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Friday, March 13, 2015

Finally! My Century 90% off keepers :)

Now that sale season is finally over I'm catching up and sharing some of my amazing deals. You saw what didn't work for me on my blog sale, and a few pieces I teased on see what I kept :) 


This time I tried my best to not buy everything in sight. It was REALLY hard. Especially with receipts like this one...

Yes, I save over $8,000 on this transaction LOL.

I really was good. For example, when I spotted this Valentino clutch I got really excited - until I realized that I would be buying it just for the name. It was dirty and stud-less so I passed.

Instead I made a better choice with this Maison Du Posh python skull clutch. For $46 I walked away with a $1300 piece - in perfect condition. Stores like C21 really helps diversify my collection with designers that not everyone has.

Not everything I own is "super-designer." (That's my term for anything better than bridge designers. Tory Burch, Coach and the like are considered bridge.) I do try to elevate my wardrobe with every purchase these days but sometimes the cheaper stuff will do :)

This Natasha lucite clutch was only $7 so I figured, why not? I'm a sucker for a blue bag...and the ombre sealed the deal.

I do love a blue accessory - this $875 Janis Savitt multi-strand swarovski necklace came out to less than $20!

For $2.50 I got me and my SIL matching necklaces. I also got her these cute Steve Madden moto boots for less than $12 :)

So let's talk shoes :) I had already picked up 4 pairs at 75% off but at 90% I take everything that fits.

Yes, I did already buy these in green at 75% off but would you leave $35 Sergio Rossi strassed sandals in your size behind? I didn't think so.

Truthfully the green ones are pristine and these aren't (considering dyeing them) but again, $35!!!

OK, I know what you're thinking - another pair of nude satin shoes? (and I did just get the penny Pedro Garcia ones at the Rack...) The answer is yes, when they are Lanvin and under $29!

I know these B by Brian Atwoods are a little tight but they were $10. Insane.

Got these bright pink Emus for when my daughter is bigger. For $9 it's totally worth saving ahead.

I really need a flat black boot but I keep finding them with higher heels LOL. Michael Kors collection boots for $46? Yes, please!

And I may have gone a little nuts with in the bootie department. Starting from the top going clockwise; Chloe $40, Donna Karan $26 and Alberto Ferma $18. The funny thing about the Donna Karans is that they missing the tags so they weren't going to sell them to me. Luckily I pulled out my smartphone and showed them my blog, where I had previously posted this style (with the tag!) when they were 75% off. Lucky me! Found them cheaper and this time in my size!

And last but not least, these Paola Ferri black booties were just $16! I've been eying Rag and Bones for a while. Guess I don't need 'em anymore LOL. The studded leather gloves are one of my favorite purchases this round. I actually picked up one pair at 75% off ($11.25) and another at 90% ($4.50). I was thinking about returning the 75% off ones but I decided to keep both because they are amazing.

Found the runway shot from my $3090 Hache leather jacket. I practically stole it for $73 and even got into a fight with another woman over it (she tried to take it from me). It was from their Fall/Winter 2013 collection.

Charles Chang Lima black sheath - $22.77. Needs a new zipper but I love the corset details on this dress so I figure it will be worth the investment.

Valentina Shah 2013 Fall Winter faux wrap dress with leather detail, $28.71 :)

I guess I wasn't supposed to pull the leather thru and tie it LOL.

I spotted this Philosophy dress at 75% and was thrilled to find it for 90%, just $25.74!

I know it's a little similar to this Philosophy dress that I couldn't resist at 75% but it's a different fabrication so it's for a different season. I'm totally obsessed with the dress pictured below. So excited for Spring!

And now a few things I got for my boys. Reebok sneakers for my giant footed son for $4!

DH has been asking for a new leather jacket for a while. This one may be too cool for him but we're gonna give it a try anyway. Andrew Marc x Richard Chai $1195 leather moto jacket, $60!

 For my brother (who also wanted a moto jacket) I found this $1,500 Zegna for $65.

I also restocked my winter accessory bin with lots of cashmere and leather for 90% off! These first two pieces were 75% (should have waited a day) but they were gone at 90% so I was happy to pay the $6 and $10 for them.

Now for my wheel of $2.89-$4.60 gloves :)

And you'll remember from Instagram my $8 Missoni earmuffs and $4 Blumarine gloves :)

Pretty sure this $9 Qi Cashmere blue and purple scarf is for men but I'll have no problem wearing it.

My kids are always loosing hats. For $3.50, I don't mind so much, even if they are Portolano Cashmere.

Last but not least I picked up a rainbow of these cowl neck scarves by Echo for less than $2 each! Good news is that I got an extra in red - and I'm giving it away on Instagram! Click HERE for more details :)

Other than a few odds and ends (like $1.99 Ralph Lauren Ts for my brother and husband and a few $2-5 pieces for my girls) that's pretty much it.

Just wanted to thank everyone who purchased from my blog sale. All proceeds paid for all my new stuff - so thanks! There are a few pieces left so I'll be moving some of it to my Insta selling account @shoppinggalscloset over the next few days - with a few new pieces too!

Have a great weekend and happy shopping!


  1. Congratulations on so many amazing deals! This was such a great sale. I still haven't finished instagramming all my finds either, there were just so many good things. My favorites include an incredible $5000 Bibhu Mohapatra dress that looks like water flowing for $99 (I plan on wearing it to my best friend's black tie wedding) and a $2450 Luisa Beccaria dress for $40 (perfect for her bridal shower lol). I also got a Philosophy dress in that pink color! Slightly different cut. Love seeing your finds.

  2. When does century run these sales?!!!

    1. They do it 2x a year - stay tuned for the next one Summertime :)

  3. Those are crazy good deals - love the men's leather moto jacket, now if only there was a Century store in LA!


    1. Thanks. I'm actually surprised they never opened on the west coast.


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