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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mid-Week Roundup! My New IKEA closet, Target, Century & H&M Clearance/Sale Updates!

The Rack has been dead since inventory and the storm. They do have some cute Valentines Day merchandise - love this coffee cup...even though I'm not much of a coffee aficionado.

I also figured I'd share some penny shoes I found for my daughters a couple weeks ago :)

So just one week after I finally caved and purchased my PAX closet I randomly popped back into IKEA and checked out their as-is room and guess what I found? My closet. For $10.

Luckily I had not assembled mine yet (I'll be returning it LOL) so I snapped two units up for 10 bucks a pop. Crazy. The Pax system was on sale so I grabbed a 4 bars and a shelf and my two closets cost less than $80 total. I wanted white but I can totally manage with the light color wood. I'm still not done because these closets only solved my hanging problem. Unfortunately I still have hundreds of shoes and bags scattered around my room. I decided I'll be stalking the as-is room for the next few weeks. I don't know why I thought 15% off would be good enough for me.

I snapped a quick pic so you can get an idea of my progress. I'm still organizing and bringing up clothing from my basement closets. This thing is HUGE - each unit is about 39 inches wide and 93 inches tall (almost hits the ceiling). It actually wasn't that hard to build. You can see that this is only 2/3 of it - you can get an idea of the size by where the door knob falls on the right. I was too lazy to put on a wider lens - sorry.

This time the whole family hit Ikea so the girls hung out in the playroom (Ikea Family members get an extra half hour of playtime!) while my husband and too-tall son explored. This time we found my husband's almost name in a product. His nickname is Bentzy so we had a chuckle when we spotted the Benzy Land cushions. I think it's funnier that they are being discontinued.

I happened to have both cameras on me (my PAS and DSLR) so my 8 & 10 year old's tried snapping my #OOTD. The lighting was terrible and I was blown out on both cameras. Next time I'll have my 6 year old try with my phone too. These were the best of the bunch.

With Fashion Week around the bend I started experimenting with outfits so I took a few of my new H&M sale pieces out for a spin.  I learned the hard way that skinny jeans really have to be skinny. These are way too big so I'm on the hunt for another pair.

From head to toe:
  • Hat: Carolina Amato, sample sale, free with purchase
  • Sunglasses: House of Harlow 1960, Century 21, $15 (75% off sale!)
  • Cape: H&M, $15
  • Dress: H&M, $25
  • Cuffs: AV Max, sample sale. $10 each
  • Gloves: Carolina Amato, sample sale, $9
  • Bag: Balenciaga Velo, Nordstrom Rack
  • Jeans: H&M, $7
  • Socks: JC Penney, free (last year with their $10 coupons)
  • Shoes: Ana et Carol, free (they sent them to me - thanks guys!)

I don't believe in putting away open shoes for the winter so I decided to layer with socks.  I've been on the hunt for the perfect sock and nobody seems to sell cute socks in the middle of winter - just warm boring ones. I thought at least the contrast heels were unexpected :)

My heels are by Ana et Carol - they sell some cute Brazilian shoes. These are the Trevor and they are very comfortable. I took a size 9 and it's a perfect fit. These are on sale right now and if you use code MICHELLE20 you can get an extra 20% off anything on their site!

People keep inquiring about the Century sale but there isn't much to report. The store is now 50-65% off. They have new tags which are a little confusing. Their percentages are off retail, not Century's price.

 I have my eye on this Lanvin jacket so fingers crossed for 90% off!

No further reductions at H&M. I did spot my new hat - I'm guessing it wasn't supposed to be $1 LOL. Lucky me!

Online they have 40% off sale with code 3301 - good thru 1/27 and free shipping on orders over $35 with code 3295. ALSO - a little birdie told me that you can return online orders in-store in Manhattan and it would become a company-wide policy come 2017. I previously did not order online because they did not offer in-store returns. It's a bit of a game changer! 

Target has been having some good 70% off clearance. I heard scooters and such were on sale so I headed over and found this one for just $8.98!

The skateboards came up item not found so the cashier matched them to the $8.98 price! Pretty good considering they retailed for around $45 each - making it better than 70% off!

I also found this one unmarked for $17.98 :)

And this luggage set was also 70% off and rang up for $17.98 as well!

My daughter insisted I share this Minion she found for $2.68. Most Targets still have some 70% off toys floating around. This location actually still had an isle-full.

So nothing too exciting but I'd like to think of this as the calm before the storm (technically after but YKWIM). My sale sensor is on alert so I have a feeling big things are just around the bend.

Be sure you're following me on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook for updates as sales happen! I'm also a little surprised that nobody commented on my new logo. Is it that bad?

Linking my look so you can shop - some of these pieces are on sale online too!




  1. Congrats on the closet. Actually double congrats bc it was such a good find! I probably should have used me snow days to organize and purge. Ah well. It's still early in the winter season. I'm sure we will have more snow days :)

  2. Hahahaha. Let me know when you are ready to purge the clothes that might fit me :)

  3. You're the cutest looking Minnie Mouse! :) and wowwww, nice job on the closets!

  4. How do you find things for a penny? What do you look for?

    1. Search my blog for more stories and tips but in short just look for the old stuff. I'm pretty familiar with the inventory so if something was hanging around for a while...

  5. Hahaha of course you would go back and find your closet for $10! That's awesome, congrats! Can't wait to see it all finished

    1. Thanks. I don't know why I thought 15% off would be good enough LOL.

  6. Your closet already looks amazing and what a great deal, well the second time anyway, LOL. Loved your outfit and the pops of orange, cute coffee mug too. The Target deals have def slowed down (booo), I'll have to look for the luggage next time :)


    1. Thanks - My hanging problem is solved but I currently have all my bags and shoes on my bed which is a problem. I took a break from Target hunting so it doesn't feel so slow to me now that I'm back :) I had to stop because I kept coming home with piles of crap I didn't need LOL.

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