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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

90% off Leather & Shearling Jackets at the Reiss Sample Sale??!!!

Last night I attended 260 Sample Sale's first Reiss sale. I've learned to never miss a first sale after Tamara Mellon's insane first sample sale - plus I was already in the City for the Sergio Rossi VIP sale. Before you ask, no pictures were allowed inside Sergio Rossi and I don't believe we're going to see a repeat of their last sale which blew out $25 shoes on the last day. Should the sale open to the public tomorrow I'll be sure to let you know. Most of the shoes at this Rossi sale ranged from $250-400 with some less (didn't see much) and few items priced higher. I'm linking a few pictures of shoes I saw at the sale. FYI - all the blinged out ones were priced at $400.

But I digress, let's talk Reiss! As always head to the back for samples. Most were priced $125 or less and they had some beautiful pieces. Unfortunately my body is a little too curvy for a lot of their samples (a very narrow 6)  but I was able to get into their coats :) Priced started at just $2 for socks, $5 for tees, $50 for leather skirts ($30 for non-leather) and topped out at $85 for outerwear and $125 for leather jackets. They had both men and women's samples - men's were all size medium.

This Clemi shearling coat was the one exception on the sample price list - and was a whopping $470. It retailed for $2,435 and I would have grabbed it if it was cheaper.

Some of the highlights of the sale rack included this fur trimmed Mabel bomber jacket (retail $935) for $125. The color was amazing but it was a little small for me.

I saw this Pacy shearling in blue and pink ($125) but they were both a little dirty. I'm still thinking about this blue - especially since I realized it retailed for $1,695.

This men's leather jacket was also just $125.

Now let's take a peek at stock pricing. For women prices started at $20 for tees and topped out at $245 for leather. Truthfully I didn't see any stock leathers but I did see a few leather dresses.

They had some pretty dresses which ranged from $55 for casual dresses, to $95 for evening dresses and $180 for premium dresses. They had so many sub categories that it was a bit of a guessing game - I had to keep checking at the register LOL.

I spotted a couple samples for this leather dress as well - retail $845.

Skirts ranged from $45-$135.

Menswear started at $15 for tees and went upward of $335 for leather jackets. Because they had both men's and women's clothing, they split the dressing room so prepare for a long wait to try on.

Men's shoes were $95, and men's accessories ranged from $15-25.

People were snapping up $20 swim pieces. Not bad if you could find a one-piece.

As a shoe addict I always check for cheap ones! Priced at $85 for shoes and $170 for boots I wasn't so excited. I did love those tan and orange striped heels - wish they had samples for them! Samples were all $40 and size 40 (yay!) but I still left empty handed.

Sample box :)

Accessories for women started at $20 for jewelry, $25 for belts, and bags were $75-135.

Overall the sale had some great deals but all I took home were a couple of jackets. I guess I like my clothing a little crazier. Nothing was basic, just not life changing. And if you have to ask how clothing can be life changing, you're probably reading the wrong blog LOL.

The first sample I spotted as they were carrying it out was this $1,495 Bell shearling that I took home for $125. I patently waited for a women to put it down and when she did another woman grabbed it from me and insisted she try it on. I realized she was the woman who snuck into the Tamara Mellon VIP sale and took the last leopard trench coat - the one piece I really wanted. Bottom line, I got my shearling. Luckily it didn't get too ugly.

While I was waiting for my coat I found this men's shearling that was also $125 and retailed for $1,495. It was very similar in design to the pink and blue but much more wearable (and less damaged) in black. Luckily I have broad shoulders and long arms - and can totally make it work :)

Sale is on all week and I would recommend popping in :) If you're a workout junkie, 260 is also holding their Soulcycle sale at their downtown location - note that lines were insane at the last sale so bring your patience with you.

260 Fifth Ave, btwn 28th and 29th sts
Tuesday, April 19th through Sunday, April 24th.
Tue 9am-8pm, Wed-Thu 10am-8pm, Fri-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-5pm

150 Greene St
Tuesday, April 19th through Saturday, April 23rd.
Tue 9 am to 8 pm, Wed to Thu 10 am to 8 pm, Fri to Sat 11 am-”8 pm

Happy shopping!




  1. thanks for the report. I'm coming out to NYC in a few weeks. What are some of the good sample sale vendors (like 260)?

    1. There's 260, Clothingline...but many brands hold their own sales too. I would recommend checking the sale sites (like Racked) before you get here and plan accordingly. Sales pop up quickly so be sure to keep checking daily :) GL!

  2. Wow - awesome prices for these!!! Would love to see you wear them!!!

    1. I think it's gonna be a while till I need to wear these (thank goodness). Very happy that Spring is finally here!

  3. ugh i couldn't take off two mondays. not fair. great choices and i need to hear the deets on how you got the jacket back!


    1. Haha. Most of the stuff was pretty tiny so don't beat yourself up. These are always hit or miss so don't beat yourself up...

  4. Great post! So much fun :)


  5. So fun! Hopefully there will be some good sample sales on one of my next visits!

  6. OOOOO!!! Thanks for all the tips. I've never shopped a clothing sample sale, only shoes and jewels so far. Would they carry a size 12, or is that too big?

    1. Happy to help! As for sizing, depends on the sale. At Suno sizes topped out at an 8 but I've seen 12 at some.

  7. I'm always blown away with the prices for everything and Reiss is one of my favorite brands I can't afford, lol. I'm guessing you see the same shoppers making the rounds, glad you scored the jacket this time! ;-)


    1. Yep - there are the regulars and after a while you learn who to look out for LOL.

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