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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Target 70-90% off Holiday Clearance Finds!

It's been a while since I've gone Target hunting, mostly because I usually end up coming home with piles of stuff I don't really need LOL. But it's hard to resist the siren call of 90% so I popped in today to a couple stores to see what I could find.

The trick to finding clearance late in the game (some stores hit 90% off on Monday) is to check the endcaps, dig thru wagons pilled up with returns and to look on the regular shelves  - so many of my best finds are often hiding in plain sight.

I tried to be selective so I left plenty behind - this is what came home with me...

Two out of three kids start their name with an A so I figured for $.49 why not?

 I was looking for the 90% off EOS lip balms but instead I found a 70% off gift set for $2.39.

At $2.99, it's almost cheaper than buying shaving cream LOL.

 Man stuff for DH - 70% off for $2.99!

I almost didn't get this penguin cup but it made my daughter's day because it lights up! 90% off for $.59! Now my other girl is jealous LOL.

I left the boy sets behind but I grabbed a couple of these 70% off princess bath sets for my girls. Just $2.99!

And last but not least, Tracy's Notebook of Style shared this find a little while back for 50% off - but I scored it for 90% off!!! For $1.09 my girls are thrilled!

Kleenex tissues for $.39 for three boxes? Yes, please!

May head back tomorrow to take another look but I suspect the best of it is gone by now. If you're lucky you never know what your Target may drag out of the back so it can't hurt to keep looking!

I'm proud to share that Racked NY picked up my Rent the Runway story - you can read it here!

It's also not to late to enter my iMac + Kate Spade Handbag - check out my Favorite Finds of 2015 post - it's at the bottom. You should also check out my Flipogram on Insta of some of my best fashion and deals set to music :)

Would love to hear what you found if you hit Target!



  1. It was a great day to shop at Target! Did you get any of the a Thershold home decor items?

    1. I didn't - at the time I didn't realize I should hunt for them but I did glance at the home dept. at didn't see anything. I saw you made out like a bandit :)

    2. Yes! Like you I had to edit my finds to things I needed! When I arrived at the second Target, there were two woman with three carts filled to the max! Thank goodness they left behind a few items for me!

    3. I hate that feeling! The fomo kills me!

  2. Wowwww! I want to run to Target now!!

    Lauren :)

  3. Great bargains!! Wish we had a Target in New Zealand!

    1. Wow - I have a reader from New Zealand! Thanks for reading :)

  4. How did I miss your Target post?!! You are lucky your store still had stuff at 90% off, the ones I usually go to to score big aren't my local stores, so I missed out (I only got up to 70% off, LOL). I was hunting for all the home items on regular aisles, I picked up a few things but nothing like the $6 marble lamps, painful I didn't find those...oh well, on to the next clearance sale ;-)


    1. LOL there wasn't much at 90% off - I had to hunt for it. It's better to go at the end so I'm less tempted to come home with piles of crap I don't need. I totally missed out on the home stuff tht went to 90% thou - then again don't really need it...


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