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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bundle up at the Elizabeth and James Sample Sale!

For some time I've been hunting for cheap furs and leather jackets. I couldn't make the last Elizabeth and James sample sale for the VIP preview so I decided to wait until this one. It was worth the wait.

My advice is to head straight to the back to the sample area. It did get pretty wiped out last night but I'm sharing pics from when I left at the end. Sizing for samples seemed to be size 0-6.

Here is sample pricing but I always grab first then check prices later so I don't miss anything good in the initial frenzy.

Start with the furs and outerwear! They retail for $500-2000 so they're a steal for $100. I grabbed a bunch for me - stay tuned for when I share my finds!

Sample leathers were also $100. They still had this leather shirt and fringed skirt available.

I peeked at the $50 sample dresses but like they skirts they were all super tiny. I ran into the model I met at the Choo sample sale and even she couldn't zip up the skirts. The only dress I ended up getting was a boxier design that someone passed along in the dressing room.

The sweaters and ponchos for $30 were a steal.

Love this fringed one! I looked too bulky in it and it kept shedding so I left it.

They had a ton of pencil skirts and they were so cute but all size 0/2. Couldn't zip any of them up.

Love this one!

Love the idea of the tutu but it's just not my style.

They had pants too but I didn't really look because I don't really wear them.

Pricing on stock wasn't too bad. It ranged from $25 for tees and tanks and topped out at $300 for furs and leathers.

I was actually lucky enough to find this fringed Tatum leather jacket in the sample area for $100. It retailed for $995 :) They had plenty available in the stock area for $300.

I'm guessing this qualifies for "assorted feather" for $150. They had a sample in cream but it was pretty dirty.

Leather skirts were $250. This cute brown a-line retailed for $895.

Cute Ponchos for $150.

Wish they had these pastel leather jackets in the sample area.

Leather pants were $250.

Tops varied from $25-70.

They had a wall of jeans from their Textile line. See pricing below.

They also had a few accessories at the register. I was hoping for bags and sunglasses but there were none to be found.

I'm linking several of the items I spotted last night. Even their stock prices are significantly lower than most of the prices online. Even if you're not sample size there are are still plenty of good deals available.

I would suggest you hurry in for the best deals. They said all the samples were put out last night but you never know. They typically have markdowns in the last couple days so keep your eyes peeled.

Elizabeth and James Sample Sale
260 Fifth Avenue (Btwn 28/29th St.)
October 20-25
Tue-Thu 10am–8pm; Fri-Sat 10am-7pm; Sun 10am-3pm. Cash and credit cards accepted.

Happy Shopping!



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the feather items and those leather pants...sigh.... sometimes I wish I moved to NYC and then I realize I would be living on the streets because I would spend all my money on fashion! thanks for this Michelle!

    1. Thanks - it was a great sale with great pricing! Who needs food when you have leather pants LOL. Come to NYC and we can be fashionable homeless people together :)

  2. Man, what great prices!! I would be in heaven with the leather and fur :) that fringe skirt was fabulous!!! Can't wait to see what you picked up! I have one E&J fur jacket I managed to score for $60, and it's my pride and joy. I bet you will love yours for a long time!


    1. It was heaven! And holy cow - $60?! Where did you find it so cheap?


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