty In Plaid dress (also thrifted) that she had to wear to coordinate with her doll and little sister. She matched up the floral tights herself (a 90% off Century find). Both girls have on $1 H&M tops, and Ava has $5 Joe's jeans from the Rack with thrifted Lelli Kellys.

Instead of perfectly accessorizing my kids from head to toe (like I did for the first few years of their lives), I try to encourage them to live colorfully and develop their own sense on style. However, Ella is the mastermind behind most of my girls' looks these days.

This year the AG celebration was far less exciting than previous years. I've been taking them yearly since 2010. They introduced the latest doll of the year, Lea Clark. She reminds me a lot of their popular Kanani doll from 2011 - both gorgeous dolls. Lea has long brown hair with green eyes and it was hard to walk away but only once did I pay retail and I'll never do that again. We have well over 50 American girl dolls but 95% were thrifted. They only had one craft (the turtle) and gave out a coloring poster and doll-sized sarong - that's it. They usually have a performance and multiple crafts, and they used to raffle away free dolls.

My SIL sprung for her girls' dolls to get their hair styled at the doll salon and spent more than I do on my hair LOL.

Figured out how to do the best nine on Instagram. Very pleased with my 39,851 likes this year. Hoping to double that number next year. I think it's funny that my EOS lipgloss picture had the most likes.

And that's all folks! I still owe you a 2015 round up of my favorite finds. Last year was a pretty good year for me - excited to see what comes with 2016!




  1. Ella has the cutest style! Makes me smile. And your rose oxfords are the cutest. If i wore jeans, I would've gotten them but they didn't look good on me with dresses/skirts.

    1. I wear them with skirts and dresses all the time. These are my only pair of jeans too LOL. And yeah, Ella is developing a knack for style :) #proudmama

  2. So fun! I keep forgetting we have an AG store around here too.

  3. Your NYC style is perfect! You definitely trained your kids well on the picture taking...That Chloe bag is amazing, and such a great pic! Can't wait to see a roundup of your best finds!!


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