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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Target toy sale fail and weekly shopping update...

This post was going to be my big Target toy sale haul. Twice a year, Target clearances their toys to 70% and that's usually when I stock up for the year. On Thursday, I grabbed the girls and arrived at my first Target - and there was nothing. No clearance toy isle, not even one endcap full of marked down toys. Just nothing. Ella was especially disappointed because she dressed for the occasion.

I'm training them young.

Not to be dissuaded, after 15 minutes of pacing the store we headed to our next location. We spotted a few toys on endcaps but they were still ringing up at 30-50% off. I guess I'll try again next Thursday...

Found this flask mixed in (only 50% boo) and thought it was worth a share :)

I also spotted these Lilly for Target espadrilles in the shoe department - but they were still full price so I left them. Weird.

My girls refused to leave until I took a few pictures of them outside.

I had an hour to kill before I headed to Nordstrom Rack to do my price adjustments for Clear the Rack (you get an extra 25% off red ticked clearance, and they will adjust for purchases within 7 days) so I headed to Office Depot to get my penny school supplies. All summer Office Depot has been offering select supplies on sale for a penny or a quarter every week. As always, I've been stocking up on the cheap. I just checked and they don't have anything for a penny this week but I'll probably swing by for the $0.10 composition notebooks.

Still had some time so I finally used my free $15 coupon from Kohl's. Kohl's has the best coupons (they always have amazing online deals with lots of codes to stack) and I love the free money they send you. I chose this Essie Gel Setter set in Ballet Slippers because it was exactly $15 so it came out to $0.00 OOP! They have some decent brands at the beauty department at Kohl's. I've picked up some of my Real Techniques makeup brushes there on the cheap.

Nothing better than free!

Made it to Nordstrom Rack 3 minutes before they opened the doors and was first on line for my adjustments. I never find anything during Clear the Racks, it's always in the weeks before. Too bad I couldn't adjust my new tangerine Rockie bag I picked up a few weeks ago. I'm just happy to have found one at the Rack.

Lastly, I'd like to thank the jerk who sideswiped my car and cracked my light. Thanks.

Hope you did better than me at Target. I've been drooling at haul pictures on Facebook and Instagram so I know the clearance it out there. I keep thinking that maybe I'll try another location but honestly my kids don't need anything and my gift stockpile has enough to last me to the next sale. I know I still owe you a blog sale but don't worry, it's coming and gonna be good!




  1. I'm surprised there was any Lilly Pulitzer left. When I went in, they said they were cleaned out (long ago).

    1. I know it's so weird. With a 14 return policy for Lily stuff it must have been returned several times over.


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