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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Shopping insanity! Check out my $3 H&M clearance haul!

If you were impressed with my $5 H&M finds from the other day you're gonna be blown away by this haul. I've been working in slow motion of late (I know, I'm still working on the blog sale...) as I've been under the weather. This morning I finally got around to returning some of the cheap $5 pieces that didn't work for anyone - only to be greeted by this lovely sign :)

After grabbing a few pieces I went to check out where I was informed that EVERY piece of women's sale merchandise was now $3, even if it's not marked. I quickly ran back to the racks (and to the fitting room) and grabbed anything worthwhile.

I always grab the higher ticket items first but at these prices I really take anything that will work for anyone I know LOL.

Check out all my new finds:

My new dress retailed for a whopping $59.95. My favorite H&M location does not carry some of the higher end pieces so if it gets returned to this store, it goes right to the clearance rack usually for 50% off. But today it was $3!!!

 I've been having fun with maxi dresses lately so I grabbed a couple of these $49.95 black numbers.

I'm thinking I might send this to my friend in DC because I couldn't leave this $49.99 faux-wrap dress just because it wasn't my size. 

And this one should work for my SIL - hope it's not too short. No tag so I haven't a clue what the retail is but again, $3 so who cares.

This $24.99 chambray dress is still full price on the website :)

Another dress that's too small for me but I wasn't leaving a $69.95 dress. For $3 I'll save it for when I'm skinnier.

A little cutesy (and too snug across my chest) but I have tons of nieces...

This $29.99 dress is still full price online. I grabbed the 6 but I wish I grabbed the 2 because it runs huge.  It's gonna work for someone.

Lots of cute skirts and tops too! This is a $49.95 silk top. Insane.

Cute $3 crop top for my SIL! 

I made a client buy this top at full price because it's so flattering. Grabbed mine for $3! Wish they had more.

Actually tried on this $34.95 skirt at full price. Wish it was my size. 

Love anything blue! Was $59.99!

Found one for a client for $5 - today I picked up my size for $3! 

This is what I mean about the higher end pieces getting returned and marked to 50% off.  $79.95 to $3? Yes, please!

I'm not so into pants so maybe I'll layer these fitted black cargos. Was $34.95 :)

Anyone else get lucky? On the shopping front, I'm still waiting on Century 21 to drop from 65% off (not good enough for me) and I heard Marshalls/TJ got another markdown but no yellow tickets yet. I've been working on my blog sale but I'm having a hard time letting go LOL. I'm about halfway done so hopefully this weekend!




  1. Great finds! I love a fantastic deal :-) the first dress is my fave!

    1. Thanks! It;s my fave too :) I couldn't help myself so I went back today for more LOL.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks - sometimes these amazing deals just find me. Part instinct, part luck but I love what I do and I love being able to share my finds :)


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