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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mid Week Roundup; Paul Andrew Sample Sale Haul, and Century & Rack Updates :)

Hey guys, sorry I've been a little quieter than usual but I just can't seem to shake this cold. That coupled with my new workout (Cize is exhausting!) and my husband running off to Florida on a guys trip, leaving me as a single mom to three little kids for the week...I'm not exactly at 100%. But I knew I couldn't leave you hanging -  so much has happened at Century 21, Nordstrom Rack and in sample sale land that it was time for a shopping update.

So let's start with Century. Looks like their discounts are maxing out at 80% this year (with some exceptions). They say it's 90% off - but it's really 90% off their value prices (retail), which is more like 80% off Century's prices. I was protesting their sale but I've since caved and picked up a few odds and ends.

At this point look for the random sale racks (other than at the downtown location which has the most at this point). 

Spotted this Pucci dress for $139.30. Their price was $699.99 - and last round it would have been priced $69.99 - but this time it's essentially double.

Then I spotted this $597 Valentino gown crammed in - last time for 90% off it would have been $300.

I headed to shoes to see what I could find. I spotted these Chloe boots last year and somehow here they are again...and still not on sale. I remember them from the pen mark. Drives me nuts when they put out old merchandise and think someone is stupid enough to buy them full price - especially when they are damaged!

I had seen a few of these Burberry boots in the City, but not in my size. Sadly these were too small as well. Pretty sure these are cheaper than stickered - by my estimation they would be $60-75, depending if they are 90% off the value ($75) or 80% off their price ($60).

I splurged on these satin over the knee $1,795 Blahniks for $168. Too bad they would have been half of that last year.

I saw these Dolce and Gabbana heels for $39.90 but decided they were too basic.

For my son I found something that was actually 90% off - these Adidas slides were just $2.18!

I found these men's Crocs mixed in the woman's shoe department and had a feeling they were cheaper. I was right! Came out to under $4 :)

And you know I hate to pay full price but I adore Ryka sneakers and these were less than $25. They had a pair on sale for $12 but these were more comfortable. I'm really picky with sneakers because of my bad knees. 

And now let's take a moment of silence for our favorite app. The Nordstrom Rack Stores app has finally stopped working and they've replaced it with a new app that does not have a search and send function - which means no more scanning for pennies. I penny hunted for a good year before I even knew about the app so I guess it's back to basics and I'll once again hunt on instinct. Luckily last week I had my last hurrah and went penny hunting with my friend A and we scored 35 pairs LOL. But then I had to lug them home on the subway and that wasn't as much fun.

My favorite penny score were these $375 DVF Paris suede and wood wedges just in time for warmer weather. Spring is just around the bend and so far I'm feeling uninspired. Looks like red, lace and denim are all big trends for Spring but so far I'm just not feeling it. I honestly have no idea what I want my Spring closet to look like. Usually I find a shoe or a dress and it just brings it all together for me. Last year I did a lot of tailored dresses so this year I went more bohemian with looser silhouettes. But right now, I'm just stumped. What are you excited to wear this Spring?

Today I wore my $7.50 Converse (from the Rack) out and about. I wanted hi-top Chucks in black but I'm enjoying the cheerful blue until I find them on the cheap.

And I figured I would share another penny fail. My friend A texted me that he found me a Lela Rose dress for a penny and I was so excited...until I saw it. Immediately I knew something was wrong because the tag was sewn down (crooked) instead of stitched in by the corners. The inside tag read Urban Outfitters LOL.

But on a glorious note, I did not miss the Paul Andrew sale this round. I packed up my new Minkoff and hit the City!

Last year I missed the first day and my friends hoarded $50 shoes like there was no tomorrow. This time prices weren't as low (but still good). I went in looking for fringes, feathers, color and Chrysler heels. Ever since I watched Paul on the CFDA Fashion Fund, I've drooled over those heels. They are so iconic and NY - I just needed them in my collection.

Prices started at $50 (very few basic styles) and then $75, $125, and $250 for boots, feathers and exotic skins. They did have a couple pairs of knee high sandals with Swarovski crystals for $500 but would rather 4-5 pairs for that number LOL. The best stuff got snatched up in the first hour so if you plan on hitting the next sale, GET THERE EARLY! Lucky for me I arrived minutes after they opened and they had plenty of iconic Paul Andrew pieces in my size. In size 37 they had the largest selection but nothing great. I met up with A Sequin Love Affair who struggled to find something she needed. Because it's a true sample sale, they only had 37, a few 39s (mostly due to an intern who showed up with a suitcase and cleared them out in the first 5 minutes) and size 40. My giant model sized feet did very well.

I saw these Artesia fringed heels in black but the purple was so much more fun. Retail $1095, paid $125. They cut at the ankle badly but I couldn't leave them LOL. I figure I'll try them with a midi skirt or pants.

Check out the zipper pull. You don't see little details like that on cheap shoes. 

I couldn't find these Lexington heels in this pattern online anywhere - so I'm guessing they were never put into production. And that's why I sample sale! I get one of a kind designer pieces for a fraction of the cost. I saw similar retailing for $795, I paid $75.

And I couldn't decide between the silver or blue so I took both pairs with the Chrysler heels. They had another pair in blue brocade but they didn't work for me. Retail $1,395, paid $125 each. I couldn't find the blue ones on Paul Andrew's stocklists but I eventually found them here.

I'm linking up a bunch of pieces I spotted for you to shop. I regret not grabbing those fringed flats. Ugh.

After Paul Andrew I also popped by the Dolce & Gabbana sample sale (expensive) and the Donna Karan sample sale that was at 50% off. I scored two of these $695 collection skirts for just $30 each!

That's it for now! I've been adding a few bits and pieces to my Insta-closet, @shoppinggalscloset - so you may want to check it out!

Just a few days left to enter to win a $50 A.V. Max giftcard! Good luck!



  1. This is too painful to read LOL. Ughhhhhhh my dream shoes! But on another note, those Century boots look amazing. The dresses-eh.


    1. Hahaha, You're so funny Shira. Maybe next sale will be better. The Blahnik boots were so unlike anything I own that I had to try. The better dresses were probably in the City but I've made my peace about skipping the sale. It's not like I need anything anyway LOL.

  2. Oh well on the century sale... It's for the best since I really have to purge my closet any way...

  3. Love all the heels! Great finds!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  4. Love seeing all your finds, wish we had that store on the West Coast! Hope you're feeling better soon, I know I haven't been feeling 100% either and along with everything else, blogging is sooo hard, LOL, but it really is, how long posts take to create/write/edit is no joke. Happy Shopping ;-)


    1. Thanks, Tracy. People don't realize how many hours it takes to write, take pics, edit pics and do social media...and not even get paid for it. As you know, it's a labor of love and you gotta keep hustling till it pays the bills :)

  5. OMG purple fringe...yes, yes, yasssssss!!!

  6. Wow....bargains galore! The haul of shoes are my favs! www.fashiondues.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks - and I totally agree. Love me some cheap designer shoes!

  7. So many great finds and those shoes with the gold heel are beautiful!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. Okay, how are you getting things for a penny? I need to know how to get in on this deal. LOL


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