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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Favorite Finds of 2016 & New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! 2016 has been full of ups and downs but I wanted to take a walk down memory lane to celebrate all my small victories. It's gonna be hard, but I'm gonna limit it to my top 10 deals - otherwise we'll be here all day. There have been some finds that I have not even shared with you yet but I'll be sharing with you in weeks to come - and they'll have to sit this roundup out.

If you want to go back even further, check out my amazing 2015 roundup here.

It's so easy to focus on what went wrong but I'm gonna take a moment to consider what went right.

  • My social media channels finally really started to grow. It's a lot of work but it's paying off!
  • I partnered with several really great companies - mostly for free stuff but still, it's a start. Got a couple watches, and lots of clothing and beauty products. Life is good.
  • Justice found my daughter Ella through me and signed her on to be a Girls With Heart brand ambassador.
  • Ava was selected as a Nina Kids shoe fit model and we've scored some amazing shoes from them.

And now, let's have a look at all my pretties of 2016. Most of them are going to be recent finds as sample sale season is always at its best at year's end.

1. Jimmy Choo sample sales are always epic and this last one did not disappoint. Anywhere you can find blinged out $2,000+ shoes for $100, has to go to the top of my list. Feel free to drool over my Kallai swarovski sandals, retail $1,595, Swarovski Whistler heels that retailed for $2,450, and my python Charlize clutch - all for $100 each!! Don't forget my $50 damaged Zoe hobo turned DIY project that I successfully dyed black - see tutorial here.

I scored some amazing Paul Andrew shoes at the sample sale this year as well but it can't officially make my list as I haven't worn a single pair yet. Maybe for Fashion Week...

2. My $1,420 Teri Jon floral lace gown is hands down the most beautiful piece of clothing I've acquired this year. After hunting for something (for what feels like forever) and to finally get it - is just so gratifying. Read more about my dress here.

My honorable mention dress will have to be my $149 H&M Collection kaftan that I found on the sale rack for $30. Seriously worth every penny. I LIVED in it all summer.

3. Chanel at a discount like this almost of unheard of these days, so to find flats for $175 is pretty insane. At this point I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Nordstrom Rack. They got rid of their app which allowed you to scan for penny items (now it's just a guessing game) and less designer items have been showing up at my store. Not sure if they're just not making it out of the backroom or they are spread too thin between even more stores. And their pricing for designer transfers and refub items has gone up which is equally disappointing. That said, I did get these flats for a steal.

I still haven't shared a Marc Jacobs collection bag that I found for a penny. I have it scheduled in an upcoming look :)

Honorable Rack mention is this Elizabeth and James $965 Iris oversized Mongolian lamb fur collared coat that was just under $60 at Clear the Rack.

4. Charlotte Olympia flats for $100 at her sample sale. Need I say more? I dream of finding kitty flats at this price one day.

5. I only teased one of these on Insta recently but here's a look at my new $99 Alice and Olivia Fawn fur coats from the sample rack. the purple was the first thing I grabbed and the black and white is a little skunky but I like the 70s vibe. Did I mention these retail for $1,395 each?

6. I've had my eye on some Alexander Wang bags for a while but I thought they were too heavy and the price was never quite right. This round their sample sale had some great deals including my $950 Diego bucket bag for $150 and the $650 mini Rockie was $175 (I think). The Diego isn't the lightest but it's not too bad. The mini is actually super light and in-line to be styled. Did I mention I got one in red too?

7. This is gonna be a tie between the Marc Jacobs sample sale and the Vera Wang sample sale. Both really good sales with fun, wearable pieces - and mostly 90% off :)

8. I really love my Betsey Johnson velvet booties - seen here and here. I literally dreamed of these shoes before I found them. When Macy's Backstage sent me a giftcard to shop I hoped to find a chunky bootie - a fun trend piece. When I spotted them putting these out I knew I found the one. And they're so insanely comfortable. They retail for $100 but were priced $50. My goal for 2017 is to find an equally amazing bootie like this - but with a lower heel so I can live in them.

9. You know Rebecca Minkoff has to make my list one way or another. No real standout piece this year but LOTS of good ones. I love my new guitar straps from the last sale, but my best bag was probably from last sale, earlier in the year. This $75 fringed Regan from the sample table is oh so beautiful. I did pick up some amazing shoe samples this time for $40 a pop thou.

As long as we're talking about Rebeccas I should give an honorable mention to Rebecca Taylor. With $10 damages at one sale and $10 shoes at the other...she was very good to me this year.

10. I know it's not a find per se - but byChloe had to make it onto this list. Since discovering it I've probably eaten there a dozen times easy. It's delicious, colorful, Kosher vegan food. Don't get me wrong, I eat meat. But I love good food for good prices. This is just that. And it looks pretty.

