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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Century and T.J. Maxx and Target, Oh My!

It's been a while since I did a roundup post so this one is gonna be a doozy. The kids are home with me this summer so my time is at a premium. When I have a few minutes to sit down and write...I try to pack it in! There are some pretty crazy sales right now. Let's talk about the TJ Maxx/Marshalls yellow sticker sale, Century 90% off sale, Target toy sale, and I have a whole bunch of beauty freebies to share!

Good news - 90% off at Century hit this week. Twice a year (end of Summer and after Christmas) Century slashes their prices on clearanced goods. Bad news, it's once again 90% off retail not 90% off C21 prices. Boo. On Monday markdowns began - so even if the item wasn't stickered 90% off (or better in some cases), it rang up 90% off. I didn't have the patience to run downtown where all the best pieces are sent, so I checked locally at one of the NJ locations. I spotted a bunch of Blahniks for less than $100 but nothing too exciting.

You can read some of my past amazing Century reports and hauls from the good ole days here, here and here.

Designer clothing was consolidated to a few racks of odds and ends. Note that sign stated 85% but I knew better :)

Checked out a few kids racks too. I actually didn't buy a thing. Most items are pretty beat up and now that the prices are no longer stupid prices (i.e. $1-20 for super designer goods) I just don't bother. I'll save my cash for sample sales.

Last week TJ Maxx and Marshalls started their yellow sticker sale. This sale is also 2x a year - when red markdowm stickers magically become yellow ones for insanely grab-everything prices. I checked out four stores and also didn't buy a thing. I usually buy super cheap beauty products and few designer pieces but nothing screamed take me home this round. Check out some of my past hauls here, here and here.

Spotted a cute DVF romper for $44 that I would have grabbed if I wore rompers.

I saw a few Teri Jon gowns for $59 (these retail for $500-1,000) - I may regret not grabbing that nude one hiding behind the green one.

The only designer shoes I saw for not so cheap prices were all damaged. The Dolce & Gabbanas are missing something that was glued on. and all the Saint Laurents were missing their ankle straps.

I usually grab a bunch of cheap beauty products but I've been getting so many for free that I didn't bother.

Kids and I took a break at Trader Joe's because they love their yogurt sticks. Yes, my kids are trained to shop and often join me on my shopping adventures. My son once again enjoys leaving his room - thank goodness for Pokemon Go! On the way out of TJ's my kids asked for balloons but were told they haven't had them in years - now they have stickers. When they asked for stickers, they were told they were out. My kids don't take no for an answer so the cashier pulled out a box and offered them organic lollypops. And plastic forks. Here's Ava with her lollypop and fork. I think she was more excited by the fork LOL.

This summer is Ava's summer of Baby Alive. For months she's been watching YouTube videos of some mom and kids playing with their dolls and she decided she needed some Baby Alives to make her own YouTube channel. She's been begging for one that eats so when I saw Snackin Sara for 50% off at Target I grabbed it. At the Target toy sale, the really good stuff doesn't always make it to 70% off so I had no choice. I've been doing less Target hunting because I found myself bringing home bags and bags of stuff I didn't need. Those red clearance stickers really suck you in. It's easier just to not walk thru their doors LOL.

Mind you after playing with it for a while she's already bored. Of course.

When we went back for 70% off toys at Target we found Style 'n Play Christina for less than $9! We really didn't grab too many toys this toy sale. Christina is still waiting in the box until Ava cleans her room. I have a feeling it's gonna be a while...

Last but not least I popped into Once Upon a Child, a children's consignment store and found yet another Baby Alive for $5. When we got it home we realized while someone let it go - her face lights up and glows in the dark - she looks like a demon baby. Very creepy, Ella scored by finding a new with tags Ooh! La La Couture dress for $6.50! Did I mention that these retail for $75-100+?

Pardon Ava's contraption on her arm. She likes to collect garbage on the floor while I shop and make these little creations. My kids have contests to see who can find the best junk on the floor. Once they found a pink iPod so I made them turn it in to the lost and found.

Now on to my latest 0.8L products. I mentioned them before here. It's a company where you can try some of the latest Korean beauty products (for free!) before you buy. They also have some US companies but most of their packaging has very little English LOL. You can sign up here - as long as you have a public Facebook or Instagram account with at least 100 followers and you post at least once in 7 days, you are eligible to apply to their campaigns. It's like a lottery when you apply and only a few applicants win each giveaway, Now that they're getting more popular, I'm getting far less than I used to.

This GODSKIN Grapefruit Cream has a pleasant smell and drys to a matte finish. It's okay but you don't have to run out and buy it.

These Pink Fruity Half Moon Eyes masks were cute and useful. I like throwing these products in my pool bag to try after I shower.

One of my faves thou was this Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam. It melts off my makeup without any irritation. I've wanted to try oils for a while but I was always afraid I'd break out. I haven't had a problem and it leaves your skin soft too! Not sure where the foam comes it - it applies like a gel and bubbles up a bit but that's it. Note that the instructions are not English LOL.

Speaking of beauty, for my Sephora birthday freebie, I selected the Marc Jacobs set that has a mini eyeliner and lipstick. They also offered a Fresh set with a Soy cleanser and mask but this seemed more exciting. Make sure you're signed up for their Beauty Insider program to get your freebie. You can do so online here or in-store.

You know I can't resist an Instagram giveaway. I won these Mumi Design organizers and they are so useful! Sometimes a girl needs something a little cuter than a ziplock.

Last but not least, let's talk Influenster. They finally started offering me their premium VoxBoxes! Woohoo! They send you free products to use and review and until now I'd only received random mommy boxes with dish soap or pens. You can sign up for Influenster here.

This time they sent me the new Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick - and it came with this amazing foundation brush as well. They are not sold together and each of these retails for $46 a pop! Too bad they sent me a broken one foundation stick. It got stuck it the lid and no longer twists up. I'm guessing the heat did it - it must have melted in transit. It's just too darn hot. I did reach out to Influester via Twitter and it took them almost three weeks for them to finally tell me that they never heard back from the company and just review as is. Personally I would not purchase an item that breaks so easily. Had I purchased it in Sephora it would have gone right back. I do have to say it wears like a dream and I love that brush. Next time I take pics I'll show you :)

My broken Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick.

I also won a contest of theirs on Instagram so they sent me and my future SIL this Blush Vox Box which was geared towards brides. I threw the Pantene, Secret and Simple wipes in my pool bag too.

Let's just say I'm looking forward to the kids going back to school. I love my kids and have a blast with them every day but I'm ready for a little quiet time. And some solo shopping LOL.

Would love to hear what you've picked up at Century or TJ/Marshalls! Hoping you guys did better than me...



  1. Seems like a fun week! So disappointing about the Hourglass- too bad they wouldn't give you a new one. But I've heard that brush is great!


    1. It's okay. It's annoying but free is free. The brush is pretty awesome :)

  2. This was a great round-up! So much shopping to be had! I don't understand why they would continue to sell the shoes that are missing straps?!?

  3. When I was in DC they had some amazing stuff at their TJ Maxx and Marshall's I almost had to go daily to see what they had!

  4. WOW! You found some goodies! I keep holding off on any shopping until I can get into a TJ MAXX!

    xo, Amanda | www.thegoldengirldiary.com

  5. WOW! What a great shopping trip. You found some good stuff.


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