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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It's all about the swag!

Last week I went to the grand opening of both Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx at the Fulton Mall in Brooklyn. I left my house at 6 A.M. in the pouring rain dreaming of cheap designer goods in my Peter Pilotto for Target blazer and my brand new Balenciaga in tow (after I sprayed it 2x the night before with Collonil Waterstop to protect it).

I had a REALLY bad hair day (rain/humidity) so I cropped it out :)

If you saw my Instagram you saw that I shlepped out to the Rack in Brooklyn just for these Laura Mercier glosses. Turns out there was a VIP party the night before and I'm guessing anything good went then.

I actually snapped this pic while I was waiting for 3 hours at the Manolo Blahnik sample sale later that day. And no, I didn't get anything there either :( I would have taken pics but my phone was almost dead and there were more women in that tiny room than shoes. I heard almost everything went at the VIP preview that morning anyway.

Bottom line - it sucks to not be VIP. 

All three together cost less than the retail of one!

I took this shot when I got home so you could see the colors. From L-R I got Wildflower, Daiquiri & Black Cherry. I haven't tried Black Cherry yet but so far my fave is the Wildflower - it's a pretty vibrant rose-y pink. The Daiquiri is too sheer and is a barely there coral on my lips.

I did collect a bunch of fun freebies in Brooklyn. Not sure if it made it worth the trip but here is my stash. TJ Maxx had better swag. They gave out free totes, water, umbrellas and Jelly Bellys (my favorite LOL) in the cutest container. Come to think of it I think that noisemaker was from Nordstrom Rack. TJ Maxx also had red fortune cookies (I passed - they scared me a little) and red T-shirts but I don't need another crappy men's T - and neither does my husband...


How cute?

That's all that made it home LOL.

TJ Maxx was pretty disappointing - I could not believe that I walked out empty handed. Seriously, who walks out of TJ Maxx empty handed? I did spy these beautiful Valentino and Celine bags but they were pretty pricey at $1500 and $2000 respectively. I need another 70% off of those prices for me to even bother. Sadly these two were the only things worth looking at in the entire store.

Nordstrom Rack did have raffles for free gift cards but of course, I didn't win any. They also had a food cart and they passed out some cute water & pastries on-line. I did have a free coffee inside to warm me up.

They were supposed to give out free totes with purchase but for some reason they didn't give me one with my glosses :(

Later that week at my mall, Desigual gave out these much nicer colorful totes for free, so I figure the universe has a way of balancing itself.


Exciting news - Rebecca Minkoff is having her sample sale this week in NYC, LA and San Fran. I love her but I decided to stop going to the sales as I already have so many and I tend to get better deals on RM at the Rack. I'm heading into the City on Thursday so I may pop in just to see...


This wouldn't be much of a fashion blog if I didn't share my favorite dress from the Met Gala last night. I think Suki Waterhouse's Burberry gown was amazing. It's so strange to me that I'm drawn to this dress because even when I got married I didn't go for the princess dress. But I want to wear this dress. Maybe I just want to be Suki in that moment, wearing that dress. Probably doesn't hurt that she was escorted by her boyfriend Bradley Cooper. Either way, Suki takes the cake as far as I'm concerned.

Suki Waterhouse in Burberry

After choosing my dream gown I decided to play another game, which outfit would I actually wear (based on my body) had someone magically given me a free ticket...

While it's not my favorite, it would probably have to be Charlize Theron in Dior. It has nice clean tailored lines and I really need that jacket she's sporting to help cover up my upper arms.


I usually don't bother with the subscription boxes but this one is totally free! I saw on Slickdeals that Beauty Box 5 is giving away a free box (nothing out of your pocket but you do have to put in your credit card info) with the code FREEBOX6 - just be sure to cancel your subscription after your free box arrives. Click here to sign up!

Stay tuned for my City adventures later this week! As always, wishing you happy shopping :)

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