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Monday, March 7, 2016

NYC, the George Washington Bridge & Another Nail Fail.

So I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. On Sunday, I decided to give acrylics another go and headed back to the nail salon in Washington Heights. This time I had my secret weapon in tow - my girl, W who speaks Spanish fluently. Unfortunately, once again, W's favorite nail technician had the day off so we went with the owner...which didn't work out so well either. 

I don't think my manicure is terrible but there were a combo of issues that did not go my way. First off, I asked for pointed nails and she shaped them super crooked and fang like. We realized she didn't know how to shape a pointed short nail so W recommended square, which is what she does. Looks great on her but not so much on my short, stumpy, old-lady hands LOL. And some of them are still crooked despite the square which we figured there was no way she could screw up. But she did. THEN, they didn't have the color I wanted. I wanted a color like Essie Ballet Slippers in gel - and they didn't have it. I tried this yellowish sheer color topped with a pink sheer with iridescent glitter to neutralize the yellow. Didn't work.

They actually don't look so bad in this pic but that's only because they are a little blown out from the camera focusing on the red gloves.

Here are W's nails. I think they are much better than mine. I told her next time we are only going to her girl - and if they don't work out I'm throwing in the hat.

I'm not wearing any makeup because I thought I was only going to shoot our nails. But as we were wondering the streets I spotted this fun mailbox and got inspired. Looking forward to putting away this coat already. As anxious as I am for warmer weather, I have not a clue what my vision for Spring is yet. I have to play around in my closet a little this week.

My #OOTD from head to toe:
  • Hat: H&M, $1
  • Sunglasses: Century 21, free with rewards (but they were selling them for $60)
  • Coat: H&M, $24
  • Dress: H&M, $15
  • Gloves: Carolina Amato, sample sale, $15
  • Bag: Balenciaga Velo, Nordstrom Rack
  • Key Chain: Adrienne Landu, fashion presentation swag, free :)
  • Jeans: Chip Foster, Nordstrom Rack, $19.98
  • Sneakers: Converse, Nordstrom Rack, $7.50
You can shop my look here:

And then I saw the George Washington Bridge and knew what we needed to do. I told W that we were going to walk home to NJ. So we did.

But first I jumped on a ledge and we took a few more pics LOL.

I've always wanted to walk across the bridge and it was sunset so it was the prefect time. The light wasn't the best for pictures but it was beautiful IRL.

Don't worry - we crossed just as it turned dark and when we got to Fort Lee we got a ride the rest of the way.

Today I snapped another pic of my mani and the more I look at it the more it drives me nuts. I've since gone over it with a coat of Ballet Slippers...which kinda defeats the purpose of getting gel in the first place, but what can you do? At least my A.V. Max druzy ring looks pretty. BTW, I've extended the $50 giftcard giveaway for a few more days so it's not too late to enter!

And last but not least I've decided to give Pinterest a try so I joined in with a bunch of bloggers for a Macbook Air + Kate Spade giveaway there! You can enter in the Gleam widget below - good luck!


Macbook Air + Kate Spade Pinterest Giveaway


  1. All those steps and no Fitbit??!! :)

  2. Girlfriend just get a gel manicure and forget acrylic lol. Such cute photos!

    1. Me thinks you're right. Thou, maybe just one more time...

  3. Such cute pics of you in your Converse! You're right you can't tell your nails are "off" in the photo at all, but I know that would drive me crazy too, ugh, why can't they just get them right?! I'm with Shira, maybe a gel mani would be a better option :)


    1. Thanks Tracy! And maybe you guys are right about my nail situation...

  4. These pictures are so cute! I really like your outfit and the scrappy black tank/bra thing :) I have to admit, acrylic nails have never been my thing. They just don't ever work out as you planned lol! The gel would be good if you're looking for something to stay for a long time. My nails grow fast, so I just use normal polish and they last about a week, and then they are grown out enough that it's time to change them. Plus, if I paint my own nails instead of getting them done, I have more money to buy nail polish, haha!!

    1. Thanks Morgan. It started as a way to get me to stop biting my nails - plus they really last so I only need to do them once a month. I've had a total of maybe a dozen pro manis in my 41 years of life so this really is new for me. And you know how cheap I am LOL. We'll see...

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