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Friday, January 15, 2016

This Week in Shopping...Target Toy Sale & TJ Maxx, H&M, Century 21 and Rack Updates.

After my initial TJ Maxx and Marshalls shopping expedition, I decided to check one more store...and found this super cute Givenchy pouch for $99 and Chloe wallet for $119. The Givenchy retailed for $480 and I LOVE the print - and even though it's not even leather, it's a keeper for sure. As for the wallet, sure how practical a $595 pink wallet is (plus I love my blue Jimmy Choo) so I'm still deciding if I need to add it to the next blog sale.

I know I keep bugging you but the iMac & Kate Spade giveaway is ending on the 18th! Last call to enter :) It's at the bottom of my Favorite Finds of 2015 post, click here to read and enter.

For some reason I had it in my head that the Target toy sale is always the third Thursday in January but somehow it started yesterday which is technically the second. As soon as I saw pics on Instagram I RAN to see what I could find. Twice a year Target marks their toys down to 70% off and that's when I stock up my gift closet!

I did not buy all these toys so please don't ask for DCPIs - but you can try to read them from the scanner in the picture. When I go Target hunting I just look for things by sight, I rarely look up the SKU to see if they have them locally.

$13.48 from $44.99

My girls have been begging for these for a while. I may have to take another trip to see if I can find more because they were fighting over this one.

This was the one toy my husband picked out LOL.

These days I look for smaller toys - my kids do NOT need any more large playsets. The first few years I discovered this sale I went nuts LOL.

The H&M sale is progressing. I caught them doing another round of markdowns yesterday. I saw the salesgirl putting $1 stickers on stuff so I snapped up this hat.  I'm also wearing my new Firmoo glasses but I'll tell you more about them next week :)

As you can see, H&M prices are getting insanely cheap. This beaded fisherman sweater is now 90% off! I plan on checking out a couple more locations today :)

ETA - just got back from the mall and one of the locations just added an extra 30% off all sale items - plus they had lots of things for $1-3! YMMV so check your local stores! #GAMECHANGER

The Century sale seems to be progressing. They now have these stupid new tags that tell you the percentage off retail. 75% off seems to be popping up in several departments. Frankly I wish they'd go back to their normal tags where I don't have to do the math. This Missoni tags reads 91% off but it's actually only 75% off Century pricing. Annoying.

And last but not least, lots of markdowns at the Rack! They were kind enough to leave me these shoes that were actually marked a penny.

And I found this cute Missoni change purse for a penny too. It's a little dirty but you read the penny thing, right?

I also found this Herschel pouch for a penny for my husband. Be sure to check all departments when hunting!

Have a great weekend and happy shopping! There's lots to buy on the cheap right now :)




  1. That pink Wallet is really pretty! Maybe I'll check out h&m later.

    1. Thanks. And did you see my H&M update? Some stores now have an extra 30% off sale merchandise! You should see my new sequin skirt...

  2. Another fun week of sale finds - wallets are always hard for me to pass up too! I'm impressed you can take THAT many pics at the Target price scanner, lol, that's some tricky stuff! Your H&M really is huge, I'd be in there way too long


    1. LOL thanks. I get funny looks when I'm taking photos but it never stops me. How small is your H&M? I have two big and two small by me.

  3. Thanks so much for your post. I ran to target right after reading it and found my baby a bunch of toys and dolls! Hoping to get to H&M tomorrow.

  4. Wow can't believe you found those things at a penny- amazing!!

    1. Thanks - it still blows my mind that there are penny things out there :)

  5. You are so great with penny finds! I wish there was an H&M close to is it that the closest one is 1.5 hours or more?! Major UGH.

    1. Thanks :) That's crazy that you don't have any H&Ms.

    2. I live in NC and mine is 45 min. away -- still too long for a quick check! I feel your pain!

    3. Aw that's so frustrating. There's always online shopping :)

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