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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Burlington end of season clearance and 90% off insanity at Century 21!

So on Monday this happened.

It started like any other day. I took my SIL to Burlington for the first time and was pleasantly surprised to find that they were having end of season markdowns.

Turns out that the Rack isn't the only store with cheap BCBG. Found this $500 gown for just $35. I took one in a 6 just because. No clue what I'll do with it but I couldn't leave without taking at least one. I found piles of cheap DVF, Rebecca Taylor and Rachel Zoe. Time to go check your local stores :)

I also scored this $395 Rachel Zoe dress for less than $10!

After Burlington we headed to Century just to grab a few cheap Wacoal bras (they sell racks of irregulars for $12.99) and got thrown a curveball. 90% had begun! I was predicting it would be the following week and I was wrong. This time everything jumped from 65% to 90% and most pieces were sent downtown. The next day (they open at 7:45AM) I headed in to the City to see what was going on.

This time they changed all the rules. Instead of marking down a department or two every day, they accelerated the sale. On Monday, mens, kids and all shoes hit 90% off and on Tuesday, designer and some accessories dropped. I don't pay attention to home stuff but yesterday (Wednesday) I did notice a bunch at 90% too. At this point your best bet is head downtown where they are transferring in sale goods from other locations. You can also play the guessing game and hunt for pieces that are hiding in plain sight. Not everything is marked 90% but if it has any sort of red markdown sticker it's worth having it checked at the register. Make sure you sign up for C21's rewards card - the top two levels have their own express checkout line and everyone earns free $ just like Nordstrom Notes. I'm a VIP, baby!

I couldn't find my Ikea totes (always bring bags to the City because those tiny baskets fill up quickly...) so I grabbed my oversize Century ones to help lug home all my purchases. Luckily my brother works downtown so he popped in and took some of my bags so I could finish shopping unencumbered.

I didn't do that well for myself this time - most of my dresses don't work for me this round and I pretty much missed out on shoes. I only found one pair of sunglasses for 90% off and I gave them to my very helpful brother. I did find lots of super cheap kids stuff, lots of gifts, and piles of $10 shoes for my husband and son.

So here are a few pics of some of the pieces I picked up. As always, I got a bunch to blog sale (after I finish showing them to personal shopping clients) - so stay tuned for the really good stuff!

Lets start with the cute cheap stuff. Flowers for Zoe, Baby Sara and Little Mass for $3 or less? Insane!

Swimsuits for less than $2 for my girls.

Stuart Weitzman, Tahari and Umis for my girls for $4 or less. Not as good as my penny finds but every so often you have to splurge a little :)

Ava flipped when she saw her giant pony pocketbook. These are HUGE - as in it's almost as big as her. My niece is obsessed with My Little Pony so I grabbed her one too. My sister is gonna kill me when she sees this oversized monstrosity. 

Couldn't leave Hello Kitty for $.99!

 Grabbed a bunch of cheap stuff for my son too!  Yes, that T-shirt is just $.40 LOL.

Stocked up in Spanx - all for $1 and change each.

It's funny, I saw a pile of Lanvin bags for $35 each but I passed because I got a cuter one at previous sale. But there was something about my Marc by Marc Jacobs plaid crossbody...retail $528, scored it for just $29.70!

I figured someone could use a cheap clutch so I grabbed these two - the Franchi was $3.96 and Badgley Mischka was $11.88. Both have a few marks but nothing serious.

I grabbed a bunch of these adorable Kate Spade Limoncello pouches for less than $8 each. Me thinks it's time for another giveaway...

Y'all know my obession with shoes. I missed most but I dug around and found these Givenchy booties for $50!

 Rochas for $30...

Like I said, not everything was marked 90% off :)

These $12.87 See by Chloe sandals need new closures but last time I had a pair repaired it was only about $8.

And finally, Sergio Rossis for less than $30. These have a few marks but nothing the price tag can't forgive. If my SIL doesn't want them I have a feeling my client/friend D will.

