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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Have you Firmoo-d?

Right before I turned 40 I discovered that suddenly I couldn't thread a needle and books started to get a little blurry. Growing up I was always a little jealous of my brothers and sisters who had glasses. Don't get me wrong, I loved my perfect vision but I was envious that there was a fashion accessory out there that I couldn't have. I had scores of sunglasses but it just wasn't the same.

When Firmoo offered me a pair of their designer inspired glasses I jumped at the chance. I previously owned only one pair of black cat eye glasses that I've been told makes me look like the crazy lady from The Far Side cartoon. The great thing about Firmoo is that you can buy a complete pair of glasses for $39 or less - lenses included! There are upgrades but I did not add anything on, although I should mention that I have a very light prescription. My pair (NTD59605) in blue is sold out but is available in three colors for just $27 plus shipping. Crazy!

Selecting a pair is easy to do - start with their new arrival page - they have new pairs popping up daily! Each pair includes their measurements so you can compare them to your own glasses. Next to the price you can select "Try on" and get a better idea of what the frames will look like. I always do my due diligence so I read all the reviews and looked over pictures submitted by buyers for every frame I considered. Of course they did not have any photos or reviews for this pair but I decided to just go for it. I always keep a copy of my prescription on hand so I simply input the numbers (always ask your Doctor for your PD so you don't have to measure it for yourself) and voila! I had a pair of glasses on the way. Mine were upgraded to express shipping so they arrived 9 days later.

They came with a cute case and honestly they are made just as well as some of my husband's designer frames. Very comfortable too!

I would totally use Firmoo again. I spotted a couple more frames that I would love to try. They always seem to have specials and deals but you can get a 15% off code here for your first pair!

Here are a few of my picks. K9159 is just $25! So fun!

How Barouque are these? K9004 is just $23.

I'm a sucker for color. Love the purple! K6609 is $27.

If you wear glasses be sure to check out Firmoo. They also have fun (non prescription) sunglasses for their low prices. Would love to hear what you think!



  1. You look so cute in these glasses - perfect for your style!


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