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Friday, March 25, 2016

Lady in Red & Lionette :)

Photo by A Sequin Love Affair - thanks Shira!

On Wednesday I headed into the City for the Lionette sale. This week has been insane so my report is going up post sale (sorry). Pricing was pretty much the same as last year - 40% off most items with exception of the $20, $50 & $100 chairs - which were discounted up to 80% off. The necklace I'm modeling was $100 but I was feeling a little cheap so ended up passing.

The $20 bowl was mostly dainty necklaces, the same Nadine rings as last time and some Ace rings - plus some other odd pieces. I grabbed a few Aces and a Nadine in green. Items in the discount area were discontinued pieces, actual samples or pieces that were since updated in production.

Lots of gorgeous hair pieces in the $50 bowl but I knew I'd never actually wear them. They also had a pretty broach.

The $100 tray had the best assortment - for some reason I forgot to snap a pic. This $100 glove that another shopper is modeling was gorgeous, but honestly still felt too expensive for me. If anything in that $100 area was $50 it would have been a different story...

Everything on the display wall was 40% off retail which is amazing if you're a super fan but I need at least 75% off retail for me to buy.

I wish they had the Nadine ring in blue in the $20 bin but all they had was turquoise and green - so I took the green this time. For $180 less 40% I passed on the blue.

Here are more pics for you to drool over...

I'm linking some pieces I spotted so you can get an idea of pricing:

After Lionette I popped by Vivian Tam. They had two areas, an archive area with all their vintage pieces and their collection area. In the archive everything was $15-40 but it looked liked leftovers from the 90s. I did manage to find a $40 dress and $20 sweater that was cute. Vivian herself was there and did not allow pictures. Today is the last day so if you want to see what's left head to 260 W 39th St, 11th floor. They're open 10-4 today.

I didn't end up meeting up with any of my sample sale crew (other than A Sequin Love Affair who met me for a few minutes at Lionette before running off to work out) so when I got home we went to the park to snap some pics of my outfit. My look was really all about my amazing leather jacket. I got it at the Minkoff sample sale and I haven't been able to wear it because it's brown and so much of my wardrobe is black. I don't have a lot of denim so I had to look for other pieces to coordinate. For all the brown shoes and boots I own, it really didn't match any of my footwear. Finally I pulled out these penny booties from the Rack and just went for it. 

My look from head to toe:
  • Sunglasses: Prada, Nordstrom Rack, $0.01
  • Jacket: Rebecca Minkoff, sample sale, $150 (retail $798!)
  • Dress: H&M, $10
  • Bracelet: A.V. Max, sample sale, $20
  • Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, sample sale, $50
  • Ring: Lionette, sample sale, $20 (retail $80)
  • Boots: Tesori, Nordstrom Rack, $0.01 (very Isabel Marant, right?)

I decided I need a gold or denim bag - can you believe this was the only neutral I could find?

You can shop my look here:

My newly 9 year old loves to climb trees so we shot a couple pics in one. All I can say is that it's really hard to do in heels.

I know it's spring but it really looks (and feels!) like fall around here. For now I'll be transitioning with brigher colors before I break out the pastels. The red also got me lots of comments in the City LOL. In the sea of black I was the lady in red :)

Hope you have a great weekend!



  1. I can see why you passed on spending $100 even though it was a pretty necklace! We'll see if I regret my splurge but hopefully my ears will be fine. They have such cool pieces! Looooooove your RM jacket and you look amazing in red. That shade is perfection. Your leather could almost look black; I wonder if you could pretend it's black lol and wear it like it is.

    1. I just didn't see myself wearing it more than 2-3 times so I decided to pass. Your earrings are AMAZING! Do not regret them!

      Thanks - I love that jacket and wish I could wear it more. Next sale I'll grab one in black hopefully. The jacket tag actually says it's black but it's so brown. I tried treating it like black but it doesn't work :(

  2. Missing my penny finds. and LOVE the jacket.

  3. woah such amazing pieces! and I love your bold and edgy look :)

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  4. Replies
    1. Right?! I wish they were cheaper. I would have splurged if I saw the right piece under $100. Maybe next time :)

    2. I love that I connects you guys :) <3

  5. You look gorgeous in red (who cares what season it is, plus you are in NY, LOL!) and love it styled with that jacket! I enjoy seeing the pics from all of these amazing sales you go too!



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