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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week in Review! More Rockstuds, $3 H&M Scores, Nordstrom Rack & Thrifted Finds :)

Looks like my dry spell is officially over. These are all actually from the last couple weeks but the Jewish holidays have been keeping me pretty busy.

So let's start with my brand new lipstick red Valentino Rockstuds. I would have been happy with just one pair but G-d has been good and delivered not one, not two, but three pairs of Rockstuds over the past few weeks. Crazy. I know I don't need all of them but I waited so long for a pair that I just can't seem to let any of them go. My 8 year old daughter fell in love and made me order a fake pair from China in her size. As soon as they come we'll take a mother daughter pic and I'll let you know if you need to buy your girls a pair too :)

A week ago I found a few pieces for my girls for $3 each at H&M but then again today they marked everything in the women's clearance to $7 or less. I found this cute denim vest and cropped blouse for myself for $3 each. Kicking myself for not checking in earlier in the day because you guys know the damage I typically do.

After a long break from thrifting I went last week and scored big time. For my daughter I picked up these almost new Lelli Kelly hightops for $3. Actually her whole look here was less than $10 head to toe - all thrifted. That Hard Tail skirt is hands down her favorite skirt right now.

I also found this Pucci bucket hat for $3. It didn't have a tag but the print and lining was a dead giveaway. These go for $100-200 easy.

In addition to a killer $10 80's dress that's currently at the tailor I picked up this vintage Bergdorf Goodman houndstooth blazer for $7. I even found the missing button on the floor at the store. My husband actually hates it so it's a good thing I dress to amuse myself. Love a huge 80's shoulder pad!

I also found this cute Les Copains dress for $7 (they tend to retail for around $500). I used to get tons of their stuff from Daffy's back in the day.

But my piece de resistance was this Salvatore Ferragamo suit for 30 bucks. It was originally $60 but I found it for half-price. These seriously go for several thousand dollars. I want to loose a little more weight before I tailor it. It looks so money.

The Rack has also been good to me of late. Lots of markdowns and Clear the Rack actually starts tomorrow. I finally have a ton of stuff to bring back for a price adjustment. There have been a few rounds of CTR that I had nothing to adjust because there was nothing to buy.

There were a few things I found before the 7 day adjustment period, but they were so cheap that it's OK. I wanted a signature jacket and I'm not sure this Vertigo peacoat is exactly what I was looking for but for $7.49 I'm sure I can put it to use. Love the drama of the oversized collar.

For my BIL I grabbed this $395 John Varvatos blazer for $29.98. for some stupid reason he didn't want it. (Hello, it fits him like a glove and it's probably nicer than everything he owns combined...) I'm holding on to it in case he reconsiders.

I also found a Hugo Boss suit for my husband for $99 (#amazing) and a ton of designer jeans for less than $20 a pair but they are all currently at the tailor. 

And it's been a while since I've shared penny finds but I wanted to share my recent favorites:

Yes, these $685 Stuart Weitzman Tass black suede wedge boots were just a penny. I wish the calves were narrower but you heard the penny part, right?

I got a bunch of penny (boots &) sandals that day but I am so obsessed with these Vince Camuto Effel sandals. The season is pretty much over so I'll be saving them for next year.

Last but not least I picked up this jade green medium Chloe Marcie for about half price but I'll be having it price adjusted tomorrow. If anyone is interested email me or DM me on Instagram :)

Pretty good couple of weeks, right? I'm linking a few similar items below in case you NEED them and are OK spending a little more...

FYI, I still have a few pieces left in my blog sale. And don't forget to hit your local Nordstrom Racks for Clear the Rack tomorrow - you'll get 25% off all red ticket items this weekend!

Happy Shopping :)




  1. If you are ever looking to unload the vertigo jacket... Just sayin'... :)


    1. You're so cute but it ran tiny - I can just squeeze into it. At first I thought it was a kids size large but the sleeves are long enough for me so it's probably a juniors cut.


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