Linking up as many of these pieces as I could find - and some of them on sale!

As I move away from straight sample sale reports and haul posts, I'm gonna to continue to share my scores integrated into looks that I put together. That's not to say I won't still blog about them, but I want to start doing more video (be it Facebook or Instagram live or YouTube) to document those experiences. My intention was always for LeHoarder to be my fashion journal where I share my style and deals - which is why I disclose what I pay for each item. I can't see myself doing straight style posts because that's not who I am either. For me it's the thrill of the hunt and sharing the find.

I think it's easy for the tall skinny young girls who are gifted designer pieces to look effortlessly chic. Maybe I should say easier LOL. Not everyone has style. To me, fashion is expressing yourself creatively and uniquely. Pretty clothing is just that, pretty clothing, not necessarily fashion or style. My challenge has always been hunting down a crazy deal and putting it together with pieces already in my wardrobe. That and dressing for my shape. I've packed on 30 lbs. this year - the same 30 lbs. that I worked so hard to lose 3 years ago. Like a lot of women I struggle with my weight and eating habits. Add being over 40 and having a few kids - your metabolism changes. Your body changes. I'm not 20 and size 2 anymore. But I honestly believe you can look amazing no matter what number comes up on the scale. And that's what I'm trying to share.

When I first put on a significant amount of weight at 35 with my third pregnancy I didn't know what to wear. I wore shapeless mommy dresses and totally lost my joy. I wore Uggs or Crocs and none of my designer shoes fit anymore - even my feet got bigger. As my kids grew up and I woke up from my baby fugue I started to remember who I was and what I was missing. I had to re-learn how to dress for my new shape and make some changes. I lost a bunch of weight, but more importantly found myself again. The funny thing is I didn't appreciate it. At the time I still felt heavy. Right now I look back to even last year and wish I looked like that again.

This year has been an extremely stressful year due to some family issues that I'd rather not rehash. Conflict is hard. My parents leaving the country and leaving me and some of my siblings to pack up our family home of over 30 years was a trip too. When I get stressed I get migraines and compulsively overeat. It's not an excuse, it's just how I deal. I've decided to try to move forward and take control once again. I used to feel like I could only really express myself when I was a smaller size - when I was bigger it was all about strategic hiding. To some degree it still is, but I'm going to try to forgive myself and just be me - no matter my size.

My wish for 2017 is to be brave. That's the one thing I look back and wish I could change in my youth. I'd get so close and then give up because I was afraid or thought I wasn't good enough. And sometimes I just didn't even try. Age gives you some perspective. I wish I had more confidence then. While it's hard to be in what feels like a young girls game, I know that I can't beat myself up for not trying sooner. At least I'm doing it now. It sometimes feels like an uphill battle but I'm not giving up this time.

BTW, congrats to Brigitte B. on winning my Rebecca Minkoff Cleo glitter wallet giveaway. Good news - I'm giving a second away on my Insta right now! Initially I was going to end it Friday but I'm going to extend it for a few days :)

I planned on adding in my favorite looks of 2016 to my I'll have to save that for another day.

On the sale front it's time to start checking department stores for second cuts and TJ Maxx and Marshalls yellow stickers should be right around the bend! I went this morning because last year the first Thursday of the month was the big day but this morning I found them red stickering. Meaning yellow stickers could be a couple weeks off.

Speaking of yellow stickers I would be remiss in mentioning my $99 Valentino Rockrunner sneakers (RV $745) from the last sale. That was my first viral picture with over 2,000 likes. Okay - we knew this was gonna be more than a top 10 anyway LOL.

I'm a little over the Century 21 sale because now that it's 90% off retail instead of 90% off Century's already discounted prices - I'm probably gonna pass again. It's just not worth it when the goods are so badly manhandled. I can find those prices elsewhere - and with pieces in better condition.

There are a few sample sales coming up but the one I would recommend for next week is the Rachel Zoe blowout sale. Last time I scored my $1,395 studded leather jacket for $109! With prices of up to 95% off,  this sale is worth checking out.

Rachel Zoe
1/10-11, 11-7 daily
261 West 36 Street (7-8 Avenues), 2 Fl

Good luck and happy shopping! If I'm feeling better I'll be sure to come out and play!




  1. Wow you've gotten some pretty epic stuff this year. I still am crazy jealous of your Paul Andrew and Chanels! Those are my favs with the black jeweled Jimmy Choo being a close runner up. I'm sorry this year was a tough one, I can relate. I hope 2017 gets so much better for both of us! xx


    1. I guess it was! And you were with me at that Paul Andrew - too bad they didn't have anything good in your size. And you already have some Chanel shoes!! Yes - may 2017 bring us nothing but blessings.

