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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Take a Peek Inside the Elizabeth & James and Oscar de la Renta Sample Sales!

Last night were the VIP previews for 260 Sample Sale's Elizabeth & James and Oscar de da Renta NYC sample sales. My first stop was at E&J as I hoped to once again stock up on $99 sample furs and leathers. Unfortunately the sample situation was pretty weak. Don't get me wrong, there was a pretty large selection but nothing amazing.

These furs pictured were actually stock furs, priced at $300 and they were getting snapped up like hotcakes. I was feeling cheap so I went straight to the samples.

Samples were lined up again the wall on the left. I was told there were all out (no replenishing) but they would be replenishing stock as needed. Sample prices were pretty the same as last year, starting at $10 for tees and tanks, and went upwards of $50 for dresses and jackets/blazers and $100 for outerwear, leather and fur samples.

There really wasn't much in the leather/fur department sample-wise. Spotted this leather top and trench coat but the color was a little sad looking.

They did have some pretty sweaters and knit outerwear. I ended up with a $30 Intarsia zip sweater that retails for $495.

This sweater jacket was $99 and not so flattering so I left it. My friend said it looked like an old lady housecoat.

They had a few fur pieces but not very exciting. Passed on this $99 furry vest.

They had tons of $50 dresses but they're all pretty tiny in the sample area (think size 0-4). I can get into the tops and outerwear but none of the dresses or bottoms.

As always, look over samples carefully. Some were pinned or unfinished. 

Lots of feather items floating around :)

Prices for stock topped out at $300 for furs, leather jackets and outerwear. Not too bad as they retail for $1,000-1,500.

They had some beautiful stock furs that I would have killed for in the sample department.

I actually picked up the sample of this feather jacket/dress. They tried to charge me $99 claiming it was fur or outerwear but I fought back LOL. It's clearly feathers not fur and the tag on the sample read "dress" so I took it home for $50! The Brixton ostrich-feather dress retailed for $695 and these were priced at $100 at the sale.

As for accessories, all they had was jewelry and glasses/sunglasses. The latter was pretty beaten up looking but they did have some pretty jewelry. This is a $35 ring being modeled by Mushkie who reports for Sample Sally. She also took home that pretty pink/purple Bianca fur for $99 (retail $1,195). Honestly the was the nicest sample fur at the sale.

Jewelry was priced as marked and not so cheap. Pricing started at around $30 and went upwards of $250+ for more ornate pieces. All eyewear was $35.

These earrings retailed for $275 and were priced 80% off at $55.

I'm linking up pieces I spotted (stock and samples) at the sale:

After about an hour I headed downtown to Oscar de la Renta. It's the first time 260 is hosting this sale so nobody knew what to expect. Overall it was pretty pricey, save the $75-100 shoes in the back. Sadly, they were mostly small sizes and I spotted maybe one or two less exciting size 40s :(

Furs were in the thousands and they had a few accessories (also super expensive) but dresses and gowns were about $400-1,500 with bridal gowns priced at $2,000. Too rich for my blood but lots of eye candy. No photography was allowed inside so I don't have any pics to share. If you're in the market for a high end gown or fur head downtown. Otherwise just go to E&J to indulge your cheap designer fix.

I'm linking a few pieces I spotted at Oscar (couldn't find many) so you can get an idea of retail prices:

Sales are on all week - details are as follows:

Elizabeth and James
Tu-Thu 10am-8pm, Fri-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-3pm.
260 Sample Sale, 260 Fifth Ave btwn 28th and 29th sts

Oscar de la Renta
Tue 10am-8pm, Wed-Sat 11am-8pm, Sun 11am-5pm.
260 Sample Sale, 150 Greene St between W Houston and Prince sts
Happy shopping! You'll have to stay tuned to see pictures of what came home with me :)




  1. Was I the one that made the old lady comment lol??? YOU COULD NEVER LOOK OLD.

    And ughhhhh I want to see the OScar shoes! Unless it would depress me...


    1. Oh please. It wasn't for me. And yes - you should have gone down to Oscar, little miss size 37...

  2. I love both of those brown leather jackets. Oh well. The pitfalls of living in DC...

    1. They were pretty tiny so you didn't miss anything. Plus the color looked really sad in person. Everyone in the dressing room tried them on and left them LOL.

  3. I really enjoy looking inside the sample sales, and I agree with you about the jewelry, those pieces seem a bit overpriced for a sample sale,lol, especially since they pop up now and again at Nordstrom R and TJMaxx. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I know - we are totally spoiled by all the discount stores. Clothing sample prices for E&J can't be beat but everything else is a hard pass. Although $1000+ shoes from Oscar for 90% off would have been great had they been in my size...


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