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Sunday, October 4, 2015

My Free Box of Juice :)

I recently signed up for the Influenster community after seeing that they send you free boxes of stuff to review. Hello, I'm all over free stuff and got very excited when I heard they were sending boxes of YSL products. So yeah, I was a little disappointed when my first box was juice.

Or more specifically a box of juice boxes. I received a "VoxBox" of Apple & Eve Organic juice. My kids (and husband) who also love free stuff (and juice) were very happy to be my taste testers.

Ella quickly claimed the Orange Pineapple so Keva thought it was only fair that he took both the Berrylicious Lemonade and the Fruit Punch Burst. We saved the Razzberry Apple Splash for Ava.

I'm not a huge juice girl but my kids all agreed how yummy they were. My husband has since made off with the rest of the Orange Pineapple. They are all certified Kosher except the lemonade - which we only realized after Keva finished drinking it (oops!)

I personally tried the Orange Pineapple and it was impressively good for a boxed juice. If you see these babies on sale I would most definitely recommend trying them :)

Fingers crossed that my next box will have some beauty products!



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