The one thing I didn't buy on sale was this adorable Scala fascinator for $22.99.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the designer dresses I'll be showing to clients :)

So yes Century, life is beautiful. (You can admire this piece of art by the visitors center in Century, next to the men's section.)

I also wanted to share that Century featured my pic on their website a couple weeks ago. The love is mutual C21!

Last but not least, I'd like to take a moment to thank TJ Maxx for the $50 giftcard that they sent me for my winning their weekly #Maxxlife contest on Instagram. I can do a lot of damage with $50 there. Thank you! 

If you're in the NYC area the Century sale is a can't miss this week! If you go, I'd love to hear about your best finds!




  1. yasssss this was so satisfying lol. I love other people's shopping hauls, especially yours. Bummer about missing shoes--curse my move! Otherwise I would have just gone and checked every day lol and we wouldn't have missed it!!

    I love the thought of Ava with that giant pony purse. Waaay too cute.

    I love Burlingtons in nice areas. Union Square has nice stock but gets picked over more quickly. The one by my parents' house is AMAZING, though, I got a stack of DvF cashmere sweaters there for $15 last time I visited. And they're about to open a Nordstrom Rack next door, so I think I'll be visiting my parents more ;)

    I hit the Burlington and TJ Maxx here and it's just a non Runway one, but I found lots of household things, which is good for me right now. Got an over the door shoe rack for $10, various cheap hanging organizers for purses and sweaters, huge acrylic organizers for only $3 my makeup and jewelry etc.

    Also found these flipflop organizers for $1 (http://www.containerstore.com/s/closet/shoe-storage/view-all-shoe-storage/perfectcurve-flip-flop-rack/123d?productId=10036576). They look super cheap and I was skeptical but once I hung them and put all my nice sandals on them, I though they looked fine and are super handy.

    Anyway, def check out home stuff when you're at TJM next, since you probably have even more stuff than I do, you might find some cheap goodies to help you organize!

    I'm super sad I missed out on this and will miss out on sales all year, but I think my bank account is weeping with relief lol.

    I miss you soooo much and I'm glad you're killing it in the shopping as always. Have so much fun this weekend at the thing you're styling. I know it's gonna be fabulous, cuz it's you <3

    1. btw random side note, I LOVE that you can still return stuff from the 90% off sale. None of that final sale bullshit lol. And those Givenchy booties are tdf.

    2. It's true - I've already returned a few damaged pieces LOL. And it's totally your fault I missed it Monday morning - if you would have been here...

      Burlington in the City really isn't so great. Someone beat me to the punch at my favorite one in NJ and took almost everything in my size. Most of my stuff will go to clients or my blog sale.

      As for organization - I really need to just build a closet already. I just don't have a place to physically put things right now.

      Aw...miss you! You really are the best shopping buddy I've had in a really long time.

  2. Tali shrieked when she saw the purple pony!

    1. I'm so glad! I'll send it with mom and dad the next time they come :)

  3. Oh man, what a haul!! I have been trying to go to Burlington lately, but there are none close to me :( I wish I lived near a C21! Man!! This makes me dream of living near NYC instead of in small-town Texas.

    1. Texas is chock full of amazing second hand/consignment shops - by us those places are super overpriced. You at least have a Nordstrom Rack nearby, right?

  4. any chance you call sell me a limoncello pouch? etsyflim@gmail.com

    1. I was planning on gifting them but if I sell it will be in my next blog sale. Will LYK :)

  5. Thanks for the heads up about 90% on Instagram. I was there at Bergen on Saturday but not much sale things were left. They never went to 75% this time. I spied a Chloe dress in your haul that I believe I bought myself! I also got that green lanvin clutch you talked about. I have a thing for green. The shoe selection was awful when I arrived but I was able to find a pair of Manolo in great condition to my surprise! Got a lanvin dress, Vanessa Bruno blazer and some other random things.

    1. My pleasure :) Can't wait to see your Manolos! It sounds like you still found some beautiful pieces even if you came late to the game.

  6. Yes your friend D wants them if your SIL doesn't :)


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