  2. I never got to go to sample sales. At least I never heard about them here in USA. but maybe I am wrong. You scored a lot of awesome stuff, so envy!


    1. Once you start sample sale-ing you really can't shop any other way. They are mostly in NYC but there are some out in LA too. Some are better than others but as you can see - there are some amazing deals to be found!

  3. You have had a great year from personal victories to great fashion finds ! Love the Jimmy Choo bag & Chanel shoes ! And By Chloe is one of my fav places to eat ! Happy New Year !
    xx, gracie

    1. Thanks Gracie! And OMG I heard byChloe has some new things on the menu that I need to try!

  4. I have to say , first of all, that it is such a pleasure to connect with you on social media and you are truly the most genuine, delightful person I have met via Instagram. I was so intrigued by your posts these past 2 days and couldn't wait to finally get a chance to sit down and read this post . I still am speechless over the shoes. Amazing! All the outfits and pieces are gorgeous and congratulations to your daughter!!!! My own Angelina would absolutely love to do that so I can understand the excitement!

    1. Aww thanks! I really appreciate all the connections I make online with like minded people. And genuine I'll take but you have me laughing with delightful.

  5. You seriously are the QUEEN of finding deals! My jaw is to the floor right now seeing all these amazing pieces you scored at such unbelievable prices. Wow, I am blown away. Wish I lived close to you so I could just tag along with you on your shopping finds. OMG! Congrats to all your social media success and for your daughters - what an incredible way to start the year. Thanks for sharing all these finds with us. xoxo, Christine

    1. Thank you Christine! LMK when you're in town and I'll happily show you the ropes.

  6. I love seeing all your deals girl! Keep them coming! Fashion is whatever you want to express. Those tall skinny girls-that comes at a price. Trust me. Just keep working on being a better LeHoarder and 2017 will be amazing!!

  7. I'm glad to hear of all your achievements in the past year!! It really sucks with unexpected things happen and you're forced to deal with it.. I just had that experience only a few days ago and while it's really hard, I feel like theres just too much more to look forward to, and I'm sure it's the same for you :) I'm supporting Lehoarder and always looking forward to your posts! happy new year <3

    1. Thanks for your support Samantha. I'm just trying to keep my eyes on the prize and take one step at a time. XO

  8. WOW!!!! GIRL!!! where di you get that jimmy choos for $100 I am so jealous as we never get anything cheap here in Canada, I even tried one outlet they have but they are still over priced. huhuhuh crying and drooling at the same time. BUT I can't seriously wait to see what you have in store for your readers this 2017!

    cheers and happy new year


    1. NYC sample sales are pretty amazing - sales in general are better here in the US. Thou I tend to find deals wherever I go :)

  9. Omg you scored some AMAZING shoes lady!! I am so jealous and thinking I need to move my ass straight over there so I can follow you around! Especially loving the Jimmy Choos and how cute are the Charlotte Olympias! Congrats to your little girls too!!

    Helen xx

  10. You found so many incredible shoes and bags last year!! Nice work! So much Chanel.
    I think your mission to be brave is excellent. You already are because it is so brave to put yourself out there with your blog.
    xx Jenelle

    1. Thanks Janelle - it's hard to put yourself out there but I've been really lucky - for the most part I'm met with positivity and encouragement.

  11. Sample sales are the best!!!! Can't believe you only pay 100 for something that is 2000+ ! Geez, I need to go USA for a shopping trip !!!

    Btw, glad to hear that you are making sound and good achievements for 2016. We all gonna start from somewhere! Wish you an amazing year for 2017!

    xx, Jessie

    1. Trust me - if you hit the right sale it will totally pay for the trip LOL.

  12. Sounds like an amazing year!!
    You are a real shopper, Im still in love with that black lace dress!

    I wish you to have even better year!

  13. wow, what an amazing great finds, sweetie!! I love all these shoes in the pictures as well as your outfits.

