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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Capes, Pimped-Out Pashli & Freebies Galore!

With winter making a comeback I pulled out some of my cooler weather favorites. I love this dress and cape combo because the ruffle hem peeks out just a little - such a flirty, feminine touch :) I decided to look thru my flats and I found these thrifted Prada and matched it up to a thrifted bracelet. You've seen my medium black Pashli bag before but this time I pimped it out with these Rebecca Minkoff emoji stickers. Super cute, but they fall off easily. Strangely enough they wouldn't stick to any of my Minkoff bags either LOL. Thank you to my BIL, Ari for shooting me. He snapped my pics of my sequin dress a couple weeks back too.

My look from head to toe:
  • Sunglasses: Moschino, Century 21, $60 - but free with rewards :)
  • Cape: H&M, $15
  • Dress: H&M, $25
  • Leggings: H&M, $4.79
  • Bracelet: Vintage, thrift store, $4
  • Rings: Lionette, sample sale, $20 each
  • Bag: Phillip Lim Pashli, Nordstrom Rack, $160 after using some Nordstrom Notes (retail $895)
  • Stickers: Rebecca Minkoff, Nordstrom Rack, $10
  • Shoes: Prada, thrift store, $25
Once again, I'm makeup free other than my lipstick. Not sure I even washed my face that day. My lipstick is actually a NYX matte lippie (Shocking Pink) that I won on Instagram a while back. It's not my fave because it makes my teeth look a little yellow but I wanted to wear something I haven't worn in a while.

You can shop my look here:

Last week I finally picked up my sandwiches from Holy Schnitzel. I entered a Facebook contest for a 3-foot deluxe sub for the Super Bowl and was so excited to win. They asked that I email them so I did immediately. A couple weeks later I realized I never heard back so I emailed again and contacted them on Facebook. They replied via Facebook that they had emailed me back - but they hadn't. Later that day they finally responded to my initial email that they no longer had any subs but sent me a $20 gift certificate and asked for a positive review on Yelp.

Can you guess my reply?

I asked why they didn't have any more subs. How does a sandwich shop run out of subs? I also expressed my disappointment. They replied that it was a specialty promotion for the Super Bowl and increased my certificate to $25. My husband told me not to blow a gasket because we were dealing with food and we didn't want them to spit in it. I wrote back that even a $25 certificate was hardly equivalent to a 3-foot sub. Kosher meat is expensive and I'm pretty sure you can't even buy a non-kosher sub for that little. Not to mention they dropped the ball by not responding to my initial email - I would have happily picked up a sub for Super Bowl Sunday. They finally made good with an offer for a sandwich platter for 25 people. I was happy with my small victory.

This chain has three location, unfortunately none of them are local. A few weeks ago I messaged them on Facebook (as they were not the best via email) asking to pick up on a Friday in Brooklyn. They asked that I confirm the following week - so I did. I confirmed again the day before and they replied with a smiley face. I went ahead and invited guests for the Sabbath so I'd have a crowd to share my sandwiches with. The morning of pickup I messaged and texted to confirm before I left my home. I got back a message - sorry, we're closed on Fridays.

I believe there is a relevant Seinfeld episode about making reservations. It was when I contacted them to confirm the first or second time, that they should have checked if that location was open or closed on Fridays. I saw red. I had guests coming so I had to scramble to feed them at the 11th hour when I was left in the lurch.

When I told my sister (who was initially jealous that I won), she told me that she was pretty sure their other locations were open on Friday. Why they couldn't tell me to try another location was beyond me. They contacted me the following week with a weak apology and asked to reschedule. I picked a different Friday (and another location) and invited more guests. I once again confirmed the day of pickup and it seemed all was well. I headed out to Staten Island and when I got there...the guy at the front had no idea what I was talking about. I think I burst out laughing.

I immediately texted and sent a message on Facebook to my contact. No reply. I finally called them and was told they would work on it. Again, why make a reservation if they can't seem to take it? It took almost an hour to sort things out but I finally walked away with my sandwiches. I do have to say they were delicious but I'm not sure they were worth all the stress and aggravation.

So I ask - would you leave positive feedback on Yelp?

On a positive note, I won this leg cosmetic set from Say Hello To Sexy Legs. It's essentially a contouring set for your gams. I've been pretty hard on my legs and knees over the years so they can really use a little concealing. These three products retail for $93 so I'm excited to give them a try. I took a picture of them with my latest $490 Sophia Webster heels that I practically stole from Neiman Marcus Last Call for $40. My picture actually got regrammed by Talk Shoes :)

In case you missed it, I've started #FreebieFriday on Instagram. I decided to pay it forward for all the giveaways I've recently won. Last week I gave away these size 9 Coach espadrilles - congrats to Molly S.!

This week I'm giving away a pair of 8.5 Mia sandals and size 11 little girls Keds - two winners. Head to my Instagram to enter. These Mia's were a true unicorn as they were actually marked a penny!

Looking forward to tomorrow - on Sunday I have a full day of City shopping :) Follow along on Insta to see what I'm up to!



  1. That holy schnitzel story is beyond ridiculous.

    1. Right? I'm glad it's not just me. Had everything gone smoothly I would have given them a ton of free positive publicity. Their loss...

  2. First of all that's an adorable outfit and I like the lippie- sometimes I'll sacrifice slightly yellower looking teeth for the sake of a fun lipstick! ;)

    As for the schnitzel saga- jesus! No way a positive review- that's beyond ridiculous.... Not worth the free food lol.

    1. Thanks Shira. Yellow teeth are a pet peeve so it drives me nuts but I needed to switch it up.

      And yes - crazy. I just wanted my free food but it was so stressful LOL.

  3. OMG how fun is that bag?! Such a cute outfit! Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Jennifer

    1. Thanks Jennifer! My kids have been fighting for those Minkoff stickers because they are so fun. If only they stuck properly. I was surprised they didn't fall off while I was shooting.

  4. You can never go wrong with all black and I love the pink lip!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. IMO, companies need to earn positive Yelp reviews. I'm not going to write a lie. So no, I wouldn't give them a positive review for this massive hassle born of bad customer service! I might not leave a bad one, either - maybe just none at all. But definitelynot a good one. Glad you finally got your subs!

    1. I agree - I thought it was funny when they asked for one when their CS was less than stellar.


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