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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Century21 75% off end of season sale!

Since I got back from Florida I've been stalking Century 21 daily. I feel a little strange neglecting the Rack and my penny hunting but I'm happy to take a small break and let other bargain hunters try their hand at it LOL.

I used to be happy with my C21 in NJ...until I got called into the City for a casting call on Thursday that didn't pan out - I'll give you more info next time when I get it :) Anyway, the NJ location tends to transfer sale pieces out and I used to think it was to sell the goods elsewhere for more. HOWEVER, I spotted a bunch of pieces that I know my store had - in the City - at 75% off! Don't get me wrong, I found plenty in NJ but the City finds were in better shape and higher end. I guess I know where I'll be going to hunt to see what's left at 90% off :)

Here are some of my favorite 75% off finds from this season so far:

When I asked the bargain-gods for Rockstuds they misunderstood and sent me sunglasses. I meant shoes!!! It's not that I don't appreciate $300 sunglasses for less than $16...but I want shoes, please. Fingers crossed for this year!

This second pair is tiny so they were going to be for my petite SIL...until my 7 year old daughter swiped them. Like mother, like daughter.

As soon as I scored these Pradas for $27 I put them to use! I'm also wearing my new Miley Cyrus MAC Viva Glam lipstick ($16), Yosca sample sale earrings ($25), AV Max snakeskin cuffs ($10 each, sample sale too!), Haute Hippie dress (Nordstrom Rack, $60) and thrifted vintage Claude Montana blazer ($20).

In previous sales they had tons of sunglasses - this round was slim pickins. At least I found a few really nice pairs for less than what I'd pay at Marshalls. While yes, I've found a bunch for a penny at the Rack this year, they are usually not as flattering as my Century scores.

The shoe racks in NJ are messy and missing boxes. In the City they were all neatly organized and mostly in perfect condition. I first spotted these Blahniks in a size 7 and I was disappointed - until I looked over and saw a shelf of Manolos - and some in my size! These babies were less than $100 - that's better than sample sale prices!!! I like that these are a little different, yet still a neutral. I'm pretty well stocked in the shoe department these days so I'm looking for interesting (but wearable) pieces right now and these fit the bill :)

I'd seen some green Sergio Rossi strassed evening shoes at TJ Maxx for $500+ and I've been thinking about them ever since. Most of the Rossis disappeared from NJ so you can imagine my delight when I found tons in my size - especially these blinged out sandals for $87.50. And the best part is that if you download the C21 app there is a $25 off $250 coupon right now to take a few more dollars off! Every bit helps :)

I thought this Save the Queen dress would be a fun LBD with a twist, and for less than $25 it was a no-brainer.

I need to sew back on a few of the pieces.

These Marc by Marc Jacobs platform wedges are really comfortable - and were around $30 after all my discounts. This year is the year of comfortable shoes. Shoe styles are getting chunkier again - plus I'm 40 and I can't do the crazy stilettos of my 20s. These have a vintage 1940s look, and I love the geometric details that make them feel modern. Cheap and chic!

Speaking of Cheap and Chic...I picked up this Moschino silk scarf for $15 for a client. She started covering her hair for religious reasons and the last time she flew in to shop with me we picked out a gorgeous wig for her to wear on dressier occasions. On a daily basis she usually wears this black rag that I'd rather not talk about. We didn't have time to do scarves last time so I promised I would send her some to match her designer wardrobe. I was very excited to find some pretties at 75% off.

I've had DVF on the brain since I watched her reality show to find a new brand ambassador. For the record I kinda knew it would be Brittany from day 1 - she has that it factor. This gorgeous scarf with a Warhol print of Diane retailed for $295 - got her this one for $35 :)

If you don't have the time or patience to shop or organize you can always hire me as your personal shopper/stylist. A lot of my clients actually love to shop - they just know I do it better and faster - and I'm pretty cheap considering the $ you'll save. Message me on my Shoppinggalnyc page on Facebook if you're interested in setting up an appointment :)

I'm a little behind on sharing my thrift finds. I picked up the most beautiful black vintage dress for $8 this week but they left the sensor on. I'll take a pic after I bring it back to have it removed. I love thrifting cheap bracelets - check out my new $6 Marc by Marc Jacobs bangle as well as this no-name gold one for $2. The MJ one even had the price stickers from the Bloomingdales outlet. Looks like it retailed for 98 bucks!

