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Monday, May 23, 2016

Run to the Rachel Zoe Blowout Sample Sale!

I never pay attention to the Clothingline emails but I noticed that they were hosting a Rachel Zoe sample sale again. I was going to be in the City anyway so I figured I pop in. I got there at a little past 10 for their 11am opening and I was confused as to why there were already 9 people ahead of me - including 2 paid professional line holders.

My first instinct was to run to the samples in the back and there wasn't anything too exciting. Unfortunately I recognized a lot of pieces from last sale. I would recommend checking them last as they were priced the same as stock anyway.

Sample rack.

It was then that I saw the full pricelist and I ran to my size! Considering last sale these same pieces started at 75% off retail, it was pretty exciting.  Now I understood why people started lining up so early! Tees were just $15, tops were $20, and sweaters were $25. Dresses were $30-60 which was amazing considering many of them retailed for $700-1000! Skirts and pants were $20, vests and coats were $30-40, and leather/fur/feather items were $60-$109! I didn't see any fur but I spotted a handful of leather jackets and feather vests.

I believe these may have been the same prices they had on the last day of their previous sale - if you went, feel free to weigh in.

So let's take a peek inside the sale :)

I wanted to love a gown ($40-60) and tried a few on but nothing was quite right. Too bad.

Racks and racks of not-so-basic black and sequin dresses for $30-60.

Here's the $60 feather vest - wish they had fur ones...

$60 leather trimmed wool coat. 

$20 top.

$15 tee.

I didn't see any leather skirts but saw these brown suede pants for $60.

They didn't have any accessories save a few totes for $40 at the front - I spotted a clutch or two for $20 but they were gone by the time I checked out.

My only score was this studded leather moto jacket that retailed for $1,395. I only saw them in 8 & 10 so I grabbed an 8. I wanted it at the last sale but it was too pricey. The fit isn't perfect but it really is a special piece. Especially for just $109!

I'm linking up some of the pieces I spotted in the sale. Prices were insane and it's definitely worth the trip. They did have some pieces in back (I saw them checking for customers) but sizing was spotty. Lots left in sizes 0-4 but they had pieces in up to size 12.

This is a don't miss sale. Run. Like right now!

Rachel Zoe
May 23-24, M-T 11-7
Clothingline, 261 W 36 St

Afterwards I went with Practically Haute to the Global sale which was a waste of time - don't go. It looked like Century's beat-up leftovers for full Century prices. This is not a sample sale. They had a few pairs of Rockstuds which got us very excited until we saw they wanted $299 for mismatches. As in one shoe was a 37 and the other was a 39 - WTF? Everything in that store was damaged/and or overpriced. Fail.

Global Fashions
May 23-26, M-Th 9-6
49 W 38 St

I have a few sales I wanted to check out tomorrow so I may head back to Rachel Zoe just in case they discount further. I doubt it, but you never know...



  1. Ahem. I hope you picked up the 10 for me :)

    1. I didn't - it ran small. I had an extra 8 but I put it down. I keep over editing when I shop and have been skipping extras. Sorry :(

  2. Wow - that jacket looks amazing!!!

  3. Oh my goodness - so much cuteness at such good prices!!! Wishing NY wasn't so far away right now!


    1. Haha - prices were pretty amazing. NYC is the place to be for shopping :)

  4. This would have been my kind of sample sale! Love RZ clothing and I would have died (lol) to score a $20 clutch or the jacket you came home with!


  5. wow all you needed was that jacket though-amazing! I find so much her pieces to fit weirdly for some reason.

    1. Yeah - thanks! I have fit issues too. If you're not 6 feet tall and a size 0...

  6. Do you know if they had further reductions today?

    1. They didn't - I actually posted about it on Insta today. Be sure to follow me on Insta/Twitter/Facebook for live updates :)

  7. I went yesterday afternoon and it was pretty picked over. A lot of what was left looked cheap even though the original retail prices were relatively high. I agree the fit is also a bit weird, but I'll keep my eyes open for next time!

    1. Yep - I went back second day too and it was empty. For these blowout sales you really need to be there first day. I agree that the retail seems high - but the retail always seems high to me because I'm spoiled with 90% off or better at the Rack or samples sales LOL.

  8. Man oh man oh man oh man....GAH!!! I'm dying over some of these pieces...the black with the pearls and that blush deep V dress?! Holy crap. I WANT TO BE THERE RIGHT MEOW!

    Dying a bit inside.

    1. Hahahaha. You would have cleaned up at this sale. That's the price of not living in NY...

  9. Omg that leather jacket is amazing!! Why do I live in Minnesota again?


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