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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Jimmy Choo, day 2! My sample sale keepers :)

Day one of Jimmy Choo was pretty exhausting but I knew I had to make it back for the second day, just in case they had markdowns. I headed into the City at a more reasonable hour and popped in at around 10 (no line) to see what was going on. They basically restocked shoes but everything else was pretty depleted. I did grab a scarf and another wallet before stepping out to take a break.

I returned about two hours before closing and came back just in time for markdowns. Prices were slashed and people just started grabbing everything they could get their hands on. My friend V and I sat down and started to edit when someone came over and told us we were there too long. Huh? I'm still not sure what she meant but she told us we had 10 minutes. We were so confused because we just got there. There were people who were there for much longer (with WAY more stuff) - we tried to explain we left and came back but she didn't care. I'm not exactly sure what the problem was but it didn't matter because I really had to go anyway. I quickly edited my accessories and put back the shoes I was looking at (prices weren't that great for the shoes IMO) and left. Later through friends on Instagram, I found out a few things got further markdowns...just 15 minutes after we left. Whatever. For the most part the pieces I got did not have a third markdown, but I heard Hunter Boots went to $20 and I would have snagged a bunch of those for you guys. Stupid Jimmy Choo.

But on a happier note, here are my day two favorites :)

I really wanted a biker bag and even handed over the one I admired to my friend V who purchased it for $450 on day 1. When they announced markdowns I scrambled to snag anything large with a chain but failed. Luckily, V had this one in her stash and gave it to me. Thank you! Just the day before, they were selling this Blare bag for $650 plus tax at the sale. After markdowns there was no exotic upcharge of $200 so this $3050 bag became mine for the rock bottom price of $250 (plus tax). Score!

My piece de resistance :)

I reallyreallyreallyreally wanted to find a Candy Clutch. Ever since I passed on a $100 refurb one at the Rack last year I've lusted after one. On day 1 I was tempted by the lips Candy Clutch, but $250 was too steep for me. For $100 less this DFW one will do. When I shared it on Instagram earlier, someone said DFW also meant "down for whatever." LOL. In this case, I'm pretty sure it means Dallas, Fort Worth as you can clearly see that it reads Dallas, USA right under Jimmy Choo on the top right. It's from a limited edition collection of bags made for specific locations, and retailed for $995. Dallas also brings back fond memories for me as my best friend D used to travel to Dallas for work and instead of flying home for weekends, her company used to pay to fly me in to Dallas to hang out :) Plus the blue cloud thing is so her. Not sure it's her blue eyes or that cloud duvet she used to have...Miss you, D!

I am not a scarf girl but when I saw this jeweled fringe scarf I couldn't take it off. I've been googling it and can't seem to find the retail, but their basic scarves start at $275, and this one is fringed and blinged out so it's gotta be way more. I know my husband reads my blog (mostly to see how much I spend LOL) and he's going to kill me when I share that it was $75. I purchased it in the morning pre-markdowns because it was the only one they had. Later I saw someone purchased the less pretty, orange one for $25 at the end of the day. Win some, you loose some.

I had looked at the belts on day 1 but I couldn't find any that fit (too small or too large) but after they were cut from $50 to $25 I took another peek. I don't know how I missed that some were adjustable - this one sizes down to fit my tiny 8 year old. She already tried to steal it from me but as of now it's in my closet. I believe it retailed for about $325. I wish I found more in my size. I also heard belts went to $10 right after I left. I'm still happy with $25.

Would love to hear what you scored if you went!


I decided to skip the Marc Jacobs sample sale today...and then I heard prices were as insane. $50 shoes, $10 totes, lots of cheap samples...sigh. Check out Racked for more info. If you're in the area it sounds like it's worth checking it out - just be prepared to set aside a few hours for that one. It's on thru Saturday, from 11am - 7pm. Address is; 151 Wooster Street, NYC.

Also, I noticed that H&M has some pretty cheap weekend deals instore right now. Lots of cute pieces from $2.95-9.95! Here are a few of my picks!

Who can't use some tops for $2.95?

Very girly cardis for just $6.95!

You know my obsession with yellow...

3/4 sleeve tops for less than $5, yes please!

Last but not least, some of my extras from Choo are spoken for but feel free to get in line - because it's blog sale time again! I hope to have it up sometime in the afternoon :)

See you here tomorrow!



  1. argh, did blogger eat my comment? sorry if this is a repeat

    1. STILL MAD THEY THREW US OUT WTF. So unfair because other people will there for hours, too!!

    2. I am so happy you got the bag you wanted--friends should look out for friends! I overpaid for that damn moto bag, but I can't let myself feel bad about it, right?? Also, please style the leopard bag, I adore it but am not imaginative enough to figure out how I'd style it. Probably red oversized sweater, leggings, boots...?? Wanna see what you'd do.

    1. I really have no idea what we did wrong - we really had just got back. It's not like we had hidden stockpiles or anything. All we can do is brush it off and keep going. I'm so sad that my new bag is a little too Fall/Winter to be worn right now so I'm packing it away for now. I have a few ideas but I'm going to wait for cooler weather to even think about it.

      And your moto bag was so worth it. They didn't make it to day 2 (other than the dirty yellow one) and it looks so good on you. Don't beat yourself up. It's perfection.

  2. Replies
    1. It's mostly bags right now but I'm going to see what else I can add...

  3. ohhh i hope you got some extra wallets!! :)

  4. I'm over here biting my acrylic nails waiting impatiently lol 💖

  5. Hallo! Thanks for the fun post. How bizarre that they made you leave! Sent you a rather odd message on email and touched base on IG. This is SUCH a fun blog, thanks so much for sharing the shopping sprees! :) @RavenTao


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