You know me and dresses...couldn't leave this $895 Ralph Lauren black label dress that still had on half a tag for $20! It is a little big but wearable. 

I also found the holy grail of thrifting - these Chanel mary janes were $45. For thrift that's on the steep side but they're fun and pretty comfortable. And where are you finding Chanel shoes for less?

The Rack has been pretty slow but I do have to share this 92% off Ted Baker dress - $19.90 from $248 :)

Last night I went to a 40th birthday party so I jumped at the chance to have a little fun. I initially thought I was going to wear a Philosophy dress that I just got at Century but my husband thought it looked weird (men just don't get fashion) so he chose my $1450 Herve Leger "Amber" bandange dress that I picked up for less than $100 at the Rack a while back. I usually don't give him a choice but I was happy to go in either direction. My 8 year old niece was there and took this pics for me so some are better than others LOL.

Pulled out my new $269 Fendi that I just got yellow stickered at TJ Maxx - paired it with my newly thrifted Marc by Marc Jacobs bangle, my trusty 75% off Chanel bracelet and my favorite spiked penny bangle. I'm also wearing penny earrings but I don't have any close-ups pics. 

Normally I would have worn heels with a bandage dress but I needed to wear dancing shoes. My Pedro Garcia Talisas that I hunted down on Yoox were the perfect choice. Gorgeous and comfortable!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday :) I'm half-watching the game as I type. I'm not really a sports fan but I keep peeking at the commercials and I'm waiting for the halftime show. Looking forward to Katie Perry!

Hope I don't get snowed in tomorrow - too many deals out there right now...



  1. Obsessed with the Manolo's and not to be creepy or anything but um, your butt looks amazing in that dress :)

    1. Hahahaha. Thanks Shira. That's my butt :) It took me years to accept because I've had it since I was a little kid - back when nobody else seemed to have a big butt. Even when I was tiny - I was a size two with a butt. All thru high school when Kate Moss was all the rage and nobody knew what a curve was, I used to tie a shirt around my waist or wear an oversized top to hide it. And those drop waist "Biz" skirts that all the girls wore in my private school did not work for me. It wasn't until my mid-twenties that I finally mastered fit and how to dress for my shape. Now I wear my stuff really tight and show my once-again small waist and big booty. While I wish some other things were a little smaller or toned, I love my big butt. I can't believe you're the only on to comment on it LOL - I kinda put up this pic to show it :)

  2. I just have to say how much I love your Blog! I discovered it a while back and binge read all of your posts front to back one weekend! I've t to school in London England for fashion styling and photography but when I was done realized I like the security of a nine to five far too much to work for next to nothing in the industry. However, your blog has given me the kick in the butt to think about perusing a career in personal shopping (I currently work retail so I've been honing my customer service skills for 10 years!) I've been thrifting since I was in grade 7... To the point where I have pieces that are long gone but I still think about! I've even convinced my thrift buddy (also in fashion industry) to road trip to the USA to find better stores (I'm in Canada and ours have very little designer offering and the prices are jacked up due to the "trendy" nature of thrifting in my neck of the woods).
    Anyways, again, thank you for your beautiful inspiring blog! I look forward to new posts and devoured this one as the kick off to my snow day (we're snowed in up in Ontario too!)

    1. Thanks Emily! Always nice to hear :) I'm so happy if I've inspired you in any way to be brave and follow your dreams. And I hear you about the 9-5 thing - it can be soul crushing and it's not for everyone. I used to look out the window and feel like life was passing me by. Keep thrift hunting - I always find that the best thrifts are in the bad neighborhoods near the good ones :) Good luck!


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