    Thanks for sharing! Xx, Gina


  14. Yay congrats on 2016 and your accomplishments. And what!!!!! You basically stole those shoes haha. I can't believe Jimmy Choo and Chanel for that price. Next time you go shopping, please call me <3

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

    1. Hahahaha thanks - sometimes it does feel like I'm stealing stuff LOL. And I usually share where I'm going here before I go :)

  15. Ohhh Good So Amazing Goodies:) Your Shoeses And Bags ....So Unique all:)
    It was Good to Read your 2016 and i am sure You will be very Successful in 2017 as well:) I wish you All The Best Darling:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina

  16. Wow, looks like you've ended your 2016 on a high note! And I truly adore shoes from Paul Andrew too cuz they look so glam! It's lovely to read how you recap about your 2016 and am sorry that you had to deal with stress with your family etc - I'm sure 2017 will work out better for you :) Sending you lots of love from Singapore xx

    xx Aldora
    http://www.AldoraMuses.com | http://BeautyBedazzled.blogspot.com

  17. You find the best stuff at sample sales!! I am so in love with all the gorgeous shoes you bought last year. I really need to go to more sample sales!

    xo, Jo

  18. Seriously you have THE BEST finds. I need to move to niece and dot his too because I NEED IT ALL. Seriously I cant even imagine what your closet is like with all these bargain designer items!


  19. Hello dear!!!
    Such a great goals for the alst year.
    I'm happy to heard about your 2 daughters, because i have too 2 girls.
    The first Jimmy choo heels are absolutely stunning.

  20. Such great finds! I need to go shopping with you!

    Lisa Linh

  21. great goals for this year!
    i wish u all the best in new year!

  22. WOOW what an amazing great finds babe! I really enjoy reading this complete post!! hope this year be so nice year for you like the 2016! Kisses


  23. Wow, these finds are amazing! I wish you an awesome year ahead and hope you achieve all your goals. xx

  24. It seems like you've had a good year with lots of things happening for you in the influencer community, some hardships within the family, but all in all it sounds like you've found a mature way to see things and I really appreciate you openly telling about your weight issues as you're SO used to seeing super skinny little girls all over the place!
    All the best!


  25. OMG you had so many amazing finds! I can't believe you scored Chanel flats for less than $200. Actually, may I say, ALL your shoes are freaking amazing? #shoegoals I love EVERY single piece especially those sparkly Jimmy Choos. Would you do a post sharing where to find sample sales? I never know when they are!

    Maggie S.

  26. Those are majorly crazy sales and I can't believe all these scores added up to be less than a $1000!!! Please bring me shopping when I am in NYC cos our best sales in Singapore are only up to 50% off and everything still cost a bomb!

    Kisses from Singapore,

  27. I will take literally everything in every one of these pictures! You have great taste and style! The deals you found too....oh my goodness can't get over it. Everyone has their way of coping with life stress and becoming a mom changes everything and especially your body unless you are one of the rare unicorns that don't get stretch marks or saggy. lol It seems like your year has been great and you are growing your business! Cant wait to continue following along!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

  28. You got some amazing deals last year babe! Those Betsey Johnson velvet booties are to die for!


  29. Wow! You really found some amazing things last year! In looove with the faux furs en all the bling. They spice up a warderobe just like that :) Can't wait to see your new finds this year...
    XO Charissa | www.ladygoldapple.com

  30. Oh my gosh you have such a talent at getting these gorgeous designer prices for an absolute steal! I was honestly trying not to drool at some of those shoes ;)

    You look absolutely incredible and I totally agree that as a blogger, it can be hard seeing all these other girls who are so so slim. I love seeing all different shapes and sizes rocking their wardrobe!

    Rachel xx

  31. Oh my god. Those are some amazing deals!!! I'm so jealous. Especially over those jimmy choo's and Chanel flats. I want it all. It sound like you had an amazing 2016

  32. Hi babe, these were awesome deals you got, my favorite were the blue Chanel flats. Wishing you a great successful and beautiful year 2017...
    xx Hadasah Love | www.styletolove.com

  33. Your shoe collection is so inspiring!!! I love all the crystal decorated shoes so much!! Also that embroidered dress is so stunning!


  34. Um, you found some amazing fashion finds last year! Would love to get my hand on those Jimmy Choos! lol And that's awesome things are booming in the blog department, can't wait to see what you have for us this year!

  35. Way to score girl! I'd love to get in on the sample sale circuit here in la... Any advice for me?

  36. I'm in love with all the shoe selections here! The heels are soo unique and fun. I hope to expand my shoe collection for 2017.


  37. OMG if you ever get tired of that mongolian fur coat pleeease just send it to California and I would be Happy to pay more than those 60 dollars! Sooo jealous that is honestly my dream coat

  38. Michelle there's so much about you that's already brave. Having three children is brave, running around town and putting yourself out there is brave. Forgiving yourself is brave. Being honest about what you love and admitting your past mistakes openly is brave. You're not just starting to be brave, you already are. You might feel sometimes that things are happening late but they are still happening. Some women live their entire lives not coming into their own. You're kicking tons of ass and doing it your way! Besides- wasn't the highlight of 2016 meeting me. LOL xx Belle


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