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Friday, May 1, 2015

Weekly update; Lilly, Loubs & other deals of note :)

So it's been a pretty full week and you've only seen the half of it.

Yesterday I headed into the City for a hair modeling appointment at KMS Goldwell. It popped up on Salon Apprentice and I figured I would try someplace new. It's been about six months since my last highlight and I was overdue. I planned on sharing pics but it's not quite right. The tone is off (I should have known something was wrong when they used words like taupe) and he blew it out into a mom-bob. Even the guy who flirts with me in the grocery store asked me what I did to my hair. Ugh. That being said I'd probably try them one more time because free is free.

To cheer myself up I headed over to the Rack and found these beautiful Kendra Scott earrings for less than $25.

But then I did a little more digging and found -

$460 Pedro Garcia sandals for a penny...

and a $1450 Vince leather dress for a penny.

The funny thing about the dress is when I got to the register to pay the cashier got excited. She saw someone return the dress the day before and noticed it was a penny. Instead of pulling it - it ended up back on the sales floor. When I spotted it I recognized it from months ago and my intuition proved correct! I love when the salespeople root for you instead of giving you a hard time.

Afterwards I met up with my new friend V (who I call V. Rockstud because she found hers for $71) to check out the Hertiage Auctions preview for their Spring auctions. I was told fancy people might be there and it could be a networking opportunity, so I figured it would be fun. They had lots of Hermes, Chanel...and a bunch of creepy old men looking for their next girlfriend. We didn't stay long.

This giant Chanel hula-hoop bag caught my eye - if you look in the backround you can see a Kelly and a Chanel to get an idea of scale. It was estimated to go for $7000-9000. I can think of many ways I'd rather spend that money.

And when you checked in they had catalogs (too heavy to drag home) and little Birkin cards and chocolates. I'm all about the swag :)

My first Birkin :)

After leaving the mansion (yes, it was at an East-side mansion on 5th Ave.) we popped across Central Park to do dinner. We saw a Marshalls and had to stop - until we saw their prices and walked out. They had these Loubs "on sale" for $800. It's a wonder why they're still there.

Fortunately lady luck was on my side this morning. Headed to the Rack and scored these refurb Louboutins for $250! For some reason they only get Loubs in 41 there, and I'm more of a 40 but I always make it work LOL. All the other refurb shoes were far less exciting. This was the only pair of Loubs and no Rockstuds. They had some Choos but the Jimmy Choo sample sale is next week and I'm hoping for better prices. Feel free to message me your personal shopping requests :)

You can see they are a little big :(

I headed over to H&M and finally found the $9.95 cover-up I wanted in my size...and decided not to get it. The pattern fell right on my behind so I'm going to think about it.

They also had the bikini top I just picked up in AC. It was $17.95 and what's so great about it is that it's basically a bra! Halters cut into your neck so I look for regular straps. I love that it's not S/M/L (it's your regular cup and band size). It has shape, an underwire, and the straps even detach for tanning. Perfection. 

I headed over to Target to Lillyhunt and found a few things. This pillow was just sitting in the boys department.

My daughter randomly asked for a juicer the other day. Needless to say she was thrilled with this $15 Lilly one. And yes, those are a couple of kids dresses - I picked them up to sell (reasonably!) on @shoppinggalscloset on Instagram.

I also picked up duct tape for $1.04 - my girls love to craft with it.

Stay tuned - I'll be adding things to my sale closet on Insta this weekend. Got some Lilly and a new Phillip Lim bag....and don't forget to LMK what you want from Jimmy Choo!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi, can you explain why the shoes and the dress were a penny? I feel like I missed something. Thanks!

    1. I'm guessing you're new - welcome! If you go back and read some of my older posts - you'll be caught up in no time :)

  2. Can you please reach out to me via email? I'd love for you to purchase Jimmy Choo's Typhoon heels in size 41 during the sample sale you plan on attending. Theyre old but Im still obsessed over them. My email is Stylishsandee@gmail.com Let me know what the steps would be in order to make this happen.

    Thanks so much!!!


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