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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jimmy Choo, I love you! NYC 2015 Spring Sample Sale Report (and Aquazurra day 2)

Right now I'm on 3 hours sleep and pretty exhausted but before I passed out I knew I had to share my Jimmy Choo report.

This morning I woke up bright and early and made my way into the City for Jimmy Choo's Spring sample sale. Today was friends and family & VIP but I believe later in the day they opened to the general public. I got on line at 7:30 AM and there were only 2 girls ahead of me. I was shocked. #1 said she got there at 5:30 - so I'm glad I didn't go any earlier. At 10 they started letting VIPs in and just before 11 they started going down the line, making sure you were registered. When they were vetting me I asked about shoe samples and was told they didn't have :( No cheap Choos for me this year. If you didn't register they pulled you out and created a separate public line to be let in later. It seems Miss 5:30 didn't register so I became #2.

Last sale I regretted not picking up a $75 wallet so that was my first stop. They had a table of small leather goods all priced $75. Totally worth it for a wallet but not so much for a key chain.

FYI - most of these were gone when I left before noon. Historically this table gets cleared by the end of day 1.

From the $75 table I selected the $750 Lana clutch (so cute you want to eat it) and this blue leather wallet with rubber studs that probably also retailed for $750. I thought about taking more wallets but decided to only take one, and this was my favorite.

 Here is the only mod-shot I could find online - it's Kate Beckinsale carrying the Lana in black.

Before we get started with the rest, here is the price list for the sale.

  • Men's shoes were $250 and boots were $375.
  • Women's shoes started at $200 (didn't really see anything under $250) and went up to $325 for jeweled styles, and $375 for boots.
  • Belts were $50 and scarves & small leather goods were $75.
  • Small bags started at $250 and went up to $450 for larger ones - but exotic skins/fur could tack on an additional $200 to shoes and bags.
  • Tax was an additional 8.875% to all items.

I looked over the smaller bags and I really wanted a Candy clutch but for $250 plus tax I decided to pass. Still kicking myself for passing on the $100 refurb one I spotted at the Rack because it had a scratch across the front. Ugh.

I had a hard time walking away from this one but it was pretty scratched up and not worth $250 plus tax IMO.

Evening bags started at $350 - also a little above my budget. It was so hard to be good at this sale. 

Here are the $350 medium bags...

They had a really good selection of larger $450 bags.  I was so tempted. At $350 I might have caved but the $350 ones were too small (or less exciting) and worth $250 to me LOL. People were grabbing these up like hotcakes. Check out the luggage!

Pretty good selection of $50 belts and $75 scarves.

Now for the shoes! Last sale I attended (not their last sale) they had $90 samples. I saw the same Choos at this sale for $250. I looked them over but didn't buy any. I know you guys always ask about larger and smaller size - so those are what I took the most pics of. Honestly they had a fair selection in most sizes other than under 34.

Men's had mostly size 10. I peeked at the 11-13 table for my husband and brothers but it wasn't too exciting in larger sizes.

If you missed today (ended at 6 PM), the sale is on tomorrow (May 6th) from 8 AM thru 4 PM. I plan on going back to see if they do markdowns :)

Please note I did NOT do any personal shopping today - if price are better tomorrow I'll grab stuff for you in the styles/sizes you've requested.

 Address: Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 W. 18th St. (bet. 6th & 7th Ave.)


After several sample sale friends made out like bandits yesterday at the Aquazzura sale yesterday I decided to walk over and see what was left. Simply put, nada.

Most of what was left was over $300 (yesterday, most were under $200). They did have some other brands for $75 and $35 but mostly in size 37. Usually my size 40 is plentiful but not today.

I did spot these cute Charles Philip men's slippers for $35 but I know my husband would never wear them so I passed.

Sale ends tomorrow (5/6/15, 10 AM - 6 PM) but I heard they are not restocking (there were rumors they would today that proved false) so don't bother.

Address: 130 West 57th Street, Suite 6C, New York, NY 10019


That's all for now! Follow me on Instagram to see my Jimmy Choo day 2 adventure tomorrow - or if it's good enough I'll blog about it too :)

If you went to Choo today would love to hear what you got...



  1. love the studded wallet! wish i lived in NYC

    1. Thanks! Samples sales are definetly a NYC perk :) When I lived in the City (for 15 years) I took them for granted. Now that I'm in suburbia it takes me just under an hour door to door for most sales - whereas it used to take me 20 minutes...

  2. How much were the Choo luggage?

    1. Hi - on day one they were $450 or $650 for exotics (fur, skins etc.) but at the end of day two I saw some rolling out for $250 :)


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