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Monday, July 27, 2015

L.K. Bennett $20 sample sale haul - and more Rent the Runway scores :)

For off-season, last Thursday was a doozy. First I stumbled upon the Rent the Runway sale and then I got an urgent text to head into the City for a secret L.K. Bennett Sample sale. I own a few L.K. Bennett pieces (both thrifted and from the Rack) but nothing terribly exciting. Normally I probably wouldn't have blinked but when I heard everything was under $30 it was time to run.

I've been rocking my new ASOS dress that I just picked up for $27. I ordered a small and medium (this is the small) but I wish I ordered the X-small. It's too boxy but I'm gonna keep it because my super modest mom would approve - and I need something to wear when I visit her.

Outfit details:

Sunglasses: Moschino, Century 21, $60 (free with rewards) - see similar here.
Necklace: JES Design Studio, $60 (free from Instagram giveaway) - see similar here.
Dress: ASOS Monki Hanky Hem Festival T-Shirt Dress, on sale for $27 (was $45)
Bracelet: AV Max cuff bracelet, sample sale $5 - see similar here.
Bag: Balenciaga Velo, Nordstrom Rack, around $300 after my Nordstrom Notes (retail $1835)
Shoes: Crocs Sexi Flips, $14 (after coupons), Kohls - see similar here.

And now back to the sample sale. Everything I got was $20. I saw boots for $30 but everything else was less. Most of the clothing was tiny or huge so there was nothing for me. I did grab this $425 floral satin Lichen dress for $20 because I have a couple clients that are size 2. Their stuff runs narrow so I would have needed at least a 6.

At least I got lucky in the shoe department! All pictured are size 40 except the black heels which are 41. I needed them once the showroom girl told me Beyonce was just shot in them. They're too big so if my SIL doesn't want them they will be in my next blog sale (also got an extra in 36). If you were a 41, 42 or 36 they had mountains in your size. I had to dig for my 40s. Pictured here are $2665 worth of shoes that cost me a whopping $120. Score!

Now for a closeup. Bey's $450 Angie gladiator sandals. They also had them in gold.

My $445 Jolie's are the perfect neutral with a pop of color. Love.

I wasn't sure about these $495 Leah sandals because they are a little damaged (the strap holder is the back broke) but I figured it was a quick fix. I'm not sure why I was being so picky. People were looking at me like I was nuts for putting back shoes that I didn't love.

I spotted these as soon as I walked thru the door. I dug thru several boxes to finally find my $425 Lydia platform wedges. I actually needed silver sandals and these fit the bill perfectly.

I've been looking for a pair of pointy heels in this color. I would have liked pink and blue too but they only had the yellow in my size. I guess these $305 Florete heels were meant to be.

And last but certainly not least, I pulled apart every box to find these in my size. I still yearn for a pair of Sophia Websters but for $20 these $545 Summer sandals will make a great substitute. Who am I kidding? I still need you Sophia.

Went back to Rent the Runway and it turns out they replenished (despite telling me they weren't going to). This $475 Salsa Dance dress by Haute Hippe was just $10 because it was missing the belt, had a couple light stains and a tiny tear that was neatly mended. For $10 I can deal.

I also took home this $470 Milly Golden Lurex Flutter dress for $31.80. It was also missing the belt and the gold was coming out in a bunch of spots but it's really flattering on.

So once again, my closet is busting. Me thinks it's time for another blog sale...



  1. Loooove the silver sandals! You should sell those on your blog sale. And my black LK Bennett shoes are staying on muuuuuuch better with heel pads. :)

    1. Yay! I'm glad they worked out. I told you LK Bennet was money :) They only had one pair in each style in size 40 - there were dupes in 41 and 42 which doesn't help us...

  2. Can u post details about the sample sale? Where and when it is? I've searched everywhere on Google and didn't find anything about an LK Bennet sample sale, and I would love to buy shoes in a size 40-41.

    1. You must have missed my previous post where I shared that I went the last day of the sale. I didn't post info because it's over - that's why I only blogged about my haul. Some of these things pop up so quickly that you miss them if you blink. Sorry.

    2. This was a super hush hush sale--none of the big sites (Sample Sally, Racked, Mizhattan) knew about it. Your best bet to find out about sales is to follow as many sample sale shoppers on instagram/twitter as you can. Mizhattan ended up tweeting about this after Practically Haute broke the story; I suggest following both of them, as well as LeHoarder, of course :) (Sorry to pimp other blogs on here lol--hope you don't mind)

    3. LOL V - it's ok. As long as we all accept that I am the reigning sample sale queen...

  3. When are you putting up your blog sale? I'm interested in the Angie gladiator sandals in 36. I love the silver wedges too but I don't think you picked them up in a smaller size.


    1. Hopefully this weekend! (And no, that was the only size 36 I grabbed. I have a client trying them on tmrw but if she doesn't take them they will be for sale.) Stay tuned...

  4. Hi!
    As this is a few years ago, I was wondering if you would maybe be willing to sell your Haute Hippie salsa dress? I've been looking for a nice salsa dress for ages as I'm going to Argentina, and this is by far my favourite! Unfortunately I can't find it in stock anywhere...
    Best regards,


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